Mord im Herbst

Mord im Herbst

Henning Mankell Wolfgang Butt / Sep 24, 2020
Mord im Herbst Ystad Schweden Wallander f hlt sich ausgebrannt Dass seine Tochter und Kollegin Linda noch bei ihm wohnt macht seine Laune nicht besser Von einem Haus im Gr nen erhofft er sich Erholung dann
  • Title: Mord im Herbst
  • Author: Henning Mankell Wolfgang Butt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ystad, Schweden, 2002 Wallander f hlt sich ausgebrannt Dass seine Tochter und Kollegin Linda noch bei ihm wohnt, macht seine Laune nicht besser Von einem Haus im Gr nen erhofft er sich Erholung, dann aber findet er dort eine skelettierte Hand, und den Kommissar erwartet ein neuer Fall Die Frauenleiche, die zu der Hand geh rt, wurde schon vor rund sechzig Jahren vergrabYstad, Schweden, 2002 Wallander f hlt sich ausgebrannt Dass seine Tochter und Kollegin Linda noch bei ihm wohnt, macht seine Laune nicht besser Von einem Haus im Gr nen erhofft er sich Erholung, dann aber findet er dort eine skelettierte Hand, und den Kommissar erwartet ein neuer Fall Die Frauenleiche, die zu der Hand geh rt, wurde schon vor rund sechzig Jahren vergraben Diese packende neue Wallander Geschichte ist ein Leckerbissen f r Krimi Leser.
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        Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.


    1. An Event in Autumn was an unlikely starting point for an introduction to the legend that is Henning Mankell and his creation, Kurt Wallander, but enough to see why he has acquired the cult status he has gained Having never read any of the Wallander novels nor seen the TV adaptions, I was unsure whether starting with a novella set in his final years before retirement would allow me to appreciate his character The print version of this novella covers just over one hundred and fifty pages and is se [...]

    2. This novella Thank You Archit for this word , for me worked as a calm and soothing kind of experience.The protogonist is too likable to put in words His never being aggressive and relaxed way of working and things getting done strategies were inspiring.I want to read the other books from Wallander series.This name is fantastic Wallander.

    3. Anything published by Henning Mankell is must reading for me, especially this novella featuring my favorite Swedish detective, Kurt Wallender At this point in the series Wallender, closing in on retirement, is thinking about a house in the country, a dog and maybe a girlfriend, not necessarily in that order Inspecting a country house that was recommended to him, he literally stumbles on a human hand reaching out of the garden This discovery leads to evidence of a murder committed sometime in the [...]

    4. Kurt Wallander is drifting into retirement, and wants to buy a small farm out n the countryside Unfortunately, he finds the hand of corpse while looking around He and his team, including his daughter, investigate.Very elegiac.

    5. THE LAST, LASTER, LASTEST KURT WALLANDER BOOKFor years now, Henning Mankell has been telling us he d written the very last Kurt Wallander tale Now, another one has turned up Mankell explains in an Afterword that he d actually written An Event in Autumn many years ago as a bonus for Dutch readers Since he was recently asked for a complete list of the Wallander stories, he felt compelled to include it which, for some reason, meant getting it republished.He mightn t have bothered.Mankell is probab [...]

    6. My first introduction to the Nordic novels was a Wallander, this was many years ago.I have since read them all, though I have never watched the series where this character is featured In this one, a novella, Wallender is older, getting close to retiring His daughter Linda is living with him and has just joined the police force Wallander s dream is to buy a house and move out of the city Finding the house will turn out very differently than he thought.Rather slowly paced, I still enjoyed the unra [...]

    7. A forgotten Novella I read the book version and had the bonus of author s comments.Wallender lives in print and this short story helps one visualise his personna far better than all the TV series and films recreating his exploits.This is near the closing of Mankell s writing about many peoples favourite detective just prior to the last book The Troubled Man Autumn is indeed that start of the on set colder times and death in nature and this wonderful tale is about Wallender s thoughts of retireme [...]

