The Age of Reason

The Age of Reason

Jean-Paul Sartre / Sep 22, 2020
The Age of Reason Set in France during the days immediately before World War II this is the story of Mathieu a French professor of philosophy obsessed with the idea of freedom Translated from the French by Eric Sutto
  • Title: The Age of Reason
  • Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
  • ISBN: 9780679738954
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in France during the days immediately before World War II, this is the story of Mathieu, a French professor of philosophy obsessed with the idea of freedom Translated from the French by Eric Sutton.
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        Jean Paul Charles Aymard Sartre, normally known simply as Jean Paul Sartre, was a French existentialist philosopher and pioneer, dramatist and screenwriter, novelist and critic He was a leading figure in 20th century French philosophy.He declined the award of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature for his work which, rich in ideas and filled with the spirit of freedom and the quest for truth, has exerted a far reaching influence on our age In the years around the time of his death, however, existentialism declined in French philosophy and was overtaken by structuralism, represented by Levi Strauss and, one of Sartre s detractors, Michel Foucault.


    1. This is an excellent novel about unpleasant people, with some unforgettable scenes Here s one of the ones I liked most Daniel, a strange character who has never managed to establish a normal connection with the world, has been hovering on the edge of suicide for some time He s finally decided he s going to do it But he can t just leave his three cats to starve to death, so he puts them in a wicker basket and takes them down to the river to drown them The basket is too small, and he can hear them [...]

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    3. Age of Reason is all about existentialism Fiction and philosophy inextricably and entertainingly combined almost rendering it a page turner I had never previously come across the guile and craft of Sartre, the artist and only knew Sartre, the philosopher whose authoritative philosophical monologues were curt and declarative, sans the resplendence of an artistic canvas The vivacity and vividness with which Sartre paints each one of his characters amidst their existential exigencies leaves behind [...]

    4. This is basically a soap opera with brains and direction, which is my favorite kind of book ever The character development is EXTRAORDINARY I recommend this book on that facet alone I didn t read this as an exemplification of Sartre s philosophy, but rather as a study of the philosophy of the characters in the story None of these people are truly likable, but they are all the human because of that Even the most agreeable people think disagreeable thoughts This is something most of us realize, a [...]

    5. Soap opera with brains Yes, I can agree with this Caring about other people while watching their little lives and dramas is so much fulfilling when they prove themselves to have complex despair behind their everyday actions It never ends, really The constant proving to oneself that this life is worthwhile, that the hopes of the past and the dreams of the future won t go to waste Mathieu keeps to his belief of freedom, to be capable of anything, no matter what constraints have been laid across h [...]

    6. I have led a toothless life a toothless life I have never bitten into anything I was waiting I was reserving myself for later on and I have just noticed that my teeth have gone Reading The Age of Reason felt like navigating the dark recesses of my subconscious and coming face to face with my innermost anxieties If that sounds awful, that s because it kind of was I don t think I ve ever finished a book on such a low note I also don t think I ve ever finished a book feeling so understood I could t [...]

    7. I found this book on a much neglected dusty shelf in a back alley esque section of my local library and decided to take it home with me I had never read anything written by Jean Paul Sartre before purely due to Sartre s intimidating reputation but something about The Age Of Reason demanded to be read Needless to say, I soon found myself swimming in the erratic seas of Mathieu Delarue s chaotic existence, completely in awe of Sartre s understanding of human impetus We meet Mathieu, a philosophy t [...]

    8. The first part of his Freedom series should be required reading for any existentialist approaching his mid 30s without any aspirations of marrying or falling in line Mathieu, a French philosophy professor, spends most of the novel trying to borrow money so he can pay for his mistresses abortion His friends are a sorted bunch who attempt to take away his only goal ultimate freedom.Some literary experts say the protagonist must transform by the end But what makes this book so great is that Mathieu [...]

    9. Over the course of two days in Paris during a hot summer in 1938, philosophy teacher Mathieu Delarue has a crisis on his hands, he needs to raise funds for an abortion so his life can retain the total freedom that he so dearly clings to, all the while there is a circulating tension with the threat of war looming The Age of Reason captures this period in time very well, but the overall narrative left me cold.Expertly written , yes, but drags along in places, Matthieu himself was a deeply studied [...]

    10. Jean Paul Sartre s The Age of Reason combines the author s existentialist investigations along with an analysis of human relations, continuing the philosophical intensity of Dostoevsky s complex melodramas However, instead of an emphasis on religious morality and redemption, Sartre opts for a colder, atheistic tone all under the threatening heat of the impending war Sartre s tightly structured, dialogue heavy novel works well in order to showcase his rather blunt but well observed viewpoints on [...]

    11. Apparently the BBC aired this series of books back in the 70s but now there is a conspiracy of silence as to just why it is not available sourceAll that I have found is a documentary here Easy to see the free press roots of Charlie Hebdo in this and aren t we all vehemently against terrorism in all its forms Sartre in his later years endorsed attacks as the atomic bomb of the poor Seems like a flip flop to me He was a man for and of a tiny window in on going history.

