Mulliner Nights

Mulliner Nights

P.G. Wodehouse / Aug 12, 2020
Mulliner Nights Mr Mulliner is the genial Scheherazade of the Anglers Rest a bucolic English pub Each evening sipping his Scotch and lemon Mr Mulliner tells of an adventure that once befell a nephew a cousin s so
  • Title: Mulliner Nights
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9781400079612
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mr Mulliner is the genial Scheherazade of the Anglers Rest, a bucolic English pub Each evening, sipping his Scotch and lemon, Mr Mulliner tells of an adventure that once befell a nephew, a cousin s son, or some other un stuffy younger relative Mr Mulliner s narratives showcase Wodehouse s particular genius for fetching whimsy and eccentric shenanigans.
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        Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE, was a comic writer who enjoyed enormous popular success during a career of than seventy years and continues to be widely read over 40 years after his death Despite the political and social upheavals that occurred during his life, much of which was spent in France and the United States, Wodehouse s main canvas remained that of prewar English upper class society, reflecting his birth, education, and youthful writing career.An acknowledged master of English prose, Wodehouse has been admired both by contemporaries such as Hilaire Belloc, Evelyn Waugh and Rudyard Kipling and by recent writers such as Douglas Adams, Salman Rushdie and Terry Pratchett Sean O Casey famously called him English literature s performing flea , a description that Wodehouse used as the title of a collection of his letters to a friend, Bill Townend.Best known today for the Jeeves and Blandings Castle novels and short stories, Wodehouse was also a talented playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of fifteen plays and of 250 lyrics for some thirty musical comedies He worked with Cole Porter on the musical Anything Goes 1934 and frequently collaborated with Jerome Kern and Guy Bolton He wrote the lyrics for the hit song Bill in Kern s Show Boat 1927 , wrote the lyrics for the Gershwin Romberg musical Rosalie 1928 , and collaborated with Rudolf Friml on a musical version of The Three Musketeers 1928.


    1. Another wonderful collection of stories from The Angler s Rest Here, for your enjoyment, are quotes from each tale The Smile That Wins There was enough of the financier to make two financiers It was as if Nature, planning a financier, had said to itself We will do this thing well We will not skimp The Story of Webster The real objection to the great majority of cats is their insufferable air of superiority Cats, as a class, have never completely got over the snootiness caused by the fact that in [...]

    2. So much as been said about this wonderful collection of stories that their is nothing new to add The two part story with the cat, bloody hilarious Websters story is a cross between a decadent tale infused with a gothic tale completely turned on its head.The second Cats Will Be Cats is pure slapstick.Enjoy

    3. P.G Wodehouse The man was a genius and one of the great writers of the 20th Century Period Boris Vian loved him Pynchon, I bet, loves him In fact I suspect he s a writer s writer If not, then there is something wrong with contemporary writing One can choose any title and it s all the same In one word, great For whatever reason, I find Mulliner Nights my favorite Why I don t know why All I can tell you is that it is a set of stories where Mr Mulliner is in his favorite pub and he starts telling t [...]

    4. Wow I LOVED reading this book Each story in this book is unique and I enjoyed reading them all Simply awesome D Mr Mulliner, his nephews and cousins never cease to amuse you I wish The Anglers Rest was real and I could visit it and give the almighty Mr Mulliner a much deserved bow I am smiling even while writing this review, such is the magic of P.G.Wodehouse Hats off, sir

    5. This is collection of nine short stories, all told by Mr Mulliner to his buddies entourage at the Anglers Rest pub while he sips his hot Scotch and lemon Each member of his audience is identified by his drink Pint of Stout, Whisky Sour, Mild and Bitter The stories are all about Mr Mulliner s relatives usually nephews and are triggered by comments made by his friends The stories are most amusing, as one might expect, often involving hapless males in pursuit of bright young females.This reading of [...]

    6. Nothing deep here, but it was a fun collection of stories my favorite being Best Seller which had such a sweet, happy ending and was nicely written and nicely British as well.

    7. Very witty Great use of language, after overlooking the obvious colonial undertones of the times Excellent characterisation this book is a wonderful study into human psychology through the lens of humour.

    8. I have, over the years, read a lot of Wodehouse I have read all the Jeeves Wooster and one hamfisted pastiche which came out a coupe of years ago , all of the Blandings, all of the Psmith I have read anything Drones Club related, all of Uncle Fred, and many one off novels I have even read all of the School stories, and a couple of Plum s ill considered autobiographical writings What I have been sedulously avoiding, for reasons that are now unclear to me, are the Mulliner stories, the Oldest Memb [...]

    9. The real tabasco Top hole Wise not to mix metaphors, mind you Putting tabasco in any of your holes not advised.This is a collection of stories told around the fireplace at the Angler s Rest pub by the loquacious but mild mannered Mr Mulliner Each story features one of his relatives, each with a particular personal quirk or ill starred circumstance.My fave in this stewpot is Best Seller A literary critic chap falls in love, making sure at first his intended has no intention of writing a romance n [...]

    10. The main reason for me deciding to read this was the strength of the drunk cat illustration on the front Needless to say I wasn t disappointed.

    11. WHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK PG wodehouse was recommended to me when I was asking a coworker about something like to listen to after having listened to some really heavy books REVIEW this is definitely an amusing book and one not to be taken too seriously A good palate cleanser IN between some heavyweight things You will definitely find yourself chuckling a lot I particularly liked a bit about the hypnotic powers of a cat As a cat owner I know the run things.

    12. Mulliner stories are always interesting with unusual topics and characters Enjoyed reading these short and crisp stories which will lift your mood and provide good humour Would recommend these stories for one and all

    13. I enjoy Mulliner tales Wodehouse is never a feminist, but there are some retrograde roles for women in a couple of the stories, which made it hard to enjoy unreservedly but all in all a great deal of fun.

