The Gatehouse Mystery

The Gatehouse Mystery

Julie Campbell / Apr 09, 2020
The Gatehouse Mystery When Trixie and Honey explore an abandoned gatehouse they discover than dust and spiderwebs Stuck in the dirt floor is a huge diamond Could a ring of jewel thieves be hiding out in Sleepyside
  • Title: The Gatehouse Mystery
  • Author: Julie Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780307215260
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Trixie and Honey explore an abandoned gatehouse, they discover than dust and spiderwebs Stuck in the dirt floor is a huge diamond Could a ring of jewel thieves be hiding out in Sleepyside
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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Julie Campbell was born on the 1st of June 1908 in Flushing, New York and shares the same birthday as her character, Mart Belden As the daughter of an Army Officer, she travelled widely during her childhood and, at the age of eight, won her first short story contest while living in Hawaii.Campbell married Charles Tatham Jr on the 30th March 1933 and they worked together on many magazine stories and articles Campbell lived in a remodelled farmhouse in the Hudson River Valley with her husband and two sons when she began writing the Trixie Belden series.She had her own literary agency in the 1940s when Western Publishing invited literary agents to find authors who could produce mystery and adventure books that would be marketed to children at an affordable price Campbell proposed four series, two that would be written by herself and the others by two of her authors Hal Burton and John Henry Cutler.Both series were published under her maiden name, Julie Campbell The Ginny Gordon series consisted of five books published between 1948 and 1956, while her contribution to the Trixie Belden series consisted of six books between 1948 and 1958 At the same time, Campbell stepped in to take over the Cherry Ames and Vicki Barr series and wrote twelve books in total for these series over the same time period It is believed that Campbell wrote Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse in three weeks during the same period she was also writing the first Trixie Belden and Ginny Gordon books.Campbell wrote the series under her married name of Julie Tatham There are several similarities to the Trixie Belden series Cherry Ames Dude Ranch Nurse is set in Tucson, Arizona which is the setting of Campbell s last Trixie Belden Mystery The last Cherry Ames book Campbell wrote in 1955, Cherry Ames Country Doctor s Nurse, is set in Sleepyside on the Hudson, the setting of the Trixie Belden mysteries So is a wonderful book called To Nick from Jan, which has many similarities to Trixie Belden except the main character is almost 17 years old.She is also credited for writing Rin Tin Tin s Rinty for Whitman in 1954, but in an article Campbell denied having written that book and wonders why Whitman credited her with the title.The Trixie Belden series was set in Sleepyside but was based on the town Campbell was living in at the time in the Hudson River Valley near Ossining Her home, Wolf Hollow , was the model for Crabapple Farm and Campbell actually lived on Glendale Road.After completing Trixie Belden and the Mystery in Arizona, Campbell decided to stop Her experience as a literary agent assisted her in negotiating a royalty on the next six books of the series as she owned the characters, but it meant her giving up the originator rights to this series Western Publishing decided to continue the books under the pseudonym Kathryn Kenny.Campbell also relinquished the Cherry Ames and Vicki Barr series when Helen Wells decided to return to writing them The Ginny Gordon series was not continued.There is evidence that Campbell sought a writing position with the Stratemeyer Syndicate in 1957 Timothy P O Herin spent an afternoon going through the Stratemeyer archives and found correspondence between Campbell and Harriet Adams, the daughter of Edward Stratemeyer The letters occurred around 1957 and they consisted of Ms Tatham seeking a writing position with the syndicate Mrs Adams responded with glowing praise for her work, but questioning whether Julie would want to relocate for the job Julie indicated she would be willing to commute There were only a few letters in this brief correspondence


    1. Trixie Belden is a teen amateur sleuth She lives in Sleepyside, NY with her family Her best friend, Honey Wheeler, and Honey s adopted brother, Jim Frayne, live at the large estate next door Mysteries always seem to come their way The series is similar to Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys There are 39 books in the series, written between 1948 and 1986 The original six books were written by Julie Campbell The rest of the series was written by various authors, using the pen name Kathryn Kenny.This was [...]

    2. Always makes my short list of favorites, usually the top 3, very often 1 For this is the book where the Bob Whites of the Glen are formed and Trixie s older brothers are introduced I always wanted to belong to a club and as I got older, I got a serious crush on dark, handsome, doctor to be Brian Belden.8 17 12 The perfect summer book and still one of my favorites in the series I did actually find myself annoyed this read through by Jim and Honey constantly saying things that made it seem as thou [...]

    3. I can understand why young adults would like this series, as it is sweet and there is a lot of interaction between brothers and sisters, and even friends It didn t do much for me for this reason, and by this I mean that I would have preferred action, mystery Plus the interactions between the young adults wasn t that interesting to me Maybe it was just the mood I was in at the time, but I am not sure that I would try to read another of this series.In this book, Trixie and her new friend Honey f [...]

