The Erotic Dark

The Erotic Dark

Nina Lane / Apr 03, 2020
The Erotic Dark SUBMISSION IS HER ONLY ESCAPE And punishment takes many forms Seeking escape from her criminal past a woman agrees to enslave herself to a trio of men who own an antiquated Louisiana plantation Known
  • Title: The Erotic Dark
  • Author: Nina Lane
  • ISBN: 9781465894748
  • Page: 452
  • Format: ebook
  • SUBMISSION IS HER ONLY ESCAPE And punishment takes many forms Seeking escape from her criminal past, a woman agrees to enslave herself to a trio of men who own an antiquated Louisiana plantation.Known only as Lydia, she becomes controlled by three very different men the malicious Preston, the inflexible Kruin, and the gentle Gabriel, all of whom introduce her to a worldSUBMISSION IS HER ONLY ESCAPE And punishment takes many forms Seeking escape from her criminal past, a woman agrees to enslave herself to a trio of men who own an antiquated Louisiana plantation.Known only as Lydia, she becomes controlled by three very different men the malicious Preston, the inflexible Kruin, and the gentle Gabriel, all of whom introduce her to a world in which the lines between pleasure, pain and shame are irrevocably blurred The plantation becomes both Lydia s haven and her prison as she surrenders to the desires of her unholy trinity.Lydia s submission is fraught with tension and hunger, but what happens when the outside world enters her dark, anonymous sanctuary
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        New York Times USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances about professors, bad boys, candy makers, and protective alpha males who find themselves consumed with love for one woman alone Originally from California, Nina holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization She also enjoys traveling and thinks St Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once Although Nina would go back to college for another degree because she s that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now lives the happy life of a full time writer.


    1. did I just read Awesomeness, that s what Here s my cast for the dark triad.Preston the mocking douchebagGabriel the gentle loverKruin the cruel punisher a.k.a Iron Palm hehe No pic of Lydia, I just want you all to enjoy the boys DThis storyis menage storyis bdsm menage story about love, obsession, rejection and finally retribution The book opens with the guys discussing Lydia s fate.Who will I become Preston had smiled then Ours.Why are they discussing her fate Because she s done some illegal th [...]

    2. 2 to 2.5CreamHoney Oil does this sound like part of the ingredients for a recipe Nope These are all fluids emitted by the female body according to the author One of the things that I find sexy about smut books is the dirty talk In this book, I felt that I was deciphering for it as in her creamy wetness, her honey depths, her honey juices, her getting creamed, her feminine oils The male organ is referred to as stalk, prick or rod and there is also the twin sacks Are you aroused yet Let s resume t [...]

    3. 3.5 4 Erotic Stars BR with Tiffany Jane aka Lydia is a woman who grew up in New Orleans to a wealthy family, and always had all of life s luxuries indulgences She gets herself into some trouble with the law, and then her options are limited No knowing where to turn, she contacts a man named Preston Severine that was a childhood friend She hasn t spoken to him in over ten years, and isn t aware Preston has always had an obsession with her He grew up with a crush on her, that eventually turned int [...]

    4. This was 100% for sure a hard core sex book Without a doubt For sure Holy shit.The story is about Lydia Lydia is not her real name She was caught embezzling money from this big corporation she worked for When she was about to be caught put in jail arrested whatever, a man from her past shows up and offers her a deal she can t refuse.Preston knew Lydia back when she was in middle school high school She was untouchable Rich, beautiful, powerful But now that she needs help, Preston comes to save he [...]

    5. As posted on jessysbookclub.wordpress Whoa What a book I was really in the mood for Dark Erotica this week and I got that and then some You all know how I love books that come with a warning, but this time I have to start my review with a warning This is Dark Erotica how fitting is that title It contains dubious consent, enforced submission, and than that, humiliation lots of it HOWEVER, if you love well written dark erotica, hot like the pits of hell and kinky as fuck, then you have to read th [...]

    6. i knew going into this book that a lot of my friends had given it only 1 star but as i got deeper into the book the i became aware of my likes and dislikes of books they are for sure different from my friends which i m totally okay with.Finding Lydia This about sums up ALL that happened to Lydia all the bad, worst and horrid things and believe me there were moments where i questioned why i was still reading this book I m not too familiar with the BDSM world but should punishments go as far as i [...]

