The Last Boy On Earth

The Last Boy On Earth

Thomas M. Burby Brian Estes / Jul 10, 2020
The Last Boy On Earth You see there was this boy and he ruled the world Everything belonged to him now As far as his eyes could see he was the only one left alive You might think he was pretty upset about the whole situ
  • Title: The Last Boy On Earth
  • Author: Thomas M. Burby Brian Estes
  • ISBN: 9781460901229
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • You see, there was this boy, and he ruled the world.Everything belonged to him now As far as his eyes could see, he was the only one left alive You might think he was pretty upset about the whole situation and he was, for awhile There were dead bodies and nothing but desolation and it s true that he sat around a lot and wished that he was dead, too For a long time he You see, there was this boy, and he ruled the world.Everything belonged to him now As far as his eyes could see, he was the only one left alive You might think he was pretty upset about the whole situation and he was, for awhile There were dead bodies and nothing but desolation and it s true that he sat around a lot and wished that he was dead, too For a long time he wondered why he remained and all the others were taken Then he thought, it doesn t matter It just is Anyway, sitting around just got boring So he equipped himself with tools and weapons and set out with his faithful sidekick so see what there was left to see and do what there was left to do He wasn t disappointed, because since the fall of Humanity, the world had changed in a thousand different ways too small to notice at first and some so fantastic he couldn t believe it As the days passed into weeks, he discovered something amazing there really are monsters in the dark What if a pandemic plague struck the planet and when you woke up one morning, everyone else was dead What if you were a fourteen year old boy with an excellent imagination and the will to survive What if you found that something else was out there, hunting you This is the story of Brady, a teenager who quickly discovers that although people may be scarce in the world of the Abandonment, other things are arising to take their place He is master of all he surveys but discovers that the world has changed and that he has gained some new exciting abilities With no adults to tell him what to do and no peers to judge him, Brady discovers that he is capable of great deeds and this is a good thing, because things long quiet are waking up from the sleep of ages With his faithful dog, Max, and a host of non human assistants, Brady discovers that there are monsters in the dark and that deep within his own heart, a hero dwells This post apocalyptic novel straddles the line between fantasy and magic surrealism and is intended for teenage audiences and beyond Half survival tale and half magical odyssey, this is a hero s journey into the darkness of the monster s lair and back out again Action, horror, and mystery blend together with a sense of wonder and loss at a world gone forever If the world ended tomorrow and you were still alive, then what In this novel, the main character decides to survive and finds that, aside from food, water and a safe place to sleep, his most necessary tool for survival is imagination and a good, sharp sword This novel is lavishly illustrated with 50 beautifully crafted drawings by Brian Estes The story is set in the present day cities of Bangor and Brewer in central Maine after the advent of an airborne virus has destroyed all but a few humans on earth Unless these people can find each other, the species is doomed to extinction This reconnection of the few straggling survivors becomes one of the central themes of the story Perfect for readers looking for adventure, ghosts, werewolves, and things coming to life that were never meant to do so A ripping good tale
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    1. I did not like this book In some parts, it was okay It just seemed childish to me, I felt like I was reading a kids chapter book I try to enjoy every book I read, but I just couldn t It took me forever to get through the book, I couldn t make myself continue reading I would try to read, but I found myself making an excuse not to I was reading another book while i was reading this, which slowed me down a little But I just did not like the book I didn t like the ending Yes it was creative Points f [...]

    2. This is a phenomenal book Readers at any age and any place in the world can identify with this story However, my favorite part about this story is that it takes place in my home town I enjoyed going on the adventure with Brady through places that I have been and know very much about His experience gave me a whole new perspective on places I drive by every day This story is beautifully written and I can t wait for the next in the series The Last City on Earth.

    3. I think this book was very good and i loved it I would like to thank my teacher Mr.Thomas Burby for writing this book so i could read it.

    4. I really love this book this book contains a life long habits of choice and destinations this takes place in Maine and the main character is Brady smith but he meats lots of characters like talking statues, weardogs and also Joshua chamberlain but you got to see the ending it says that the monster is actually the person who needs help and he s just a little kid

    5. This was a pretty good book, well what I can remember anyway In my mind, this is geared towards younger YA readers.

    6. Well, my English teacher wrote this book and I have to say I liked it Thomas Malcolm Burby, you have come up with a GENIUS idea for a book trilogy You know how much I read, and I have to say that this was on the higher side of my ratings I love the fact that you wrote based upon what YOU thought would happen in the future You didn t hide anything that you thought would happen, you just went out and said it I know you said not to make these long reviews but I have to just because you wrote it, an [...]

    7. Wow, this was amazing I have no words for this book, I don t even know where to start This book is the GREATEST book I have ever read The fact it takes place in my home town was awesome, and even written by my own teacher This book has changed the way I think of things and how I use my imagination, and I ve turned this story and all the detail into knowledge for myself This book has just so much to it, this book has created it s own genre It s packed with than everything I ve known It s either [...]

    8. I haven t finished this book yet, but I find it very interesting This story has so much suspense in it and it s filled with so many mysteries I like how there are so many unanswered questions that are slowly being answered throughout the book Sometimes I get confused with the storyline but I realized you just need to read till the end of the chapter to figure it out One thing I like about this book is that it gets really deep and you get so into it I ve found myself sitting on the edge of my cha [...]

