Jews and Words

Jews and Words

Amos Oz Fania Oz-Salzberger / Apr 05, 2020
Jews and Words Why are words so important to so many Jews Novelist Amos Oz and historian Fania Oz Salzberger roam the gamut of Jewish history to explain the integral relationship of Jews and words Through a blend of
  • Title: Jews and Words
  • Author: Amos Oz Fania Oz-Salzberger
  • ISBN: 9780300156478
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why are words so important to so many Jews Novelist Amos Oz and historian Fania Oz Salzberger roam the gamut of Jewish history to explain the integral relationship of Jews and words Through a blend of storytelling and scholarship, conversation and argument, father and daughter tell the tales behind Judaism s most enduring names, adages, disputes, texts, and quips TheseWhy are words so important to so many Jews Novelist Amos Oz and historian Fania Oz Salzberger roam the gamut of Jewish history to explain the integral relationship of Jews and words Through a blend of storytelling and scholarship, conversation and argument, father and daughter tell the tales behind Judaism s most enduring names, adages, disputes, texts, and quips These words, they argue, compose the chain connecting Abraham with the Jews of every subsequent generation.Framing the discussion within such topics as continuity, women, timelessness, and individualism, Oz and Oz Salzberger deftly engage Jewish personalities across the ages, from the unnamed, possibly female author of the Song of Songs through obscure Talmudists to contemporary writers They suggest that Jewish continuity, even Jewish uniqueness, depends not on central places, monuments, heroic personalities, or rituals but rather on written words and an ongoing debate between the generations Full of learning, lyricism, and humor, Jews and Words offers an extraordinary tour of the words at the heart of Jewish culture and extends a hand to the reader, any reader, to join the conversation.
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        Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner is an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He is also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He is regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize In 2007, a selection from the Chinese translation of A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first work of modern Hebrew literature to appear in an official Chinese textbook.Since 1967, Oz has been a prominent advocate of a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.


    1. This is a tremendous little book Having just finished it, I find my heart and mind aflame with inspiration and pride and conflict Oz and daughter would have it no other way, for this book is NOT a triumphalist manifesto of Jewish super selection or special ness The authors go out of their way sometimes to a nagging extent to frame their discussion as simply exploring what seems particular about Jews and words, not necessarily BETTER or heroic In other words, this is NOT Max Dimont s Jews, God, [...]

    2. I come to Jews and Words as a lapsed Presbyterian who didn t know her Jewish heritage until age 18 My grandfather, who escaped a pogrom in SW Russia or Poland we don t know where he was born , was adamant that we were raised as Christians I remember neighborhood kids remarking that he looked and acted like a Jew with all the stereotypical stuff that statement carries on its back.Amos Oz and his daughter, Fania Oz Salzberger, the writer and the historian among us, divide their conversation into f [...]

    3. Amos Oz and his daughter, Fania Oz Salzberger, analyze the text of the Jewish religious books from a non religious perspective, focusing on the Jewish history, culture and identity With a pleasant, witty and sometimes ironical style, the authors give the readers food for thought, showing that what links the Jewish people throughout time and space are spoken and written words Ours is not a bloodline, but a text line.

    4. I heard an intriguing interview with Amos Oz and his daughter, Fania on NPR this week They are secular non religious Jews, but have chosen to address many issues , both biblical and cultural, which are pertinent to the subject I look forward to exploring this interesting book.

    5. For those Jews who are culturally attuned, but religiously detached, this book has a real chance of bringing them back into the fold These people have a tendency to feel guilty for leaving the God of the Old Testament behind and keeping only the parts they want Read this book to feel good about that decision

    6. Exceptionally good read, a subtle combination of academic and prose, conversational, sympathetic I like the idea of a textline to replace a bloodline, unassumingly fits in with much deeper ideas in the most eloquent way.

    7. Citind cea mai recent carte a lui Amos Oz tradus n rom n Evreii i cuvintele te ntrebi, vr nd nevr nd, cum ar fi fost s aib i copiii rom nilor drept pove ti ale copil riei texte care s provoace ntreb ri i r spunsuri privind p n i cele mai ne nsemnate aspecte ale existen ei legate n discu ii firesc contradictorii , n loc de scufi e care sunt m ncate de lup dac se abat de la drumul stabilit de al ii.Evreii i cuvintele este o carte eseu scris de c tre Amos Oz i fiica acestuia, Fania Oz Salzberger Un [...]

    8. I would give this book 2.5 stars if I could My overall feelings upon finishing the book was a general sense of disappointment As someone whose utmost interests both personal and academic involve Judaism, Jewishness, literature, literary culture, and where these things intersect, I had very high hopes for this book Having read bits and pieces of Amos Oz s work before and seeing Jonathan Safran Foer s whose writing I love endorsement on the cover heightened these expectations all the But despite [...]

    9. According to Jewish tradition, creation begins with words, as God speaks the universe into being in the first chapter of Genesis In their book Jews and Words, novelist and essayist Amos Oz and his daughter, historian Fania Oz Salzburger, assert that it is words that form the true chain linking Jews through the ages and around the world a textline rather than a bloodline.In four chapters composed of loosely linked musings about continuity of tradition, women in which the Orthodox rejection of wom [...]

    10. Jews and Words is a thoughtful book that Amos Oz co wrote the book with his daughter Fania Oz Salzberger The fact that they are Israelis and not religious is great Their depth of knowledge is incredible They tackle such topics as continuity, time, and women Except for the women topic, it is hard to find these subjects covered by writers who are not orthodox There is lots to learn here and lots to think about.