    7. I haven t given a one star in a long time There is so much I take issue with in this book I don t know where to begin To start I really enjoy BDSM books and three men, one woman really sounded up my alley However, someone reading this is led to believe that in a bdsm relationship, the submissive gets humilated and hurt over and over with no discernable reason besides the dominant that you agreed to become his slave actually holds malice towards you Where was the concern for her limits, where was [...]

    8. I would have liked this book a lot better if some of the words used to describe parts of the body had been different If you re going to go all out, then go all out Basically, instead of saying globes large cushions , just go for it and say ass Overall, it could have been a hot, hot read, but the word choices brought me out of the moment every time.

    9. Life events forced Lydia into hiding, and the only place she could turn was to an old friend from her past that has a rather kinky dark side and his two equally kinky friends The reason this book gets four stars instead of just one or two was because of the fact that it was consensual non consent mingled with some aspects of BDSM Let s be clear though, this book is NOT about real BDSM, and does a very poor job of portraying a real BDSM relationship That being said, for a consensual non consent b [...]

    10. In the interest of complete disclosure, I didn t care for how contrived the situation felt to start this story and it colored my complete enjoyment of the book.Jane has done some things that will make her not even good life much worse To avoid an arrest and the baggage that comes with it, Jane decides to take Preston, an old acquaintance, up on his unusual offer Welcome to a Nouvelle Vie A New Life where the rules are simple, but include don t cross your legs around us Jane no longer exists, she [...]

    11. I was confused by the description of this, since it sounded like some sort of play on dubious consent but then it was listed as BDSM which is not really the same thing After reading the book, I m still confused though I think it is the former than the latter There are a few things you should know before reading this book It s written in the omniscient point of view, which is quite rare these days and at first feels like head hopping It s also got a lot of flowery, purple prose reminiscent of th [...]

    12. I gave this two stars because it was well written and I did like it enough to finish but that is about it I have read a lot of dark BDSM before I have no problem reading about dubious consent, but this one did not work It wasn t that I was offended, I just felt bad for her and wanted her to escape for 70% of the book I never liked half the characters and the sex was not that hot There was not enough of a story arch At the end, it just seemed like she forced it to go a certain way, instead of let [...]

    13. This book was a little bit of a different read for me It begins with Jane who the men choose to rename her Lydia showing up at a place called La Nouvelle Vie where three men await her to become whatever they want her to beLydia is in a situation where she needs to disappear from the world as she has done something illegal She had approached Preston, a man she had known through out her adolescence and asked him for sanctuary He agrees but only on the condition that she will submit to him, a man n [...]

    14. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      Holy cow this book has to be the smuttiest one I ve read yet and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I felt myself cringing quite a bit at a lot of the stuff Lydia had to go through but always in the back of my mind I kept reminding myself that she came to be with these three men of her own free will.Gabriel was the one I liked out of the three men since he showed Lydia true tenderness although he sometimes had wicked tendencies.Looking forward to the second book

    15. Very twisted, but I ve read better in this particular genre I needed a good enough reason for why the protag put herself in this position to begin with The reasons that were given didn t sit well with me and also the ending felt like it was all resolved rather quickly and abrupt Apparently there s a sequel to this Not feeling so inclined to even bother reading it Wasn t that impressed with the first book and I have no idea why there s even a need for a second book I m just done.

    16. This book was HOT But be warned it s dark and not for everyone You have to be ok with dark reads along the lines of Kitty Thomas You won t find any hero professing his undying love and willing to change his ways for the heroine You will find a heroine, in a crazy extreme circumstance, that goes on a fascinating journey of self discovery And three very different but HOT alphas Yum

    17. This book was hot, but I really don t go for reluctance or force One of the Doms in this book wasn t a Dom at all, he was a sadist There is a BIG difference.

    18. Stars 4Overall I just want to start out by saying that this book needs a warning label with a big red sticker on it and than maybe another warning label on the first chapter lol I also want to say that i did like the idea for the book, but at times the humiliation and other things kind of left me a little upset because i wasn t used to it and I couldn t understand why Lydia was putting herself through it But as the book progressed and the point of views would change, I was able to get a better u [...]

    19. This was one of those books that I felt so naughty reading, I shut my Kindle off every time my kids walked in the room There was some serious kinky, dubious, what the hell moments going on.Lydia decides to live with three extremely dominant men in order to avoid jail time, but she definitely gets than she bargained for She is at their mercy in all things Not only is her body used for Gabriel, Kruin and Preston s sexual gratification, but Preston head fucks her as well Preston was a full fledged [...]