    14. Another collection of Mr Mulliner stories Some of these represent the author at his best, and none are anything less than entertaining It s strictly a matter of personal preference that I enjoy Wodehouse novels than the shorter works excepting the Jeeves stories, of course.

    15. The style of writing just slays me And I have to admit, I stole the way Wodehouse would write in minor characters as, id a Port and Lemon for my own novels.

    16. Three things drew me to it 1 It was under 5, 2 The cover has a cat drunk on whiskey on it, 3 I had just read Love Among the Chickens by Wodehouse, which was my first encounter with him, and found him hilarious Given this trifecta, I couldn t resist I m glad I didn t, as this short story collection didn t disappoint.Don t worry about this being the third in a series The only connection among the short stories is the main characters are all a Mulliner or married to one It was completely unnecessar [...]

    17. Reading Wodehouse on public transport inevitably leads to multiple stares being concentrated on one s person as one tries and fails miserably to keep spurts of laughter at bay When Lancelot Mulliner s uncle, the Bishop of Bongo Bongo, entrusts him with his cat Webster as austere in personality as the Bishop by means of a letter, he writes His advent, indeed, I venture to hope, will be a turning point in your life Thrown, as you must be, incessantly among loose and immoral Bohemians, you will fun [...]

    18. Here s a book that glitters It sparkles with humour and the quality of writing and the pure pleasure that comes across in the telling of this collection of tales.Mulliner hangs about in The Angler s Rest chewing the fat, only there is no fat in the book, rather it s all lean meat.Whatever the subject, Mulliner can relate a tale of one of his relatives who has experienced something similar.There are common threads that possibly relate to the gene pool the wooing of a ladies, sturdy butlers, gentr [...]

    19. In the bar parlour of the Angler s Rest the efficient barmaid Miss Postlewaite was asking if the reading public had had enough of the Mulliner family after Meet Mr Mulliner and Mr Mulliner Speaking A Gin and Tonic ventured that it would be criminal if the story of Webster the cat and his influence over young Edward Mulliner was not brought to the public attention , Surely the tale of Sacheverell Mulliner and his phobia of Headmasters should be committed to the printed media suggested a surly Por [...]

    20. After reading three books from Stephen Fry and daily blog posts from That Kind of Girl whose writing is very much inspired by the inimitable Wodehouse, it was time to test the waters.The trouble with Wodehouse is picking a title With a career that spanned 70 years and produced close to 100 published novels and short story collections, it s difficult to know where to begin My choice was made for me, however, as I came across a copy of Mulliner Nights for the princely sum of 2 tucked away on a bot [...]

    21. This book is a simple, light and amusing read Mr Mulliner, here, is seen narrating the stories of his related mulliners cousin, nephew, sister, uncle, etc and their adventures Its a collection of short stories, each based on a new protagonist, who, himself herself is a mulliner All of the stories involves different ways in which the the main character of the story, wins back his love Almost every story start with a well set plan to be undertaken by the central character to work things out in his [...]

    22. PWG in top form, including a pair of stories about Webster, a black cat with a vicarish mien until he discovers a taste for whiskey and turns full on bohemian Webster s natural enemy is a tabby named Percy Orange of body and inky black of soul, he lay stretched out on the rug, exuding arrogance and hate One could picture him stealing milk from a sick tabby Wodehouse delivers the goods early and often The Lady Bishopess pursed her lips, displeased She was a woman of ample and majestic build A fri [...]

    23. Right ho At first, I was pretty disappointed when I realized that P.G Wodehouse had written a book that was not about the inimitable Jeeves and Bertie Wooster, and that I was reading it That lasted for about a page until a wave of good cheer came over me Mulliner Nights is a series of stories told by a loquacious regular at the Angler s Rest by the name of Mulliner There are no recurring characters between stories, although the theme of matrimonial difficulty between young lovers permeates prett [...]

    24. I ve heard before that P.G Wodehouse is funny, but it wasn t until half a story and a few laughs into the book when I realized just how funny As anyone could expect when reading a book of short stories, there were some I liked than others, but each one had an aspect I very much enjoyed Sometimes it was the situations Wodehouse created and other times it was his delivery and clever use of vocabulary which captured my attention Also for someone who likes cats, I was very happy to read two stories [...]

    25. This collection of short stories, the third featuring Mr Mulliner, is from 1933 It is very rewarding, and filled with many, many inventive phrases and jokes which remain fresh There are no disappoinments in this volume, except perhaps the final short story, Gala Night , which I could not really get into It s possible that, by the time I reached Gala Night , I was fatigued by the previous stories Sometimes it s useful to take a break from Wodehouse, so that when you return to it, the lively and i [...]

    26. Another lovely Wodehouse This one is a collection of short stories told by Mr Mulliner, as he sits in a little British pub, entertaining the patrons there All the stories have to do with another Mulliner, an uncle, cousin, or whoever Some of the stories I really loved and others not as much, but it was a great book.I m kind of on a short story kick I may never read a novel again Short stories are just so gratifying You can start and finish several in one night, and for me, it s a rare treat to a [...]

    27. Very easy read Separate chapters about Mulliner family members in amusing situations, I love the names given to characters in the Anglers Rest based on their drinks Pint of Stout, Whisky Sour, Pint of Bitter, Small Bass, Whisky and Splash, music loving Stout and Mild, a grizzled Tankard of Stout, Stout and Bitter, Lemonade and Angostura, Draught Stout, a genial Sherry and Bitters, and finally the Sage of the bar parlour Usually stories about trying to woo and marry a lady without having any fina [...]

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