    9. When I read this book I was in Mr.Burbys class the Author of this book This book A big Tragedy and trying to find people and stay together and stay alive Fight the thing that come in the way.I think that this was a very good book for the people that like the Hobbit and things like that Im not that interested in that but I always wanted to read read read By far it was one of the most interesting books I have loved the book and I would really like if another one came out And the main charter was B [...]

    10. This book was a different kind of unique At times you got one character s perspective and at other times you got an entirely different point of view The feeling that you have from this story gives you, a remarkable picture, with so much detail, and so many different moods When I read this book I could see a movie playing in my head, with every word, there was a new scene At times I felt I was a part of the story, when there was fear, I couldn t help but feel scared for the next sentence My favor [...]

    11. This book was one of few books that I would say that I love The best attribute of the is the plot line in my opinion The plot took place in the town next to mine This book definitely deserves a 5 out of 5 stars Ounce I started to read it I could never put it down even though it was slow in the begging, but it gradually got interesting ounce I got farther in the book The book is mainly about a deadly plaque killing almost every person on earth, but a few selected ones The main character is a boy [...]

    12. I thought this book was okay it was probably the most detailed book I have ever read and it kind of seemed like it dragged on at parts I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars because I can see the work that went into making the book and the writer definitely made sure that we saw what he was thinking at all times I honestly think that the writer actually gave a little too much info and other than that I thought it was great there was action and adventure there were many twists and turns to get to [...]

    13. This book seemed slow at the beginning, but it was fun tagging along I m reading an post apocalyptic book, The Stand and I find many similarities Still, this one is one of my favorites I love identifying landmarks in the area where they re in, since, like most reviews state, I live in that area Another thing that kept me going, and what I find somewhat odd even myself, is the references I saw that one The Matrix reference, and I was in on this Overall, I m planning on reading this book again, if [...]

    14. I liked this it was about a boy in the middle of a apocalypse looking for his mom and trying to survive the new world and sees the world for what is it His name is brady how is a normal kid until well read that to find out but in the beginning of the book he is trying to survive FOR his mom because the new world happened without him he was asleep for a while I liked this book because it was fancy and that s my favorite type of book and my teacher was the one to write honestly I would give this a [...]

    15. The Last Boy on Earth is an amazing post apocalyptic book The main character Brady had to manage to live though the deadliest Pandemic that mankind has ever witnessed This pandemic killed millions of people So that only a handful survived.Even without all the changes brady had made along with the world there were still a major problem at hand A never before seen creature with an ever changing face This huge beast goes by the name Grendel You could say Brady had to fight his inner demons Please n [...]

    16. I found this by accident There was some mention on the reviews I read that it was oriented towards the teen market I really did not see that This was a very intelligent story, with deeply developed characters and rich plot lines Maybe it s not overly dark, sexualised, or drug influenced, and maybe stories need that to seem adult these days But if you love post apocalyptic fare that shares a lot of tone and feel with the Phillip K Dick of Deus Irae or J G Ballard s Hello, America, this book reall [...]

    17. I thought the Last Boy on Earth was an amazing book, it happened to be written by my language arts and reading teacher Thomas Malcom Burby It is both a scientific and fantasy book, it brings out scientific theory like TheQuantum Theory of Fiction, and magical things like talking animals and the land of the dead I am extremely fond of this book and I cannot wait until the next book in the series is on sale, The Last City on Earth and I will greatly encourage anyone reading this to read this book, [...]

    18. The book was okay It s cool that one of my former teachers wrote and the plotline was interesting But I remember some of the character and book references made in the book Correct me if I am wrong, but I think some of the names are copyrighted Also, the writers details went on for pages at a time, and by the time the book goes back to the actual plot, you can t remeber what is going on I hope you change those problems in your next book.

    19. I love this book Maybe it is because it takes place in the city next to mineMaybe it is because the author is one of my teachersBut nonetheless, I loved this book, the amount of originality, references and essentially everything This is probably my favorite book of all time No joke, if you like dystopian books that are post apocalypse due to plague books and adventureous with talking statues, books and most weird things, you will love this book 13.141 10

    20. The Last Boy on Earth is one of the best books I have read in years It took me on an adventure unlike Dorothy Gail from Kansas The main character is this book woke up to find his entire world turned upside down The streets of Bangor, Maine became like the dark side of Oz I can t wait to read the next book I haven t been this anxious to find out what happens to a character since Harry Potter came into the world Everyone will enjoy this no matter what age they are

    21. I loved this book Not only because it is by a teacher in my school, but because the storyline or plot was great Especially how the book is full of suspense and wonder I loved how the begining was not boring like most book For example, I liked the part when Brady went to his friends house and found him dead with his parents I reccomend this book to any who loves a great storyline.

    22. Great book a must read From the journal of Brady smith You see there was this boy and he owned everything now Once I red I was instantaneously pulled into the book and started to read This is a very good adventure.

    23. I enjoyed this book than I expected I would I thought for sure it would start going downhill, but it never did I thought that it was well thought out, a good length, and interesting A different kind of post apocalyptic story, that is, multi faceted than most.

    24. alasBangor Me.I Liked it as far as it was very imaginative But a little over board I would recommend it to a creative writing class.

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