    20. Girl in trouble for embezzlement, guy offers her escape by whisking her away into his plantation and wiping her existence from the map Sounds like something I ve read a million times before BUT, it was a little different Instead of one man who is the somewhat her new owner , there are three, strong , dominant in their own way men whom, enjoy her, but do not own her.I liked the story It had a steam factor which i enjoyed I think Preston was suppose to be unlikable, but i ended up liking him and h [...]

    21. 4.25The title says it all, The Erotic Dark This is not girl meets BDSM Dom and changes his wicked way s this is dark, twisted, and raw, and extremely well written book Lane s character studies in this book are powerful, and the character of Lydia is stripped literally and figuratively bare, down to the bareness of her stark essence.

    22. Yes, she had learned to fully live at La Nouvelle Vie, even to stretch the boundaries of what she had once thought living really was This was no longer about her arousal It was about becoming the role that had been assigned to her It was about finally realizing that she was that she had always been Lydia The Erotic Dark is about the self discovery of Lydia s innermost sensual nature and her natural eroticism that is yet to be trained and explored This is a dark yet fascinating story that will ma [...]

    23. Okay if you like romance move along if you like the darker side of sex, the one the straddles the line of decency this smutty erotic novel is for you And me They called her Lydia she had made her choice, in exchange for hiding her away from the authorities who wanted her for embezzlement they now owned her mind, body, and soul They being, Preston, Gabriel and Kruin These three are as different as can be and each touch a part of Lydia in a way she craves for but also in ways she despises This boo [...]

    24. 5 stars Dark erotica, BDSM, Domestic Discipline, Humiliation, Dubious ConsentSummaryJane was a bad girl that needed to disappear before she was arrested She ask for help from an old neighborhood friend, that offers her help with a price attached.Jane becomes Lydia, a plaything slave for this three totally different man.Lydia finds in each man something different, but within the triad and her new place, everything she was looking for but didn t know.Cover 5 starsA truly beautiful cover I love how [...]

    25. I discovered Nina Lane when I happened upon her truly gorgeous Spiral of Bliss trilogy she really is a purveyor of elegant smut and that particular trio of books ranked and still ranks amongst my top reads of all time so I was delighted to discover that Nina had dived into the relatively murky waters of darkish erotica before she began the Spiral of Bliss trilogy and written a hidden little gem The Erotic Dark.The story centres around a woman we ll call her Lydia although that s not her real nam [...]

    26. I was at a loss for how to rate this book Ultimately I decided 4 stars was pretty close, but I m not sure I m comfortable liking it that much, LOL If Preston, one of the 3 male leads in this story, hadn t been such a complete asshat, and had there been a little real romance, I would have given it 5 stars The sex was incredibly hot The domination submission elements made me sweat What was uncomfortable was the relationship between Preston and Lydia, the female lead and submissive I have a problem [...]

    27. Warning for Spiral of bliss lovers from Nina Lane This is not a romance, it s erotica Ever have had fantasies about a stern character you wanted to please, a twisted man you couldn t help but to get aroused in spite of him being nasty to you, or a caring and gentle one It goes without saying all three are different but gorgeous and well endowed In this book you ll find the three together.The fantasy is set The leading female character, Lidia, is not a pleasing one She agrees to enslave herself b [...]

    28. I was really surprised with The Erotic Dark It was an actually good story with the dark eroticism elements It s sometimes hard to find good erotica with an actual good plot story that doesn t come off as reading like a lame porno script This story was able to overcome that All the characters had there own personalities and own kink The plot line was about the h, Lydia, skimming money from her clients, she s caught and about to be investigated She knows she guilty so instead of risking a chance a [...]

    29. The erotic dark has a very interesting plot and start to the book A few things really annoyed me and made me give this a lower rating You don t know what is going on in Gabriel s and Kruin s head for most of the book maybe even perhaps all of the book I get that Preston pined over Lydia for years but him constantly humiliating her got a little old He finally has her Enjoy her The ending the last 10% of the book seemed like the author was just over with this part of the story since there is suppo [...]

    30. I wish I could give 4.5 stars this was a great story, the sex was very hot though I confess I developed a strong aversion to the word stalk read it, you ll see The character development was strong only a small bit of suspension of disbelief was required at the end.In summary, three men Preston, Kruin, Gabriel live together on a remote Louisiana plantation La Nouvelle Vie They rescue a woman Lydia from public humiliation and prosecution when her embezzlement is discovered, and disappear her to th [...]

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