    11. From a very smart father and daughter novelist and historian , a wide ranging meditation on Jews and their written and spoken language Yiddish and Ladino, Jewish mother jokes in the Talmud and Woody Allen, education traditions, legal reform, controversy over women singing in public, jokes, the authorship of the Song of Solomon, teachers and students, medieval and contemporary literature, Renaissance printing, Hebrew grammar and untranslatable poetry.

    12. This book describes how important text both oral and particularly written has been to the continuity of the Jews as a culture Both Amos Oz and his daughter are excellent in their insights and scholarly references.

    13. Na pocz tku jeszcze si zastanawia am nad sensem i jako ci argument w, ale p niej by o ju tylko adnie i ca kowicie straci am w tek i ju tylko sobie powtarza am, jakie adne, tak musi by , bo adne, a jak nie jest, to b dzie, bo adne.

    14. A real gem of a book, insightful and witty I hate to return it to the library I really wish I had my own copy It will take some time to write down the most interesting footnotes and trace back all the authors and stories books they are mentioning esp the ones I hadn t heard of before.

    15. Una discendenza di testi, una linea di parole non di sangue, una cultura come tutte le culture permeabile, che ha attinto e attinge, che ha influenzato e influenza l umanit Una discussione, una visione laica dell essere ebrei, non credenti ma ancorati alla tradizione testuale sacra, al metodo di studio, alla trasmissione di latte e parole che arriva dalla famiglia Per chiunque ami la cultura ebraica, la letteratura, la visione mondana e individualista della filosofia ebraica, l ironia, l irriver [...]

    16. Els autors expliquen al llibre l estreta relaci al llarg de la hist ria dels jueus amb el m n del llibre i la llengua Sostenen que aquesta relaci ha estat especialment intensa i primerenca en el cas del poble d Israel, fins al punt d esdevenir ne el tret diferencial.Al costat d aquesta idea hi ha d altres de complement ries, com ara el paper de les relacions pares fills i mestres deixebles a l hora de mantenir el vincle amb l estudi i la cultura escrita al llarg de la hist ria i fer lo perviure [...]

    17. This book is a delightful conversation between writers reader about how the continuity and bloodline of the Jewish people runs through words, books, and texts It stays on this subject throughout in a grand thesis while delving into other discussions like Jewish women and the line between religion and cultural identity A thought provoking and charming read.

    18. La nostra storia non riguarda il ruolo di Dio ma quello delle parole Dio una di quelle parole p 61 Le tue idee non sono le tue idee Sono la progenie della libreria sul tuo muro e della lingua che abiti p 196

    19. A fun pair of thinkers.How oddOf GodTo chooseThe jews William Norman EwerNot so odd the Jews chose God Anononline scripturescome and hear talmud kodeshunit.k12cetGod of the armies of Israel, ever living God, merciful and gracious, sublime, dwelling on high, who inhabiteth eternity He created this universe by the three Sephiroth Number, Writing, and Speech Ten are the numbers, as are the Sephiroth, and twenty two the letters, these are the Foundation of all things.Jewish continuity has always hin [...]

    20. I won a paperback copy of this novel courtesy of the GoodReads First Reads programme This review in its entirety was originally posted at caffeinatedlife caffeinatedlife blog 2I thought it was interesting how one of the central arguments that both authors focus on with regards to Jewish culture and history was the importance of books Books, by extension, are also important, perhaps even so because of how it communicates values, ideas, beliefs from one generation to the next It is also in keepin [...]

    21. Jewish writers play with words Combine words to get a story Add the time dimension and it becomes history Jews have their Tanakh, laws, prophets and scriptures poems, stories, proverbs, etc Jews have a richer history than geography Father Amos and daughter Fania Oz Salzberger collaborated on this language meets history endeavor As secular Jews the Oz bornes don t believe in God, don t have a high esteem on othodox Jews living in Bnei Brak Jerusalem and could therefore pick and choose from the Bi [...]

    22. I ve not quite finished this book, so perhaps I am being unfair Certainly, there is a possibility I will revise these remarks However, right now I am saddened and disheartened that a work beginning with such promise I imagined from the introduction and first chapter I would be listening in on a conversation between father and daughter scintillating, intellectually rigorous, stuffed with literary ideas each one of which would be its own adventure Instead, after that marvelous first chapter I foun [...]

    23. I find Amos Oz fiction very difficult it s so complex and full of layers that reading it is hard work This non fiction essay, co authored with Oz historian daughter, Fania Oz Salzberger, is just the opposite The authors are very clear about what they mean, and it is fascinating.Both authors describe themselves as secular Jews, and they are unapologetic about saying they don t believe in God In the preface, they explain that they believe Jewish history and peoplehood form a continuum which is nei [...]

    24. I read this book on vacation which was not a good choice Despite its short length, Jews and Words requires deeper attention than it first appears I have always been a fan of Amos Oz and his beautiful, lyrical writing makes it feel, at first, as if someone is telling you a story But this is a scholarly work co written by Fania Oz Salzberger, an esteemed academic.The thesis of Jews and Words is that what connects Jews throughout the ages is the written word, words of all kinds sacred, fiction, leg [...]

    25. I was giving a talk about the power of words and this was in the sale section the week before Serendipitous As a christian and a bit of a intellectual academic with interests in history and philosophy theology this was right up my ally It is split into 4 main chapters with a bit at the end of stuff they couldn t fit any where else.The first part on all jews are teachers and students really struck a chord with me The second part on women talks about the modern ideas and how the bible was not bala [...]

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