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Fitz A father a son and a gun This could make for an interesting daySometimes Fitz would look at himself in the mirror an expression of pathetic eagerness on his face He was a dog in the pound wanting
  • Title: Fitz
  • Author: Mick Cochrane
  • ISBN: 9780375856839
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A father, a son, and a gun This could make for an interesting daySometimes Fitz would look at himself in the mirror, an expression of pathetic eagerness on his face He was a dog in the pound, wanting to be adopted He d smile What father wouldn t want this boy Fifteen year old Fitzgerald Fitz, to his friends has just learned that his father, whom he s never met, who sA father, a son, and a gun This could make for an interesting daySometimes Fitz would look at himself in the mirror, an expression of pathetic eagerness on his face He was a dog in the pound, wanting to be adopted He d smile What father wouldn t want this boy Fifteen year old Fitzgerald Fitz, to his friends has just learned that his father, whom he s never met, who supports him but is not a part of his life, is living nearby Fitz begins to follow him, watch him, study him, and on an otherwise ordinary May morning, he executes a plan to force his father, at gunpoint, to be with him.Over the course of one spring day, Fitz and his father become real to one another Fitz learns about his father, why he s chosen to remain distant and what really happened between him and Fitz s mother And his father learns what sort of boy his son has grown up to become.
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    1. A father, a son, and a gun Everyone has a story to tell But with two sides to every story, how do we know which side is the truth Fifteen year old Fitzgerald Fitz is determined to get the truth He needs to know what happened between his parents and why his father doesn t want to be a part of his life Fed up with getting no answers from his mother, Fitz sets out to kidnap his father at gunpoint and finally get his version no matter what As Dinah Washington once crooned, What a difference a day ma [...]

    2. 3.5 5 starsIn writing you hear the mantra show and don t tell all the time But sometimes, just occasionally, writers break that rule and it works Fitz is an example of that This is not the type of book where you go on a grand adventure with the main character, or follow his struggles for months and years Instead the book takes place over the course of one day Fitz the main character as well as title is searching for answers about his past And while these stories may be told through dialogue, the [...]

    3. Initial thoughts I thought that Fitz was an excellent coming of age story with appropriate amounts of tension It s about a teenage boy on the edge of breaking without having a father figure in his life Desperate, Fitz buys a gun, finds his father and holds him at gunpoint, while suggesting that they spend some quality time together What happens from that point is something that neither of them expect they learn about each other than they bargained for.Full review I m incredibly belated with wri [...]

    4. Fifteen year old Fitz kidnaps the father he has never known, taking him from at gun point, in an attempt to address his bewildering mix of resentment and yearning Intriguing as that sounds, I had this slight fear that I would get a boy too wrapped up in his own thing, too self absorbed and too aware of what he didn t have He was and he wasn t It was that start and the end that got me to react the strongest, but the in between was totally different Fitz put it best with his what s after hate It w [...]

    5. Fitz is fifteen, living with his Mom in a rundown neighborhood He has never met his Dad, but that s about to change Today he s going to spend the day with his Dad, holding him at gunpoint, and trying to get the answers that he s always wanted Why didn t his Dad stay with his Mom Why hasn t he been in Fitz s life, other than sending child support This sounded like a book that is very different from my usual read I decided to give it a try and had mixed feelings when it was over On a basic level I [...]

    6. Video Review youtube watch v 49SZCThis book s plot was better than the actual execution for me The whole aspect of this young teenage boy pulling a gun on his father that left when he was a baby seems super teen angsty and intriguing, especially with Fitz being a good kid I felt like we were going to to get some sort of big reveal with why the events had occurred, why his dad left, and without spoiling anything I just wanna say it was a major let down The book itself didn t suck, I just feel lik [...]

    7. the book that i had read was a bit criminal and loving the audience was intended to be for young adults because its around that age with the father issues and the conflict is set up fitz was abandoned y his father and his mom don t let him know why he had left or even what had happened so he buys a gun skips school and kidnaps his father that hes has been stalking opinion is that it was long and boreing there wasn t enough action it was mainly just about his thoughts and things that had happened [...]

