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Spud It s Apartheid is crumbling Nelson Mandela has just been released from prison and thirteen year old Spud Milton is about to start his first year at an elite boys only boarding school Cursed with
  • Title: Spud
  • Author: John van de Ruit
  • ISBN: 9780141918471
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s 1990 Apartheid is crumbling, Nelson Mandela has just been released from prison and thirteen year old Spud Milton is about to start his first year at an elite boys only boarding school Cursed with embarrassingly dysfunctional parents, a nutty granny and a dormitory full of strange characters, Spud has his hands full trying to adapt to his new home With only his witsIt s 1990 Apartheid is crumbling, Nelson Mandela has just been released from prison and thirteen year old Spud Milton is about to start his first year at an elite boys only boarding school Cursed with embarrassingly dysfunctional parents, a nutty granny and a dormitory full of strange characters, Spud has his hands full trying to adapt to his new home With only his wits and his diary, he takes readers on a rowdy boarding school romp full of illegal midnight swims, catastrophic cricket matches, ghostbusting escapades, girls and disastrous holidays.South African comedian John van de Ruit invites the reader into the mind of a young boy whose eyes are being opened to love, friendship and complete insanity
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        John Howard van de Ruit is a South African novelist, actor, playwright and producer He has been a professional actor, playwright and producer since 1998 He was born in Durban and educated at Michaelhouse, where he stayed in Founders House and from where he matriculated in 1993 He then went on to complete a Masters degree in Drama and Performance at the then University of Natal.He is best known for his collaboration with Ben Voss on the satirical sketch show Green Mamba which has toured extensively throughout Southern Africa since 2002 His first novel was published in 2005 by Penguin, entitled Spud The book was a runaway success in South Africa It won the 2006 Bookseller s Choice Award The sequel Spud The Madness Continues was released in mid 2007 Ruit has also sold the film rights to the book, and shooting will begin in 2008.


    1. This is a cool book It is written in the form of a diary of a 14 year old boy living in South Africa The year is 1990 and it is his first year at an elite private boys boarding school The hilarity ensues All of his experiences and thoughts are realistic and although the feeling of the book is comedic, there are sobering experiences as well This is a brand new book this year, a hit in South Africa, and the author is coming out with a sequel I m definitely interested in seeing what comes next You [...]

    2. Fans of Adrian Mole and Georgia Nicholson will appreciate this latest entry in the adolescent teen diary mode With wacky family members, teen romance problems, and faithful friends, Spud doesn t disappoint the reader The added benefit is that it takes place in South Africa at the time of Nelson Mandela s release from prison and the end of apartheid The seriousness of the political situation is a stark contrast to the laugh out loud situations in Spud s life in a private boy s school I m looking [...]

    3. O livro mais engra ado que j li Se bem que n o li muitos livros de humor O autor conseguiu reproduzir com louvor a atmosfera em torno de um pr adolescente, com seus problemas, desafios e descobertas Ineg vel que dei muitas gargalhadas Foi perfeito para essas f rias de ver o.

    4. There were points in the book where I had to put it down because I was laughing so hard Oh man, what a great book to start 2008.

    5. All the reviews say it s very funny but maybe it s not my type of humor or something because I didn t tjhink it was hilarious.

    6. This book has been number one on the bestseller list in South Africa for the last couple of years Now it is number two, only because the its sequel is number one With a tag line that touts it as the South African Catcher in the Rye and a rave review from my Penguin rep, I knew I had to read it Told in almost diary form from the perspective of a 14 year old boy nicknamed Spud by his dorm mates because his balls haven t dropped yet who has just started boarding school, this book is laugh out loud [...]

    7. O formato narrativo escrito em di rio n o me apelou, sendo a personagem principal um rapaz de 13 anos O apartheid referenciado mas muito subtilmente, o que uma pena, pois pensava que ia ter mais foco no livro mas este acaba por tornar se num relato da vida de spud e dos amigos e a fam lia e pouco mais do que isso.

    8. Thirteen year old, South African John Spud Milton receives a scholarship to attend a prestigious boarding school in 1990 and is excited to escape from his crazy home life Instead, he becomes part of the Crazy Eight in an equally bizarre, but teenage world dominated by sex, farting, harmful pranks, testosterone Spud, nicknamed for the slow pace of his pubescent development, develops in many other ways, facing the usual teen pressures, especially when it comes to girls, and his hoped for lead role [...]

