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Bridgebuilders When Sam Altair went back in time to he created a second universe one with its own alternate future In this universe humans surpass the technology of the first so that by their world is
  • Title: Bridgebuilders
  • Author: Marlene Dotterer
  • ISBN: 9780985957414
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Sam Altair went back in time to 1906, he created a second universe, one with its own alternate future In this universe, humans surpass the technology of the first, so that by 1980, their world is cleaner, free, and less populated than the original.In the alternate universe, a second Sam Altair is born in 1946 As he carries on the original Sam s work, young SamWhen Sam Altair went back in time to 1906, he created a second universe, one with its own alternate future In this universe, humans surpass the technology of the first, so that by 1980, their world is cleaner, free, and less populated than the original.In the alternate universe, a second Sam Altair is born in 1946 As he carries on the original Sam s work, young Sam discovers how to build a bridge back to the first universe In 1980, he prepares to make the trip, along with his partner, Sarah Andrews.In the first timeline, the year is 2080, and Sam and Sarah find a planet that is reeling under the effects of advanced climate change, its human population decimated by famines, wars, and pandemics The few billion who remain are hanging on by the threads of religious law and totalitarian regimes.Taken prisoner by a powerful cartel, Sam and Sarah escape with two young scientists who are on the run from a death sentence They hope to find an elusive rebel army and offer their assistance in return for protection.The price is steep, for the rebels are facing a bloody attack that might destroy their organization for good, and trap Sam and Sarah in this universe forever.And Sam s bridges have just made them the most wanted people on the planet.
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        Marlene Dotterer grew up as a desert rat in Tucson, Arizona In 1990, she loaded her five children into the family station wagon, and drove north west to the foggy San Francisco Bay Area To stay warm, she tackled many enterprises, earning a degree in geology, working for a national laboratory, and running her own business as a personal chef She s a frustrated gardener, loves to cook, and teaches natural childbirth classes She says she writes, to silence the voices, obsessed with the possibilities of other worlds and other times.She is married to The Best Husband in the World, and lives in Pleasant Hill, California.


    1. The Time Travel Journals BridgebuildersMarlene Dotterer244 pagesNook EditionIn the second book of The Time Travel Journals, we meet Sarah Andrews, Casey Wilson s granddaughter, and the Sam Altair of the second universe are working to find a way to bridge to the first universe Before she died, Casey made Sam promise to return to the first universe and then go back in time to visit her parents so that they should know what happened to their daughter However, when Sam and Sarah bridge to the first [...]

    2. This is the sequel to Shipbuilder, which I really enjoyed Bridgebuilder is a slightly different animal Shipbuilder is a time travel historical in which two people accidentally go back a hundred years in time and meet Thomas Andrews, the man who built the Titanic I thought Bridgebuilder would be about someone who built physical bridges, like over water, but actually it s about building a bridge between parallel universes and traveling between them.In Shipbuilder, we learned that when Sam Altair t [...]

    3. Very interesting, but completely different from the first novel Shipbuilders It took a bit of imagination to follow the lives of the past and present Sam Altair.

    4. My book club read The Time Travel Journals Shipbuilder last year and it was one of the favorites We all loved it It was so rich in history and a fabulous storyline to boot it had a little bit of something for everyone It had a little bit of science fiction, history, romance It was fabulous go read it Now.This book, however, fell way short of our expectations It definitely suffered from the sequels Sequels are hard to pull of and this one fell flat Don t get me wrong, it wasn t a bad book, but it [...]

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