Tales of the Greek Heroes: Retold From the Ancient Authors

Tales of the Greek Heroes: Retold From the Ancient Authors

Roger Lancelyn Green Alan Langford / Sep 25, 2020
Tales of the Greek Heroes Retold From the Ancient Authors This book presents the great stories of the heroic age Dionysus Heracles Theseus The Quest for the Golden Fleece and many
  • Title: Tales of the Greek Heroes: Retold From the Ancient Authors
  • Author: Roger Lancelyn Green Alan Langford
  • ISBN: 9780140366839
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book presents the great stories of the heroic age Dionysus , Heracles , Theseus , The Quest for the Golden Fleece , and many .
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        Roger Gilbert Lancelyn Green was a British biographer and children s writer He was an Oxford academic who formed part of the Inklings literary discussion group along with C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien Born in 1918 in Norwich, England, Green studied under C S Lewis at Merton College, Oxford, where he obtained a B.Litt degree He delivered the 1968 Andrew Lang lecture Green lived in Cheshire, in a manor which his ancestors owned for over 900 years He died in October 1987 His son was the writer Richard Lancelyn Green


    1. Tales of the Greek Heroes Retold From the Ancient Authors, Roger Lancelyn Green 1366 224 1381 223 9644350200 1387 9789643765347 20

    2. Eleanor Dad Why do you read me books that I might not enjoy reading by myself Dad There are a lot of reasons, I guess I don t think you ll read some of these books in school, or on your own, and they re worth reading.Eleanor Why don t you read them to Gwen and Poppy Dad I do, sometimes Like The Little Prince I didn t think any of you would read that one on your own yet, and it s a classic that has influenced a lot of other works.Eleanor At school, they did The Reader s Theater, and The Power of [...]

    3. i love greek mythology so much but multiple times the author got me lost with all the different names and some of them even seemed to come out of nowhere

    4. 3.5 StarsAh, Greek mythology, one of my pet passions Like most people my introduction to the world of Greek mythology came through a children s book that retold some of the popular and enduring legends Heracles, Odysseus, and Jason That particular book will always have a very special place in my heart and on my bookshelf It wasn t, however, this book.Although objectively a much comprehensive, intelligent, and less simplified introduction to Greek mythology than many of the brightly illustrated [...]

    5. I remember this book being in our English Literature class reading list I loved it I think it is geared to the young mind than to an adults as, yes, the narrative is aimed to adventure and action as opposed to a deep and profound account of the Greek mindset and way of life in those times.That said, I too enjoyed Green s idea of linking the stories and forming a coherent continuity with an ultimate end goal Defeating The Giants All the heroes were on Zeus s short list He was always, always m [...]

    6. About as spartan a retelling of the Greek myths as you could hope for which I believe is typical of his retellings for young readers, and fair enough but Green does a solid job of knocking the tales of the Greek Gods and heroes into a reasonably linear and comprehensive whole.

    7. SO ENJOYED THIS I ve always had a particular fascination with Greek mythology ever since I read The Odyssey in high school And after starting the Percy Jackson series, I just got really into it and wanted to read on the myths I ve never read a compilation like this, and I loved how the stories were intertwined and kept building on each other, even when a lot of them were their own tales It was very readable, even though there are so many names to remember and keep track of and figures to follow [...]

    8. Este libro lo compr en la feria del libro infantil y juvenil con la suerte de que me lo cobraron como otro libro y me sali muy barato Pertenece a las novedades editoriales de la colecci n Alas y raices que en estos ltimos a os han reeditado verdaderas joyas, a precios accesibles y con un formato bonito y noble para los lectores La traducci n es muy buena y viene con algunas ilustraciones, lo que se agradece Yo creo que todos los ni os deber an leer este libro que est muy bien contado y armado po [...]

    9. I decided to read this book because I like Greek myths and it is a short stories novel, so it was easy to read and enjoyable This book is for the bingo board square three short stories from one anthology , I liked this category because it is easy to find and read The three stories I chose from the novel are The coming of the immortals , Hermes and Apollo and the story of Prometheus.My favourite quote from these stories is If you are lucky enough to visit the beautiful land of Greece you will fin [...]