    9. Funny at times, Spud isn t super lovable He s average, and maybe that s supposed to make him appealing to the reader I find his lack of a moral compass disappointing He is socially conscious, which shows some growth in his character, but his disrespect for girls is disturbing He reminds me of a slightly older Greg from Diary of a Wimpy kid There s less substance to this book that I had previously heard.

    10. I decided to read Spud because it is sort of like my situation Mainly the school aspect, which is pretty much the entire book We both go to all boys schools and have to dress in pointless dress codes Except, I go to a nearby ish school and Spud is at a boarding school in South Africa in the 1990s, at the time of apartheid Other than that, there isn t much similarity.I almost want to say that this is sort of like The Perks of Being a Wallflower I think it s been described somewhere I can t remem [...]

    11. Spud His Succulent StoryWith a soprano voice, a small body, and many bunk mates, would you get teased Spud by John Van de Ruit, is a realistic fiction novel based in 1990 in South Africa The main characters are Spud, Vern, Gecko, Mermaid, and Wombat Spud goes to a boarding school in South Africa, where he meets the crazy eight that includes Vern, Gecko, Mad Dog, Rambo, Boggo, Fatty, and Simon There is definitely a reason why they are called the crazy eight Spud goes on many fun journeys that he [...]

    12. Spud Away From HomeWhat is your nickname For John Milton 14, it is Spud He goes to an all boys boarding school in South Africa and is the book s storyteller Spud has a messy love life that makes things interesting When he was at boarding school, he meets the crazy eight , a group of eight boys who do many outrageous things The group is made up of Spud, Rambo, Mad Dog, Simon Brown, Rain Man, Gecko, Fatty and Boggo This historical fiction novel is set in 1990 The author of the book is John Van de [...]

    13. A close friend of mine has been recommending Spud to me for what seems like forever Despite often enjoying the same books, I definitely put off reading this book until I realised it had been sitting on my shelf for an age and I was going to have to return it soon As soon as I started reading it, other friends told me how wonderful it was and I became a little bit skeptical It definitely didn t grab me immediately and I was worried that this had already become one of those books that simply does [...]

    14. Spud Oh boy do I love this book Really, what s not to like It s got a little bit of everything There s a whole lot of humor accompanied by some life themes, classic literature, and some South African history Almost anyone could find something they like in this book At first I wasn t too sure how much I would like the diary style entries, but I ended up loving them John Spud Milton is a hilarious narrator and he handles the tough format well What really makes the book are the characters, namely T [...]

    15. The book I read had 309 Pages in PaperbackFor the first about 100 pages I thought this book was fully hilarious and I had 5 stars in my mind But it got a little boring after halfway through as the same jokes were being repeated and I thought there was a lack of creativity from the writer So for the next 150 pages from 5 stars I had come down to 3 stars for this book But thanks to the last few pages of the book that I was caught with some good creativeness and the book went to a different level T [...]

    16. I went to Irish and British boarding schools in the mid seventies to early eighties The bulk of my time was spent in Northern Ireland where I experienced The Troubles Spud takes place in South Africa at the time of Nelson Mandela s release from prison which serves as the backdrop that keeps it real so to speak Thirteen year old John Milton goes away to boarding school for the first time, and while he s apprehensive about what awaits him he s equally eager to get away from his crazy family A para [...]

    17. From a cultural standpoint, Spud might be too unbelievable to be a 13 going 14 year old boy, but then again, boys, whatever, whoever, wherever they are, have this similar crux of concern Themes of belonging, madness, and friendship grace through the pages of the book, and all the while, you will laugh with the boys and their ordeals going through an entire year being together in a boarding school I appreciate how van de Ruit writes his bildungsroman with wit and wild livery I admit that through [...]

    18. If you are looking for laugh out loud funny this is the book for you Spud by John van de Ruit is one of the funniest books I have read in a while.The story comes from John Spud Milton who attends an all boys boarding school in South Africa set in 1990 His tale is written by way of journal entries which relate his various adventures, trials and humiliations.John rooms with a group known at school known as the Crazy Eight and they never fail to live up to their name These 13 year old boys are full [...]

    19. Spud is 14 year old John Milton who writes in his journal about his boarding school experiences The story is set in South Africa in the 90 s, before the fall of the apartheid I lost count of how many times this book made me chuckle and sometimes even laugh out loud The people in Spud s life both inside and outside the boarding school are absolutely nuts I loved the crazy eight and Spud s family.At the start of the book, there is a Dramatis Personae or a list of characters This inspired me to cre [...]

