The Midnight Moon

The Midnight Moon

Gerri Hill / Mar 30, 2020
The Midnight Moon It was a fun holiday romance under a moonlit sky After exchanging passionate nights and only first names Peyton Watts and Logan Weaver go back to their lives For Peyton it s a return to her steady
  • Title: The Midnight Moon
  • Author: Gerri Hill
  • ISBN: 9781594934100
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was a fun, holiday romance under a moonlit sky After exchanging passionate nights and only first names, Peyton Watts and Logan Weaver go back to their lives.For Peyton, it s a return to her steady, conservative social circle and the not unwelcome overtures from attorney Margot Joseph Meanwhile, Logan s free spirit is happy again moving with the college crowd.So when fIt was a fun, holiday romance under a moonlit sky After exchanging passionate nights and only first names, Peyton Watts and Logan Weaver go back to their lives.For Peyton, it s a return to her steady, conservative social circle and the not unwelcome overtures from attorney Margot Joseph Meanwhile, Logan s free spirit is happy again moving with the college crowd.So when fate throws them once into each other s paths, it shouldn t mean a thing
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        Gerri began writing lesbian romance as a way to amuse herself while snowed in one winter in the mountains of Colorado, and hasn t looked back Her first published work came in 2000 with One Summer Night Many romances have followed, with the occasional murder mystery in the mix.Gerri s love of nature and of being outdoors usually makes its way into her stories as her characters often find themselves in beautiful natural settings When she isn t writing, Gerri and her longtime partner, Diane, can be found at their home in East Texas, where their vegetable garden, orchard, and five acres of woods keep them busy They share their lives with an ever changing cast of furry friends.Her favorite pastimes include camping, hiking, birdwatching though she insists she doesn t wear funny hats yet , photography, and cooking She collects things nature offers, like an unusual pinecone, colorful rocks, or an abandoned bird feather Dawn is her favorite time of day, the moment right before sunrise from the author s website


    1. I enjoyed this story immensely It capture me from the beginning.I fell in love with the main characters all at once Gerri Hill has a way of creating lovable and enticing characters It s like your friends tell you their story and how they fell in love The book ended way to soon which means I hope for to come on Logan and Peyton

    2. I thought this was a nice romance It wasn t anything exciting or anything new to the romance genre But it was sweet and enjoyable Gerri Hill, is a great writer so it s hard not too enjoy her books I enjoyed both characters but at times wanted to strangle Payton She needed to grow a backbone and learn to say no.If you enjoy Hill, and want to read a nice, sweet romance, look no further.

    3. 2.5 stars It s usually not a good sign when the predominant feeling a character inspires in you is the urge to smack her in the back of the head.

    4. This is a hard one to rate, I liked the two characters and their interactions, but the dating other people thing always annoys me, and I really don t like it when the main characters sleep with other people Plus Peyton dating Margot even when she didn t want to went on far too long and dragged the story down I won t read it again, hence the two stars If you re after a good Hill book, try Artists Dream instead.

    5. This is one of those books that succeeds in delivering the essentials of a good lesbian romance It is not an outstanding book, mind you, but it stands out from the rest just because it ticks all the musts.1 Credible and flawed characters2 Slow and credible fall in love process3 Great chemistry 4 Fun dialogues5 Happy ending

    6. More detailed ranking 3.5 5The opening third of the boom was fantastic quickly setting the scene, introducing the characters, and some very nice, er, summer highlights Ahem.However I found the whole Margo angst dragged in way too long and didn t ring true I also felt like I needed to know a little about Peyton to understand what each of the women saw in her Sure we know Logan found her physically attractive but nothing about what she found attractive about her personalityFinally, as is so often [...]

    7. I liked it Very standard Gerri Hill novel The characters were likable the ones we re supposed to like and the love scenes were pretty steamy Not one of my favorites of hers but also not one of my least favorites A good solid fine.

    8. Once again a good read I especially enjoyed the first part the vacation part I also really love seeing characters from other books pop up, it s nice to see what s up with them I always love that about Hill s book.

    9. This book fully met my expectations, even than that i ve laughed a lot and it was so romantic Wow, I put it high on my list of favorites.