    8. Novella and a delight A writer that can tell a good story with less is excellent at his craft Very much enjoyed reading the essay at the end where Henning Mankell described his creation of and the flow of Wallander over the years His views of events in Europe 1990 onwards are so well expressed in the various books of the series and I delight in reading how he created the stories and indeed the ending Many wonderful hours spent reading the series and many watching the many episodes on tv than t [...]

    9. One of the best parts of this book, apart from the story, is the Afterword in which Henning Mankell explains how the story was published and where it fits in the continuum of the Wallender stories There is a longer section titled HOW IT STARTED, HOW IT FINISHED AND WHAT HAPPENED IN BETWEEN which is also worth reading In it he talks about his relationship with Wallender, and how he feels about the depictions of Wallender in the three TV series that have been produced EVENT IN AUTUMN comes just be [...]

    10. Z dlhej chv le a strachu zo smrti a ne innosti som si vymyslela tak osobn projekt s n zvom o na tom t udia vidia Za ala som seversk m thrillerom Vzh adom na to, e toto je pod a viacer ch zdrojov najslab ia Mankellova kniha ja osobne nem m s m porovna ju budem bra asi trochu s rezervou Z pletka, ktor vyvrcholila a na posledn ch p tn stich stran ch by si k udne zasl ila viac pozornosti, cel mi to pri lo dos zbrkl , ako ke sa v s niekto p ta, o je nov a vy odpoviete len zo slu nosti, lebo sa v m sk [...]

    11. Quel magnifique pays, la Su de La Su de a une super loi sur le droit la nature, concr tement le camping sauvage est donc l gal, condition de respecter l environnement et de se laver dans les ruisseaux avec des savons l argile La Su de a investi dans les kits de maisons en bois rouge Il para t que la Su de a un syst me scolaire hors pair La Su de a une gastronomie qui inclut la fois les tartines craquantes, et les conserves de poisson ferment Les Su dois ont invent Ik a j avais un ami su dois, tu [...]

    12. Swedish detective Kurt Wallander is tired and looking forward to his retirement He s always wanted a house in the country with a dog When a police associate recommends a suitable place for sale, Wallander visits the house and likes it However, when he checks the garden and stumbles over a hand sticking out from the soil, he doesn t care for the place any Wallander and his colleagues settle down to conduct the usual long, tedious and often boring police work of trying to learn about the body Aut [...]

    13. Even Mankell has a.5 in his wonderful Kurt Wallander series In true Murder She Wrote like fashion, when the sleuth goes house hunting he stumbles unexpectedly upon a skeletal hand and thus a murder investigation ensues But as this is Mankell, and given that sadly he has passed on and the wonderful Wallander series has only 10 books, I m than happy to forgive a.5 and this TV plot like start Only one book left for me to read in Mankell s Wallander series Sad to see it come to an end Excellent se [...]

    14. 3,5 Sin duda es Wallander, aunque se me ha hecho corto, me hubiera gustado algo m s de complejidad en la trama.

    15. 4 and 1 2 starsThis is a short glimpse of Wallander s life as he ages He has been a police officer for many years He is looking for a house in the country where he can have a dog and relax a little His daughter, Linda who is also a police officer, is living with him They have a somewhat difficult relationship But it works He gets a phone call on his day off from Martinson, a colleague, about a house that belongs to his uncle who is in a care home He wants to sell the house Wallander goes out to [...]

    16. I haven t read any other Wallander books reading the afterward, about the origin of the series, was fascinating the writing style is very spare and austere, like someone whose mind isn t clouded with unnecessary thoughts the mystery is almost secondary to the weather and Wallander s worries about never getting out of his apartment reading this definitely put me in an autumnal mood.

    17. I enjoyed the plot, and the denouement, however, I m afraid I found the writing stilted, and as I read an English translation, I don t know if that s the writing style of the author, the vagaries of Swedish grammar or just not as polished a translation as others I have read It s very short and the only Wallander novel la I have read, and I may read others in future.