    8. I wanted to like this I really, really wanted to And I even started to reread it when I finished it, thinking I had just missed something The sentence structure is highly a little annoyingly predictable I normally don t comment on stuff like that, because I usually don t notice it But with this book I couldn t help it The story itself is compelling as hell, and maybe it s written this way on purpose Speaking of the story no spoilers, but personally I was disappointed by the ending I read this as [...]

    9. I read this ARC via Netgalley.Fitz has always done what he s told, even though growing up with a single mom hasn t been easy Until one day when he takes a gun and goes to where he s found out his father lives, and takes his father hostage for the day He isn t sure exactly what he wants from his father Can one day make up for a lifetime Fitz s conflicted feelings would ring true with any kid growing up in a single parent household I wondered a little bit at what would make Fitz decide to take thi [...]

    10. Quick read, but not a fan Fitz holds his Dad at gunpoint in the car, so he can find the answers he s been wanting to know all of his life How about just making an appointment and talking with the guyJust not realistic.

    11. Fitz, a fifteen year old boy that has never meet his father but he is determined to change that But without the help of his mother he finds other means of getting the truth answers he s wanted his whole life, why has his father never contacted him Why does his mom refuse to talk about it And what exactly happened on the day his father just up left Truthfully I really enjoyed this book and this is why the author is very good at making the characters have a certain type of life like complexity tha [...]

    12. The bond between a father and son has never been important for Fitz than today Fantastic recommendation for reluctant teens for the summer.

    13. The overall plot was very interesting however, the beginning was difficult to get into I enjoyed the story and the anticipation to continue to read towards the end.

    14. This book Fitz by Mick Cochrane I found the most enjoyable and a good book For this book the grade level is twelve and up so basically not for really young kids This book is about a father and a son who meet for the first time and talk and learn about each other Then throughout the book Fitzgerald , who s the son, founds out the truth on why his father was never there in his life The only reason how Fitzgerald and the father actually talk is because Fitz has been stalking him and learning what h [...]

    15. Richie s Picks FITZ by Mick Cochrane, Knopf, November 2012, 192p ISBN 978 0 375 85683 9 I was alone, I took a ride, I didn t know what I would find thereAnother road where maybe I could see another kind of mind there Lennon McCartney Got to Get You into My Life from The Beatles Revolver album A black SUV passes slowly There s a woman inside, nicely dressed, wearing sunglasses, fluffing her hair in the rearview mirror Fitz smiles pleasantly at her, trying his best not to look like a kidnapper, an [...]

    16. 3 5 For of my reviews, check out my blog Moosubi Reviews However strange this might sound, FITZ reminds me of the type of short story we d read in school I know that sounds pretty bad for some readers, but I guess I happen to actually enjoy what I read in the classroom Maybe it s because the book was so short and seemed to symbolize something I m not totally sure Nevertheless, I found that FITZ was a short, but curious and intriguing type of read.As a character, I found that Fitz was a pretty [...]

    17. Mick Cochrane s YA novel, Fitz, is the story of what happens when a boy decides to confront the father he s never met.Fitz is a typical fifteen year old boy A sopho on the B honor roll A kid with a messy room, an electric guitar, a notebook full of song lyrics, vague dreams about doing something great some day, a crush on a red haired girl And like many other teens, Fitz short for Fitzgerald lives with his single mom His father is an unknown entity his mother doesn t talk about him and although [...]

    18. This book was very interesting to me The beginning was a little confusing but as the story progressed, my interest peaked Fitzgerald McGrath Fitz is the main character who has lived 15 years without a father After all this time he has found his father Curtis, and has been studying him for quite some time He is a lawyer, lives in a suburb, alone, seems somewhat ordinary Fitz learns everything about his fathers routine and one day, he holds his father at gunpoint right before work when Fitz should [...]

    19. A father A son And a gun, is the phrase on the cover of Fitz by Mick Cochrane This phrase describes a novel that is fast paced, action packed, and intensely emotional Unfortunately, Fitz is none of these things.This less than two hundred page novel takes place in one day the first day that Fitz sees his father since he was a baby Believing that his father will want nothing to do with him, Fitz brings a gun to his meeting with his father He forces his father to spend time with him tries to force [...]