    10. In Rick Riordan s Introduction, he claims the Roger Green stories are what interested him as kid in Greek mythology, leading to his writing as an adult I can see why.Green s retelling of the Greek myths are very good, and connected as one narrative, making the overall book easier to read They are captivating and interesting, and excellent for youths to read for the whetting of their mythological appetites.On the other hand, as an adult, they are incomplete It leaves out detailed descriptions of [...]

    11. This has to be the best, simple account of the Greek myths Reading and re reading it as a child, I got to know all the main stories as real heroes, not dusty school room exercises Heracles is the big figure, and I guess I responded to him the way my son responds to Spiderman There are hints of something disturbing in his tale killing his family and in the Jason story, too I also liked Prometheus and thought Zeus was pretty mean to him And what about those gods I found them much intriguing than [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this book The author s retelling of the Greek myths is exactly what I ve been looking for to share with my middle school students I also like that the author was a friends of Tolkien and C.S Lewis Oh, to be in that book discussion group This particular edition has an introduction by Rick Riodrdan in which he explains that this is the first book he read about mythology as a kid and it made him dream of being a Hero I want my kids to see that without classic literature their con [...]

    13. 4 5 StarsIt s probably worth pointing out I am completely obsessed with Greek mythology at the moment, even if I am relatively new to it So I picked this book up, looking for a simple rebelling of some of the greatest legends I loved the whole book, start to finish and the chapters and explanations were very well thought through My only problem was at times the plots went to fast, bits were skipped or glossed over, and it was perhaps a tiny bit too simple for me, a 16 year old, classics civilis [...]

    14. Excellent, It gives a general overview of Greek Mythology from the coming of the immortals to the battle of the giants Ideal for an introduction

    15. M s de un milenio de mitos y leyendas de la antigua Grecia se unen en una sola narraci n para conocer mortales y dioses Sus aventuras son de las m s antiguas y emocionantes del mundo

    16. Action pact and interesting This novel has death defying hunts For example taking Zeus s sinews from a one hundred headed dragon man or removing the head of a gorgon This book to some people is hard to understand at parts The best parts of the book have some errors.Most of the Gods and some of the mortals are in many other books like Percy Jackson I see a connection to these characters such as Alcmena she was taken advantage of and was tricked into getting married The author had an interesting i [...]

    17. 3,5 stars If ever you are lucky enough to visit the beautiful land of Greece you will find a country haunted by than three thousand years of history and legend pg 3 When I purchased Tales of the Greek Heroes 7 years ago, I thought it was part of the Percy Jackson series and I was surprised to find that Tales of the Greek Heroes actually deals with Greek Mythology.The Tales of the Greek Heroes sets the scene of an ancient and magical Greece really well It s intended for a younger audience and th [...]

    18. 4.5 stars, but I rounded up to five I really liked how the tales we heard individually as kids in school were woven together into a or less chronological tapestry in this book It s much easier to see the relationships between the legends and their characters presented in this format While at times I wished there were information on a particular story, I can always go to the originally translated works themselves to read about specific events in full It s crazy how all the gods and goddesses in [...]

    19. It was a good introduction and I absolutely read it to bits, but when I grew up I came to realise that, probably of necessity, it had been bowdlerised for children, which meant some of the myths are quite distorted I wouldn t hold that against him though because he couldn t be expected to include all the sexual content A great introduction though and the illustrations are really good for line drawings.

    20. I have to say the illustrations were pretty dreadful Like really amateur versions of Pauline Baynes Slightly balanced by remnants of Victoriana such as the careful reference to Immortals never, god forbid, Gods I ve never been taken by the Greek gods, they seem an arbitrary lot, so I can t comment on content my copy is a reprint of the original, not the cover copy shown here, which is a different illustrator.

    21. A pleasant and easy to read narration of the Greek hero myths, appropriate for younger children and people interested in an introduction to Greek myth It mostly focuses on Heracles, as the greatest Greek hero there was but it mentions plenty of other gods and heroes and how they were involved in the most famous stories.

    22. It s like a compilation of all the Greek tales from the days of creation to the end of Hercules life So it saves so much time than having to read each one of them and gives us insight of what happened then.

    23. This book was not bad, but it wasn t the greatest book I have read this year In the begging and toward the middle of the book it dragged Once I got to the stories of Hercules and his labors it started to pick up and become interesting to me.

    24. 3 1 2 starsIn Green s Author s Note in the back of the book, he describes his attempt to create one connected chronological narrative in this book, and I enjoyed this approach It s always good fun to revisit the Greek myths and legends.

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