    4. For Christmas, my parents grabbed me the entire Trixie Belden set and I couldn t put them down Even with a learning disability, I devoured the books I look back now and I find that Trixie Belden was much age related to young girls, particularly to me, reading the books than Nancy Drew I found that they weren t so over the top either I will be doing the same thing with my granddaughters if and when I have them, even if I have to stalk every used bookstore.

    5. This is THE Trixie Belden book, the one that establishes the formula for almost every Trixie Belden book to follow It is the first in which Trixie and Honey declare their intent to be private investigators, and, while previously they kept secrets to protect others, this is the first in which they withhold information for no reason other than because they want to solve the crime before the police Sadly, in this one, theRed Trailer Mystery idyll of girl power and independence is over, Trixie s bro [...]

    6. This may be the first novel I ve ever read that was constructed entirely and I do mean entirely out of slang and baby talk This is not a see crud, I guess, to those of you who are fans of this series I can already hear you saying, Natch And isn t it just yummy yum yum To a certain degree, I guess it is There s a secret club feel to this series, a belonging and an inclusion that I imagine would appeal greatly to odd little kids The mystery wasn t very mysterious, but it was fun to meet the brothe [...]

    7. Found this book laying around somewhere during my elementary school years, and it started my Trixie Belden collection I went on to collect all of them, and they re boxed up in my basement today Preferred Trixie, who was fiesty and middle class, to Nancy Drew, who I perceived as unbelievable perfect and rich The books have not all been simultaneously in print for some time, and the last few are hard to find I m sure I would find them predictable and trite by my current standards But I did move on [...]

    8. This is probably the first big book I read as a kid I can say I liked it because my memories of it are good, but I don t remember as much about the story I do remember thinking Trixie and I were basically the same age and I can t believe what kind of trouble she gets herself into Anyway, I remember liking it

    9. Listening to the audio book for my summer re read.Re reading via audio book overdrive 8 18 14 8 19 14 I love this book so much Brian and Mart are home from camp, and the BWG s are formed.2015 audio reread in September

    10. This is the first one that felt like a complete mystery, and where the series finds its footing, I think.

    11. This is one of my favorite Trixie books because this is when Trixie s older brothers come home from camp and the club Bob Whites of the Glen are formed Trixie s brothers are mentioned in both books, but they are absent since the two books take place in the summer and the boys are at a camp as junior counselors But, after the adventures and meeting two new friends in the first two books, the boys are back and the five characters become best friends To me, this is the real start of the adventures [...]

    12. a HUGE and most dedicated fan of Trixie and her crew This is odd, of course, because they were MEANT for teen and pre teen girls, but I was a young boy that read everything he could get his hands on and when I first stumbled on my first TRIXIE BELDON book I was instantly hooked I immediately sat about reading them all, as quickly as I could get my greedy little paws on them Trixie is the star, or lead character, followed by Jim and Honey who quickly became the love of my young life, I had a tota [...]

    13. I loved Trixie Belden when I was a teenager I am re reading them and am enjoying just as much as way back when My only gripe is that I bought the new re released ones as far as they go, I have the entire 39 from when I was younger but thought it would be fun to collect the new ones , anyway, I am finding that some of the word changes in the new ones are driving me crazy For instance in the first book Trixie interchanged using Moms and Mother Everyone that has ever read Trixie Belden knows that t [...]

    14. The genre of this book is contemporary realistic fiction The age group for this book is 8 and up This bok is about a girl and her friend who set off on an adventure in the old gatehouse in their community and what they find there wasnothing they could have imagine I rated this book with four stars becuase it was a very good book and I use to love reading chapter books that have illustration in the book too The plot of this book is two girls name Trixie and her friend Honey go to the old gatehous [...]

    15. This book is about two best friends named Trixie and Honey and how they found a diamond stuck in the dirt floor of an abandoned gatehouse in Sleepyside They both assumed there were 2 thieves or robbers because they found two different footsteps on the ground near where the diamond was found The girls later on got a new chauffeur named Dick who Trixie believed that he became their chauffeur because he was one of the robbers or thieves that were in the gatehouse, and maybe saw the girls take the d [...]

    16. A childhood favorite re visited.Is the story as good as I remember YesWhat ages would I recommend it too Ten and up Length Most of a day s read.Characters Memorable, several characters.Setting Real world, pre computer pre air conditioning, pre cell phone.Written approximately 1951.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind Ready to read .Any issues the author or a recent publisher should cover Yes A slight mention of the time frame of the story as the teens are given far freedom to com [...]

    17. As Trixie and Honey explore an abandoned gatehouse on Honey s estate, they find than they bargained for a big, shiny diamond They set about trying to solve the mystery themselves and soon find they are surrounded by possible suspects a passing tramp, the new gardener, the old gardener, the new chauffer, the new maid, etc This book also brings the return of Trixie s brothers home from their jobs at summer camp and the development of something that has Honey claiming all of her dreams have finall [...]

    18. Just reread in an old first edition I picked up This has got to be one of the best, if not THE best So many series tropes are introduced here I ve thought before that in some ways Mansion and Red Trailer are almost prequels this is the real introduction to the series proper We get Brian and Mart, and Trixie and Honey announce they re going to be detectives, and the Bob Whites are formed, and they find the clubhouse Am always amused, though, that they make it sound like the Wheelers have been liv [...]