    18. Niekde na prebale tejto knihy je nap san , e autor je naj tanej m v dskym autorom Nech pem ako je to mo n , ke maj Larssona Prizn m sa, e sa mi v bec nep il autorov t l, pri iel mi a moc jednoduch Kniha mala zauj mav n met celkom fajn koniec, tak 2 5.

    19. Very interesting short read I would definitely be interested in other Kurt Wallender stories Thanks to San Diego Public Library for highlighting Swedish Authors

    20. A brief but nevertheless engaging Wallander story It contains all the usual elements family, relationships, murder, human fraility and as usual, they are all expressed with humanity.

    21. This short novel was written by Mankell as a giveaway for a crime writing promotion Two buried bodies in a garden form the basis of the plot and Wallander works hard to solve the mystery What I found even interesting than the novel was the piece Mankell wrote on the creation of Wallander and how he evolved over the years Such a great character.

    22. Huesos en el jard n puede considerarse no tanto una novela, sino, por su duraci n inusualmente breve, un relato corto sobre el detective sueco Kurt Wallander Cronol gicamente los hechos narrados tienen lugar antes de la ltima novela de la saga, El hombre inquieto La historia sit a al detective en un momento de su vida en el que vive en su apartamento de Ystad con su hija Linda y est pensando en mudarse a una casa en el campo, d nde por azares del destino aparecen los restos de un cad ver.Mucho a [...]

    23. From the author afterword This story was written many years ago It had been decided in Holland that everbody who bought a crime novel in a certain month would receive a free book I was asked if I would write a story It was a good idea making people interested i.n reading This novella takes place just before Book 10 in the Wallander series Would highly recommend but if you are new to the series, I would advise starting with Faceless Killers instead The entire Wallander series is worth the journe [...]

    24. My first Wallander book 9.5 of the 10 Kurt Wallander crime series and I am a fan An Event In Autumn went down well.This novella may or may not have been the appropriate introduction to Henning Mankell what a lovely name , Wallander, the series, or indeed Scandinavian crime series much vaunted by myself and many, many others via Stieg Larrson s The Girl Who trilogy, Sarah Lund and The Killing Forbrydelsen, not the terrible US attempt , Saga Nor n and The Bridge outstanding , Jo Nesb books, films [...]

    25. A great story and continuation of the Wallander series If a bit short I enjoyed the mystery and characterization Only sad to know I am almost done with series.

    26. Discovering a heretofore unpublished in English Wallander story is like coming home from a vacation and crawling into your favorite reading chair with coffee and a snack.Written originally as part of a book giveaway contest in Denmark, this short novel sits right before the last one in the Wallander series The detective is living in his apartment with daughter Linda, now a young officer on his police force They have their usual contentious relationship, but their love is apparent nonetheless.Wal [...]

    27. This last appearance by Kurt Wallander was first published many years ago by a Dutch publisher who used it as a promotion to sell crime books It really is a long short story, and chronologically it dates to just before The Troubled Man, the final novel in the Wallander series So, this is really good bye to Kurt.Always desirous of purchasing a house, leaving his apartment and obtaining a dog, Wallander is induced by his friend and co worker Martinson to look at a property owned by an aged relativ [...]

    28. An aging Wallander is feeling his years, with some dissatisfaction over how much things have changed When he had first started to patrol the streets there was a big difference between what happened in a city like Malm and small towns like Ystad But nowadays there was hardly any difference at all , yet chafing at the parts of his life that have gone too long without changing When his partner offers him a chance at a house out of the city He wanted to get out into the counrtyside, he wanted to acq [...]

    29. A short Kurt Wallender novel, with plenty of turns to keep the reader interested.While not the last chronological story, the last one published in the U.S Includes an interesting interview with Mankell afterwards Will miss his writing.

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