Frost & Bothered

Frost & Bothered

Gayla Drummond / Apr 09, 2020
Frost Bothered Out with the old in with the new new house new partner new feelings and a new case Something ancient has come to Santo Trueno and it s up to Discord and her friends to keep the city s first white
  • Title: Frost & Bothered
  • Author: Gayla Drummond
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Out with the old, in with the new new house, new partner, new feelings, and a new case Something ancient has come to Santo Trueno and it s up to Discord and her friends to keep the city s first white Christmas in years from running red with blood.
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    1. I m really enjoying this series I don t mind that she keeps acquiring new powers, I think it s going to turn out to be part and parcel of her character s development into actualizing what she is which has only been hinted out to this point I like Logan, too, but I m not sure I think he s to be her forever partner One of things I like most about the series is that the mysteries are not essentially just police procedurals, and that so much of it is with the supernatural communities I like that we [...]

    2. This is the fourth Discord Jones novel It appears that the author Gayla Drummond can outdo herself with the prior novels This book once you start it, you just do not want to put it down The story expands into new territories with many new possibilities and the start of new relationship for Discord.

    3. I m trying to work out if this is my favourite Discord Jones novel This one launches into some novel areas which are really fun, and some good referencing to other media if you pick up on the cues.The characters are likable with a good spectrum of age groups and also great pets , so if you re an animal lover there s lots to love.The novel covers a really broad mix of fantasy genres with plenty of paranormal and supes I don t think there s anything about this book I didn t like I did find it a li [...]

    4. 4 Stars I absolutely adore this series book 4 has not disappointed Superbly brilliant, a fab read which grabs you hold and transports you to the amazing world of Discord, with wonderful characters great narrative which leaves you wanting Oh and I love the dogs.I m now going to delight in my post book joy and will not start wondering when book 5 will be out

    5. Another fun installment Cordi continues on her do gooder missions I like the going slow thing with Logan That s a refreshing love interest.We meet some new characters that could open up some interesting plot lines Thorandryl s brother and mother.Minor grammatical issues Could be Kindle formatting.

    6. MOTHERFUCK I was so into this one and was gonna give it five stars until I read the final page Not cool, Gayla Drummond Not fucking cool.Now I m going to bed angry God dammit.

    7. To say that I loved this book would be an understatement They just keep getting better and better and rather satisfyingly this one was longer too I fell for Cordi in the first book and I just love the way that she is growing and her powers are developing along with her understanding of them and the world around her Whilst this book, much like others, had a serious the world is going to end element it was also hilarious in parts The morning where Cordi s grandparents were visiting had me in stitc [...]

    8. It seems that there is never any downtime when your name is Discordia Jones Frost and Bothered finds Cordi at the beginning of a new phase in her life She has purchased a home, she is no longer with Nick and she is potentially looking to hook up with Logan in the long run The only problem is her job at Arcane Solutions has placed her on a missing persons case that will force her into an alternative realm and fighting against another God.In this installment, Thorandryll has opened a new club wher [...]

    9. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsCordi has a lot of new stuff in her life right now New clan member, maybe a new boyfriend type of person with Logan, new house, and of course a new case But this case is different then some of her others, and it takes her to a world she s never been to before along with Gods, and crazy things She has to be careful or she may not make it back home in one piece, even though she thinks she s going crazy This one was really good I love Logan and Cordi toget [...]

    10. I am really distressed by the tendency I see for authors who have a successful series going to put in a teaser AND a cliff hanger at the end of an otherwise enjoyable read Why did you do this, Ms Drummond We who are enjoying the series would buy the next one in any event, and to be quite honest one needs to read the series in order to make sense of some of the things that are happening to Ms Jones Thus a new reader might be thoroughly confused by the nasty vampire coming to haunt our heroine, wh [...]

    11. Not bad, but this one didn t have quite the same exciting feel to it as the prior books had I definitely like the characters and much of the direction the story has taken Quite a few big things take place Cordi s world and allies keep expanding as do her understanding of her abilities And I love Logan.This one has dreaming scenes and mental contemplation that does add to the story some of it is really important but does feel like a drag on the story And Cordi is facing a situation alone, which [...]

    12. Another 3.5 stars I think all my ratings for the Discord books have been 3.5 because they re fun and I really enjoy them, but they re just not quite a 4 star loved for for various reasons.This one ends on a rather less upbeat everything is going to be okay vibe than the others even as the day is ultimately saved once again , which I actually liked because it shows things are progressing and all those little troubles and trials Discord has gone through are beginning to mount up, they aren t just [...]

    13. Having broken up with Nick, Discordia takes the next job with one of Logan s tiger clan members as her new partner Turns out disappearances are tied to one of the Elf s clubs in town She too falls into the wintery land of the missing, with Logan who she is tentatively stepping into a relationship with They find the Elf s missing brother and a hushed up situation with the Unseelie, whose path they have to take before time runs out I enjoyed the new and old characters in the book, but it felt too [...]

    14. Ok, I bought all the books in this series in january and I ve read the whole serie already twice I like it a lot Also it gets better in rereading it Yes the main character is really young and being three years in a coma does put her in borderline minor area and almost always she behaves like a 35 years old woman Also, advancing in the serie, she starts becoming a dog hoarder, but that s a very good thing in my opinion.That s the only minor problems with the serie The rest is just awesome

    15. This series is kind of simple in the sense that the plots are pretty straightforward with no twists But despite that, they keep me entertained and I find them fun to read My only criticism of the previous book was the overuse of the catch phrase good night the equivalent of good god I m happy to report that I only recall it being used once in this book Unfortunately, it was replaced by the over use of the word dude Oh well.

    16. Great BookNew adventure into a new world for Discord and friends She has some serious powers to help her right wrongs and find those who are lost Reuniting unexpected allies and fighting for those lost Her life heats up with a growing relationship that she may not be as ready for as she thought Interesting storyline, adventurous, thoughtful and well written.

    17. Kind of disappointingI hate it when a series starts well and then goes downhill And if I have to read another paranormal where about the third book it turns out the heroine is descended from gods

    18. G rated In this installment the leading heroine seems to have gotten gun shy about fighting, love, sex, and life in general because of the events in th previous books This was a good bridge to excitement hopefully in the future, but it fell flat for me.

    19. Curious as to where this series will go I was a little annoyed at the ending as I wish she d just talk to someone about what s going on I hate when the main character who has this great support system of friends etc starts pushing people away Drives me crazy.

    20. By all that s holy, do a find replace on the manuscript and get rid of every bub , dude , and you bet I ve never heard any of these words or phrases used in the real world except the occasional high frat boy It s do distracting and brings down the whole story.

    21. I m just kind of meh It s nice she finally ditched the jerk but still it s just so so Nothing really makes this book stand out I m bored enough that I m not going to continue on.

    22. There was one conversation in here that had me laughing so hard I couldn t breathe Really good but the ending wasn t what I wantedhope that situation resolves itself in the next book.

    23. This was OK,but the hole ghost thing didn t make sense to me Hopefully it will in the next book I like how Cordi is evolving through this book, and I wan t to know what happens next

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