    10. Peyton Watts goes on a holiday to help her move on from a bad break up She meets Logan Weaver and there they have a fun romance Logan isn t her type, as she keeps telling to herself Peyton has her life all worked out, or so she thought But kisses under the Midnight Moon and the nights they spent together turned her world upside down Peyton and Logan only exchanged first names and didn t share where they live, thinking their romance only lasted until they both went home It is only by off chance t [...]

    11. This was a nice story, had a cool moon, and is what I wish my vacations were like Peyton was a little wish washy and I started to get annoyed with her at the end I listened to the audio book and the woman who narrates She also did Hunter s Way is really intense and does this weird thing where she makes her masculine leads have a super raspy voice which I didn t mind too much in Hunter s Way, but it kept throwing me off in this one Maybe opt for the print edition.

    12. Its sweet book read to make time pass,I m going to give this book 3 star but I gave it 4 coz this is the first book by Gerri hill I have that no body got hurt haha actually I kinda like same all cheesy romance

    13. Would be a 4 5 if it wasn t for the second half of the book I get we need some kind of turmoil in the book But when its all fixed from a simple no, I don t want to date you Its get very annoying.

    14. 3.5 starsF F romanceSweet and steamy little romanceNo one else can create the sweet and sexy little romantic fantasies I love like Gerri Hill On many levels they are perfect in their simplicity It s the chemistry The eye contact The build up and all the sexy sex no one gets it like Gerri Hill when her leads sizzle I will never ever tire of watching her uptight little blondes lustfully loosening up and falling madly for her sexy soft butches.I love these kinds of leads and don t mind that repetit [...]

    15. I m a big fan of Gerri Hill and love her books, but I found myself reading through this to just get to the end The first half of the book was great It was exciting, sensual and a joy to read The second half however I found Peyton to be annoyingly passive, her relationship with the antagonist in this book felt really forced and not believable, I could have done without.This book is about two women who meet while on vacation and start a sexual affair that both cannot stop thinking about They conne [...]

    16. As others have said, I agree this book has the most wonderful beginning Logan s flirtation over Peyton is really a joy to read Fun and sexy.Unfortunately in the second part, the story lacks something It s again partly the same old story why don t the two main characters comunicate between them Just to create the clich angst.As almost in all love stories, this is what happens two people meet, then fall in love, then there is the big obstacle, separation and angst, and eventually love triumphs.Her [...]

    17. I enjoyed this one I read it all in one sitting It s fun and light and cute I liked the relationship between Peyton and Logan which are hilariously the most cliched romance names but Margot was ridiculous as an impediment between them Peyton s actions with Margot really made no sense, especially as she clearly said that she didn t want to date her it seems unrealistic to me that someone would be so self involved and obnoxious as to court someone who repeatedly says she doesn t want to see them A [...]

    18. OMG I m so done with lesbian romance novels They re just sooooo bad Which has nothing to do with the lesbian part, I guess all romance novels are as mind dumbing as this.All the calendar wisdoms She wanted to live her life to the fullest I m literally throwing up on that shit And really, I don t get the differnce between dime novels and this And that constant drawing out of the happy end and all the stupid misunderstandings and hinderances Waaaaaaaah.

    19. This was a book of two halves, and while I enjoyed both halves, they didn t seem connected in the book Odd However, this is Gerri Hill, so the book draws you in gently, with great assurance, and the first half is terrific great relationship and character development, plus hot sex What s not to love The second half falters slightly, and the lead character Peyton is a little too much of a pushover But there s a happy ending, so I ll forgive her

    20. Another great book by gerri hillMidnight Mon is another beautiful romance story baby Gerri Hill I noticed while reading midhnightmoon that gerri Hillis new book Ange ll fire is out YoYo can bee squid I L L BE STARTING THAT BOOK VERY SOONGayle Stockwell

    21. It s light, funny, hot, and bubbly Chronicle stupidity from one character is going to be cured by the other Mostly a peanut, not a book to be read and read again, but enjoyable the first and only time.

    22. This was a quick nice read Not Hill s best work predictable storyline, lack of originality and lack of angst.But endearing characters, hot sex scenes, sweet love story, happy endingA feel good story.

    23. One of Gerri s lighter novels, but still full of fun and humor, as well as her first rate character development A fun read that left me satisfied Wunderbar Gerri

    24. Superb writing as always Very light though, perfect beach read Hot steamy scenes Not very much conflict, but that s okay Great read

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