    20. At last, a South African novel that is just a novel Someone up there is finally taking note that South Africans are tired of political memoirs and high brow literary offerings that sell 3000 copies and die a lonely death Spud leaves its British counterpart, The Diary of Adrian Mole, in the dust Spud and the Crazy 8 have kept me from my dates with Michael Connolly, Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell and Adriana Trigiani And that s a feat I have laughed out loud, giggled and smiled and shed a few tears As B [...]

    21. Retiro o que eu disse antes as ltimas 50 p ginas do livro s o as melhores n o enrola o, muda a atmosfera do livro total e completamente, e dobrou minha estima por ele Motivo extremamente triste Pesou, fez um livro meio besta, meio sem prop sito, se tornar profundo e bonito Adorei o final, de verdade mais que o resto do livro inteiro Valeu a pena pelas ltimas p ginas principalmente lendo as ouvindo Amazing Grace.Ele se prop e a ser mais engra ado do que realmente , e, apesar de eu ter rido sorrid [...]

    22. A funny book with all kinds of sweet, frightening and sad about growing up Sabin Willett had a character warn me that prep school had psychopaths than prison It did not matter I was hooked by the second page 05 00 The neighborhood erupts as Dad fires up his supersonic heat seeking rose sprayer which sound like a ski boat hitting a sandbank at full throttle The machine is so powerful that it blew Wombat s my grandmother s Queen Elizabeth rose bush out of the ground on its first tryout Dad, weari [...]

    23. Loved every page of this book John van de Ruit has made me rethink the way I feel about South African writers This book is strong enough to compete with any well known writers work Spud is the type of character you cant help but love Even though he is such a typical boy and makes so many bad decisions, you still cant help but cheer him on Every member of the crazy eight has a special place in my heart You can learn so much from different characters and how they handle situations My fave characte [...]

    24. Definitely not South Africa s Catcher in the Rye, despite the many plot parallels and the blurb making big claims Still, pretty good As a parent, I was kind of creeped out by the author s acceptance of a horrible boarding school Are beatings, uncontrolled bullying, insanity,rampant drunkenness, and affairs with students par for the course in South African schools Yikes Spud is very likeable, though a little too good to be true star of the school musical, star cricketer, excellent student maybe a [...]

    25. The most absurd and glorious book I ve ever had the pleasure of reading 43 days That s how long I dragged Spud on simply because I didn t want it to end There wasn t any facet of life that this book failed to touch Such colorful, crazy, flawed, unique characters and I feel like I know and understand them all Brilliant characterization and a marvellous plot.Definitely, 1 on my list now Sorry JKR.I am not reading the sequel for another year, though I d like this journey to last a little longer.

    26. Cotoco, O di rio perversamente engra ado de um garoto de 13 anos, marcou o d but do sul africano John Van de Ruit como escritor A obra publicada originalmente em 2005 fez muito sucesso, sendo traduzida para v rios idiomas e em 2010 a editora Intr nseca traduziu e publicou esse que o primeiro livro da s rie que contar com quatro livros, dos quais tr s j foram publicados Cotoco Spud , Spud The Madness Continues e Spud Learning To Fly.Leia mais feanari.wordpress 2012 01

    27. The adventures of John Milton Spud despite its oddness and quirkiness is able to connect with anyone Refreshingly original and funny the book has a very South African feel but written in such a way as to delight anyone With astonishing wit and cleverness, as only a 14 year old spud can provide, there is not a sentence that will not have you giggling with glee Every page contains some brilliant weirdness to admire and amuse you.

    28. Laugh out loud funny That is the best way to describe this book, which was recommended to me by a couple of freshmen The author leads us through the first year adventure of a new boarding house student who is quickly nicknamed Spud The plot is filled with the usual teenage drama girls, sneaking out at night, pranks but told in a witty way, allowing for moments of tenderness and self discovery A terrific read for YA s.

    29. I really loved this book Being taken into the mind of a 14 year old boy, while he deals with, not only personal teenage problems, but a dynamically changing country is an experience filled with laughter, wonder and slightly pity in a good way Highly recommended read.This book is, also, home to my favorite bookish quote When In doubt, keep reading A book will never die on you The Guv, pg 385

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