    20. How far would you go to spend just a few moments with the father who abandoned you as a baby That s essentially the premise of this fascinating book about a teenage boy who goes to extreme lengths in an effort to discover the parent he never knew The book opens with fifteen year old Fitz staking out a swanky neighborhood, quietly waiting for the right moment to kidnap his rich, lawyer father at gunpoint Fitz has always felt a gnawing emptiness all his life due to his father s absence He s not su [...]

    21. For my independent reading novel, I read the book Fitz by Mick Cochrane The book takes place in the same city the author of the book was born in St Paul, Minnesota For the most part, the simple city and suburban settings of the book help build contrast to the main character, Fitz s, story line In the novel, Fitzgerald, seems to be as average as any other kid He s interested in music, likes to hangout with his friends, and lives in an average American neighborhood He is this typical 15 year old h [...]

    22. Two males from two different worlds are torn apart and Fitz thinks a Smith Wesson.38 Special can solve the answer These two males have a lot in common if only they had learned to speak and stand on their own two feet but perhaps it is not too late now Fitz and his father never knew each other Curtis tried to be father when Fitz was born, or did he really try but rejection was just too easy to take and with his future still a blank slate, he rose to the top and made himself a name Fitz and his mo [...]

    23. Mick Cochrane s latest novel, Fitz, has managed to convey a sophisticated, complex story in a readable, fluid way appropriate for a broad age range Though ostensibly a Young Adult novel, Fitz speaks to adults just as well In fact, I would assert that there is an unwritten story between the lines often the case in a Young Adult novel written by a somewhat older author The book s protagonist is a realistically written, likable kid with an edge and a legitimate gripe against his old man Though his [...]

    24. Find my review at City of Books All these years, what prevented his father from being nice to him Why didn t he knock on the door Why didn t he write a letter Why Why Why It is the central mystery of his life When you don t like a book, who is to blame Sometimes you can blame the author but sometimes you have to blame yourself Fitz is a well written book but it just wasn t for me Fitz is the story of Fitzgerald who decides to stalk and kidnap his father who abandoned his family I didn t know wha [...]

    25. Loved the writing in this book I liked how it was just a slice of time in a day where anything could happen Definitely felt like a fly on the wall I also found one of the best passages of writing I have ever read and I could relate to it on such a personal level It occurs to Fitz that if this guy hauls him away, he s never going to finish his lunch Somehow, this seems worse than any dire legal consequences Him downtown, and his burger, than half of it, pretty much the best burger he s ever had, [...]

    26. Fitz starts off by jumping right into the action with Fitz taking his father hostage I thought this was a great way to grab the reader and throw them into Fitz s life Then it slowed right down to the point where I wanted to skip pages Not the best thing with a book that is fairly short.I suppose I was just expecting drama, action, excitement Fitz, though, is a literary tale that focuses on Fitz s journey to understanding who he is, as defined by his absent father Fitz is obviously a very trou [...]

    27. I think I would have liked this book if it hadn t gotten me all psyched up for an action story based on the cover and the tagline A father A son And a gun Though there is indeed a father, a son, and a gun, this story is not nearly as exciting as that phrase would have you think I don t want to give too much away, but let s just say that there s a lot talk than action That made me feel like the gun part was just a gimmick to draw attention without having any real purpose in the story other than [...]

    28. Mick Cochrane, author of several books, including The Girl Who Threw Butterflies, has written a new psychological thriller involving a fifteen year old named Fitz named after F Scott Fitzgerald , who manages to kidnap his estranged father at gunpoint Fitz s objective to find out why his father chose to live apart from him and what really happened between him and Fitz s mother.As time passes the flawed character of both Fitz and his father s began to heal Fitz is anguished ove the abandonment iss [...]

    29. Fitz by Mike Cochrane is an incredibly emotional story of a teenage boy who grew up without his father around He s never met his father and knows very little about him even though they lived very close to each other When Fitz decides to introduce himself in a very unconventional way, we meet the vehement side of him Mick Cochrane does an amazing job with the characters, especially Fitz and Curtis They feel genuine and you really feel like you know them by the end of the book As intense and poten [...]

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