    19. Jim Frayne is now officially Honey s new brother because her parents decided to adopt him And Honey couldn t be happier she always wanted a sibling Jim now lives on the Wheeler estate, but he still has his own money in trust account, thanks to the fortune of his great uncle The Gatehouse Mystery focuses on a mysterious new chauffeur hired by the Wheeler family But Trixie thinks there is something funny going on with this man and she just doesn t trust him Someone has been sneaking into the gateh [...]

    20. Okay, I ll admit, I adore this series I read them addictively when I was a kid, and that affection still stands But when I read them now, adult perspective still intrudes, and even the early books in this series are formulaic, hackneyed, and all deus ex machina, all the time Compared to the Boy Wonder, Space Boy type series of just a few years earlier, Trixie and her cohorts are geniuses and their adventures are original as all hell, so I ll give them some credit for being actually, genuinely be [...]

    21. I just love this series The first time I read the first book it got me smitten with with this series Julie Campbell is an awesome author My dad tried to download the whole bunch of the thirty eight books but no luck Anyway, in this book Trixie Belden, the protagonist, and her millionaire best friend, Honey Wheeler find a mysterious diamond in the an old gatehouse,thus the title Meanwhile a chauffeur arrives for a job open in the Wheeler estate He seems suspicious only to Trixie, with the others [...]

    22. Trixie and Honey discover an abandoned cottage covered in vines at the lower edge of the Wheeler estate Bobby falls over the doorstep and cuts his knee on something sharp The girls discover a large diamond stuck in the earth and decide to find out how it got there Mart and Brian come back from the summer job at the boys camp and join in the investigation Two new men are hired at the Wheeler estate, a gardener and a chauffeur Trixie doesn t like the chauffeur and Honey doesn t like the gardener, [...]

    23. The 1st Trixie Belden book I read and I was hooked As with any of the books I enjoyed and for the most part I ll be listing them at I read and reread them.I was loaned copies of the Trixie Belden by a friend of the family The books were an illustrated edition, rather than the 1970 s edition that I ended up buying I am glad that the new edition has the pictures again But I Really Dislike the cameo picture of Trixie on the cover Bleah.I tried to read books from the Nancy Drew series At the time, I [...]

    24. I loved these books when I was young If store carried books for any reason, I d look for a Trixie Belden book And re reading them now I m only a little surprised by how much of the story, dialogue, and description I remember intact.One reason why I loved them so much is that Trixie seemed like a real person with good points and flaws And she seemed 13 years old So often children and teenagers seem like adults in disguise Beverly Hills, 90210 seemed a lot like people in their late 20s who were [...]

    25. I first read this in the 70 s when I was really into this series my love for them never really died, hence the re reads SO glad I get a chance to re read them Re read August 30, 2013I really enjoyed reading this one again You get introduced FINALLY to Trixie s brother s and to some of the peripheral players that pop up time and again in the books You also learn about diamonds and forgery and such Easy read that was a fun reminder of my days devouring these books when I was younger

    26. My first TB, and still my favorite That word grows on you, Trixie said Pretty soon, you ll be talking out of the corner of your mouth Dip It sounds better when you say Dick the Dip Maybe he s one of your pickpockets Oh, undoubtedly, Mart said To be sure, to be sure And he specializes in picking the pockets of fat little boys in playsuits Dick the Dick sounds better to me, Honey said with a giggle I m sure he s a detective A G man, no less , Trixie jeered It s well known that they all look like w [...]

    27. The third book in the Trixie Belden series You get to know Trixie s brothers in this one, and it adds an extra element to the different relationships between the characters The boys can be a bit condescending at times, and I can t blame Trixie too much for wanting to bop them in the nose.This reminded me of the bit classic set up of the first book, with the girls finding clues and uncovering a mystery It was fun trying to work out who was up to what with the new employees, and it was a good int [...]

    28. When Trixie and Honey find a diamond in the gatehouse on the Wheeler property, Trixie is certain that there is a thief around Could it be one of the new Wheeler servants We also get to meet Trixie s two older brothers and the five new friends form the Bob Whites of the Glen While the mystery isn t strong, the characters are great and this remains one of my favorites in the series.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    29. On rereading this book, it didn t seem quite as engaging as the first two books in the series, though I still love it and the characters I always prefered Trixie and friends to Nancy Drew while growing up as they seemed real and down to earth During this reread I realized that this series is probably where I learned to love vocabulary words at a young age thank you, Mart Belden g I had forgotten how frequently he used big words in an effort to tease and frustrate younger sister Trixie, much as [...]

    30. Trixie and Honey fall into another mystery when they go down to the gatehouse and Bobby falls onto a diamond He scrapes up his knee pretty good And Trixie and Honey decide they re not going to tell anyone and explore the mystery themselves.It was such an innocent and lovely series I can t wait to re read .

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