    12. I wouldn t call this novel beautiful because the characters are so tedious, but the story is strangely captivating It reminded me why we should all tame our runaway thoughts If, as this book and existentialist theory would have us believe, the most profound philosophical condition revolves around individual thought, then our philosophical condition can be so silly Superfluous even Jean Paul Sarte writes about really capable people who are fundamentally insecure, petulant, and selfish They react, [...]

    13. Jean Paul Sartre s three volume work, Les Chemins de la libert The Roads to Freedom , may be one of the earliest literary endeavours featuring an existentialist hero, through whom Sartre explores the problems that modern man encounters as individuals came to terms with the onus implicit in freedom and decision The first book, L ge de raison The Age of Reason , introduces Mathieu Delarue, based on Sartre himself He is a recluse with few friends and little money, confronted with the choice to aban [...]

    14. The Age of Reason constantly debates what the idea of freedom is for a man Whether growing old means one should make every decision with reason or simply reconciliation Set in the backdrop of Second World War, the characters seem completely oblivious, choosing to live their insular lives with their selfish ambitions chasing their own version of freedom Seen from an individual s perspective, freedom seems justified but not entirely when contrasted to humanity Sartre s thinking makes for a timeles [...]

    15. A middle classed white man finds life difficult, because annoying unattractive women either don t fall in love with him, or fall in love too easily, or just go and get pregnant as soon as you fuck them Life is so damn unfair because one can t just do whatever one likes without consequences Oh, and life beyond 30 is pointless.

    16. Comprei esta velha edi o de bolso francesa numa feira de antiguidades por 1 e estava longe de esperar algo t o marcante.Numa Paris em que a tens o pr 2 Guerra Mundial algo palp vel seguimos a vida de algumas personagens, sendo a principal Mathieu, um professor de 34 anos que tenta levar pr tica um ideal de vida de liberdade sem compromissos tanto emocionais como a ideologias particulares Quando a sua amante engravida, ele v se perante um dilema sem respostas f ceis.Para mim o enredo deste livro [...]

    17. One of my favorites However, I only appreciated it once I reached a certain level of maturity It dives into the deeper consciousness of each character underneath the basic thoughts It makes you realize how insecure and all over the place all of humanity really is The message I get from this book is Miserable You are not alone.

    18. The Age of Reason L ge de raison is a 1945 novel by Jean Paul Sartre It is the first part of the trilogy The Roads to Freedom The novel, set in the bohemian Paris of the late 1930s, focuses on three days in the life of a philosophy teacher named Mathieu who is seeking money to pay for an abortion for his mistress, Marcelle Sartre analyses the motives of various characters and their actions and takes into account the perceptions of others to give the reader a comprehensive picture of the main cha [...]

    19. I d never read Sartre before and was expecting a difficult read Whilst I probably didn t pick up on all the philosophical themes I did thoroughly enjoy this tale of fairly unlikeable people and their relationships with each other There s little fun to be had with this novel but it does convey a remarkable depth of characterisation, nobody comes out of it very well and indeed none of the cast seem particularly enad with each other It all takes place over a very brief period of time just before th [...]

    20. I read Nausea by Sartre while in college and really go into Existentialism and novels based on Existential themes After Nausea which is great I had only read a few essays and some short stories by Sartre Now, a few years later, I wanted to get back into Sartre and I thought I would start by reading his Freedom trilogy I began with The Age of reason, a story about a man dealing with the inevitability of becoming middle aged and possibly becoming a father The catch ishe is neither ready to grow up [...]

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    22. There s a bit where Sartre describes Mathieu s sister in law she s pretty, but Mathieu had on countless occasions tried to unify these fluid features, but they escaped him as a face, Odette s always seemed to be dissolving, and thus retained its elusive bourgeois mystery p 127 And that s a little how I feel about this book, halfway through it s certainly very good, and pretty to look at, but it s weirdly slippery I can t quite get a handle on it.That may be my fault Tough to say what you bring t [...]

    23. The first book of Satre s Roads of Freedom trilogy, set in the Paris of 1938, with war and occupation still an unlikely prospect The main character, school teacher Mathieu, flirts with bohemianism and communism whilst rather ignobly trying to force his mistress to have an abortion, asking friends and family to help him out so that he can retain his freedom.Not very nice behaviour, but what the hell, existence precedes essence right therefore all behaviour is essentially meaningless It s a long t [...]

    24. The book would have been much better had Hemingway written it The setting, the characters are all there, and in the end it s just too much naval gazing I d summarize the difference as follows In a similar setting Hemingway s characters while knowing life is shit, would drink and stay miserable while having mighty grand fun, and so would the reader There would be fishing, whining, drinking, smoking, fishing, whining and so on They d be like fuck it man, let s drink and chill and whine However S [...]

    25. I read this when I was 19 and am now re reading it at 51 Oh boy my perspective has changed Review to follow when I am done.

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