INK: Sketches

INK: Sketches

Bella Roccaforte / Jul 06, 2020
INK Sketches A deeper look inside of Shay Baynes and the events leading up to the start of INK Fine Lines Shay s life was moving along with all the normal hassles and hazards of your typical twenty year old Then e
  • Title: INK: Sketches
  • Author: Bella Roccaforte
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A deeper look inside of Shay Baynes and the events leading up to the start of INK Fine Lines Shay s life was moving along with all the normal hassles and hazards of your typical twenty year old Then everything changes when her twin sister is possessed by the Specter and kills herself We get insight as to why Shay is the way that she is, why she s making the mistakes thA deeper look inside of Shay Baynes and the events leading up to the start of INK Fine Lines Shay s life was moving along with all the normal hassles and hazards of your typical twenty year old Then everything changes when her twin sister is possessed by the Specter and kills herself We get insight as to why Shay is the way that she is, why she s making the mistakes that she s making and what lead to all of the main players to react the way they have when the Specter starts to take control of everything INK Fine Lines Book 1 should be read first Then this book can be read at any point after that.
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    1. I have been waiting on this to come out Sketches book 0 part 1 This is a must read for all Ink fans In this story you get to meet Shay Baynes and all her heartbreak The story begins when Elise Shay s twin dies You feel the pain and guilt she has over the loss of her sister and how her family deals with it Shay deals with rejection from her comic and her lovelife Eli trys to comfort her while dealing with his own deamons.Aiden is still Aiden, but you start to dig into both of their worlds and fin [...]

    2. This one was a bit hard for me to get into I don t know if it was because I read this before I read the rest of the series and just didn t have the connection with the characters going in or if something was missing from the story It seemed very odd that the main character didn t really feel the loss of her TWIN sister She seemed like it barely mattered at all And that was something that took me out of the story Any sister even estranged would feel loss if their sibling died than this character [...]

    3. Bella Roccaforte has done it again I m always amazed when an author manages to hook me and leave me wanting in less than 100 pages Bella Roccaforte has done just that With flair Fans of Ink Fine Lines will LOVE Sketches For those of us who are coming back for , it s really nice to get a look at some of our favorite characters before we met them in Fine Lines For those getting their first taste of Bella s writing, sit back and enjoy the ride You ll get a little bit of everything in this novella [...]

    4. Shay grew up with her two best friends It is apparent from the beginning that they both vie for Shay s attention As time goes by, Shay s twin sister commits suicide She never really deals with the loss of her sister Instead she starts to dream She creates Gabriel, who excites her sexually and her inquisitive side With a mental block on her drawing she follows Gabriel into a world of horror She draws a comic based on her journey and lands the job of her dreams Her best friend Aiden leaves her yet [...]

    5. I have enjoyed INK Sketches The writing style is good and is perfect in it s way things are described The only aspect I did not care for was the hint at a love triangle I am not a fan of love triangles But I do enjoy this book I love the character Shay In this story Shay is still dealing with the loss of her twin sister I found it intriguing how she begins to feel she finally connected with her twin The way she dreams and draws what she dreams is exciting This was a tough book to put down, I wan [...]

    6. Bella did it again I loved this short little novella It was amazing to go back and see how things worked for Shay before everything went to hell How her relationship with Eli works out as well as the one with Aiden Not to mention how she got her job at Blood Bourne I think it really shows the character development from how Shay goes from being depressed about her sister to this woman who is strong and confident in not only herself but her love for Eli and her work It s not required that this be [...]

    7. Incredible, brilliant, and insightful This book is set before Ink Fine Lines yet gives you such a good,deep look into the pain that Shay has endured I was completely blown away with how much emotion this book envoked in me I was seriously on an emotional roller coaster Through the poetic writting I was able to connect with the characters on a whole new level I never thought possible Though this book is not required before you read book 1 I highly recommend it It helps you come to terms with alot [...]

    8. Emotionally beautiful well written story Deeply intense main character that can feel a connection to and compassion for Get immediately drawn into the complex and slightly dark world and you definitely are left wanting I absolutely loved this book I cannot wait to see what happens next.I recommend this book for it s dramatic romance, mystery and hint of the dark evil alluded to.

    9. After reading Fine Lines, I really thought I was all about Aiden, but now after Sketches, Eli is working his way in and now I m not so sure The one thing I sure about, I can t wait to see where Bella takes us next.

    10. I loved this little back story on Shay after the incident with her twin sister It also has Eli It helped fill in some of the little details about what she went through during those events Can t wait for the 2nd book

    11. Really helped clear a lot of Fine Lines up, but wasn t totally necessary to completely understand Fine Lines.just an added bonus

    12. Wow, this book was an amazing read We get of the backstory and of the events that take place leading up to book 1 We get to see Shay s first time meeting McNab Also about how the specter has evolved, and Shay learning about him He break down with her dad, in his driveway, had me needing a couple tissues This is an emotional ride, that s for sure Shay starts out as such a fun, loving character, but we see her change because of all the deaths around her The scene with Jorge, also had me tearing [...]

    13. Wow This really fills in a lot of extra information for the whole series It really helps you relate to the characters You see how Shay coped with Aiden leaving again, being engaged to Eli, how she met Jorge and his suicide, bringing Trish into the picture because she is a special kind of crazy , we find out how she meets McNab, and how she deals with the deaths of her family and friends This is an amazing read and a great prequel to the series

    14. Awesome book, this one is even disturbing than the first one I think it s because now we can see how things are connected We get to see all the death that actually does surround Shay We meet McNab for the first time, see how she got her first job, how she met Gabriel and just where she was in her life before that fateful birthday Another horrible cover, that was almost enough to discourage me from picking up the first book I can t wait to read the next one

    15. This was a short prequel of the main characters in the Ink series as teens and then as adults at the beginning when Shay starts to have her dreams It answers a few lingering questions Ink Fine Lines left I thought it was helpful to the story.

    16. Not having read any part of this series before I found the story to be kind of confusing It was all over the place for me and I felt like I was missing a lot I didn t read the first book first so maybe it will make sense if I did.

    17. Warning may contain possible spoilers This takes place before the Ink trilogy, but it doesn t matter if you read it before them or after There aren t any spoilers for the future books We get some insight as to how she got initially involved with Eli and Aiden Here s a spoiler Aiden s always been a selfish douche He s never stuck around longer than a few dayswhat he s also never done is treat Shay like she s porcelain and will break He didn t treat her like a weak little female like Eli tends to [...]

    18. This book begins when Shay, Eli and Aiden are young playing hide and seek Three best friends, and then puberity strikes, and Shay loves Eli and Aiden, and they each love her Eli is strong and he is usually there for her, Aiden runs away when the going gets tough Shay looses alot of people in her life in this book It is so good, and I can wait to read the other books Its like the author just sucks you right in the book.I was given the book for an honest review, SN Reviews.

    19. Sketches is the perfect prequel to this series This gives you much insight on the characters and how Shay gets in the position she is in You get information on how her sister dies, her relationship when she was younger and older with Eli and Aiden, and how she gets her job Wonderfully written Great read

    20. I have loved everything in this series so far and this prequel does a great job of tying things together And I think it may have given me a little hint into the future, but I m going to keep that to myself to see if I m right.

    21. This was a prequel to a prior book I read It was actually very helpful in filling in some of the blanks on incidents that happened prior to the 1st book in the series It is not a mandatory read but helpful.

    22. Excellent This is a wonderful book I really enjoyed the character development and their diversity I m looking forward to the next book in this series, and the wonderful perspectives of this intriguing character.

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