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Trust The history of my relationships reads like the Titanic meets a tornado during an earthquake Disaster after disaster For some reason I m always attracted to lying jerks I finally decided that it s bet
  • Title: Trust
  • Author: B.R. Kingsolver
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  • Page: 405
  • Format: ebook
  • The history of my relationships reads like the Titanic meets a tornado during an earthquake Disaster after disaster For some reason, I m always attracted to lying jerks I finally decided that it s better to just have a good time and no one gets hurt That philosophy worked for my last two years of college.Then I let myself get pulled in again by a pair of broad shoulderThe history of my relationships reads like the Titanic meets a tornado during an earthquake Disaster after disaster For some reason, I m always attracted to lying jerks I finally decided that it s better to just have a good time and no one gets hurt That philosophy worked for my last two years of college.Then I let myself get pulled in again by a pair of broad shoulders, pretty hazel eyes, and kisses that turned my brain to mush Of course he was lying to me All my friends told me something wasn t right, but I m such a fool.When it all went wrong, I didn t expect his tall, dark, and handsome roommate being there to catch me I think I love him But can I trust him He makes me happy Can I trust myself Ashley graduated from college and isn t looking for romance What she needs is a job and the career she s worked so hard to achieve Can her dream of working overseas survive a man who seeks to capture her heart Warning The characters in this book are sex positive feminists.
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    1. I was kindly provided with a copy of Trust to read and review.The synopsis for this is really only the bare bones of the story but I m glad that I didn t read anything about it and went in with no expectations or knowledge of what was really going to happen From the description I had expected quite a typical problematic relationship tale, with quite a triangle shape to it But there was so much to it than that and it had some really entertaining twists and turns that I never saw coming, and eve [...]

    2. 3 1 2 StarsAshley has just graduated from college and dreams of using her degree to be a manager at a lush resort somewhere in Europe But with no current job opportunities overseas, she has accepted the position of the new manager at the local bar she has been working at through college Ashley is happily single along with her 3 best friends and enjoying life when a hot new guy, Jeff, starts coming to the bar and tries to get Ashley s attention Ashley brushes him off but Jeff comes to her rescue [...]

    3. I received a copy of the ePub from the group Read It Reap in exchange for an honest review.Originally reviewed under the title of Ashley s Dream.Trust is a well written contemporary romance The reader meets Ashley as she is preparing to graduate from college and enter the world of work It is refreshing to read about a young lady that has a positive work ethic and career goals The author has created strong and distinct main characters The secondary characters add texture to this fast paced read H [...]

    4. TRULY A GREAT ROMANCE STORY.Often, in todays romance category, erotica is the plot line Thankfully, this is not true of Trust I really enjoyed the story.This is a wonderful story of modern college students attitude toward sex and issues that plague any campus The main characters are well developed and you can relate to some of their struggles and their triumphs.This is also a story of friendships and how important they can be I felt delighted when learning how close the girls were and how much t [...]

    5. ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This book follows Ashley and her friends after graduating college when they are trying to find careers and love I felt really disconnected from the characters This book is from Ashley s perspective but I really couldn t understand why she made some of the choices she did I don t know I read some books and the people just seem so.entic I guess I just didn t really feel that way about this book It took me a while to keep her friends straight which pr [...]

    6. This is truly an modern day romance but it is amazing.When see a girl who struggles to find her perfect match and to achieve her dreams, we see her go through a lot of obstacles and we discover that friends are a great deal in our lives I really loved this book, it was unexpected and the end was just surprisingly good Some parts of the book shocked me but not in a bad way Overall is a great bookRecomend it

    7. Trust A Truly Modern Romance, by B.R Kingsolver is certainly a modern day romance although seemingly about a young woman s coming of age versus the usual steamy passages and excerpts which usually tend to dominate many a romance novel.As readers begin Trust A Truly Modern Romance, they will meet Ashley a young woman just two weeks away from becoming a college graduate She s currently a waitress at the Library bar, but she s done her job so well that she s being promoted to Manager effective Gra [...]

    8. What a fun read First let me start by saying that this is a book that is a fun and easy read that you won t want to put down Make sure to have your day free when you start to read Trust because you won t want to stop I really LOVED the characters in Trust I think what makes a good book is the character storylines background I felt like all the characters in this book were real and believable This makes connecting with the book so much easier.Ashley is finishing up the very end of her college car [...]

    9. I received this book for an honest review.The description of the book seemed very promising but I never really got into it Ashley is a woman who stands on her own feet and manages a bar After a grave incident she ends up in sort of a relationship with a guy Jeff she doesn t completely trust He like we expected from the description turns out to be a douche and after their over dramatized breakup Ashley finds herself in the arms of Ryan the sweet guy we somehow she would end up with from the begin [...]

    10. Trust is a great, fun, and easy book to read I enjoyed all the characters The storyline kept me wanting to read Ashley is in the last few weeks of finishing college Her dream is to travel and find a job overseas at a resort She is offered a job at home at The Library, the place she is currently working at She was offered a great salary as manager and takes the job Ashley is single after her friend with benefits goes on to play pro ball Ashley meets a new guy at the bar named Jeff She keeps him a [...]

    11. I received a e book copy of this from the group Read It and Review It in exchange for a unbiased review.When the author said modern day romance, she was not lying Ashley is a strong minded lady who grew up up like the most of us, middle class and normal The main characters in this story are very strong and the secondary characters who were her best friends did not fail me either Marcie and Sheila are amazing Ashley has a dream, she also has two very handsome distractions, both very persistent Wh [...]

    12. A copy of this book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review I found Trust to be an enjoyable read Ashley is a young woman graduating College with big plans to see the world Managing the local bar, The Library at the beginning of our story, she meets a man who tries his best to gain her attention Jeff saves her from a horrific attack and from there they develop a relationship What exactly this relationship is becomes a question that needs to be answered Can she trust him Is [...]

    13. I loved this book Ashley graduates from college and becomes a manager at a bar She starts to date Jeff who saves her from being raped and ends up being a cheater He s actually been engaged for three years but has been cheating ever since His roommate becomes close to Ashley and ends up loving her She gets a job of a lifetime and and goes to Dallas for training and then Seattle At this point she and Ryan are taking a break and he ends up getting a job in Seattle to be with her During all of this, [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I honestly thought this was going to be your typical new adult romance College girl falls in love gets hurt moves on But it was so much Ashley knows her strengths and weakness She has her dreams and is determined to make them come true Ok she doesn t have the best taste in guys but that s because she tries to see the good in everyone Even when there isn t much to see As much as this book is a romance it is also a chick lit Her best [...]

    15. This book is difficult for me to review There were a lot of part of it I really liked, then there were a little slow I understand why the author included them, it was a way to get to know Where Ashley s views on relationship come from But that part kinda dragged on for me Her relationship with Jeff really irritated me too Just something about him struck me as wrong I think that stemmed from how they first got together That, and he seemed rather shallow No matter how nice he seemed, to me, he was [...]

    16. Ashley wanted to travel the world but unfortunately the world was not calling her back She decides to change plans and becomes the manager of the bar that she currently works at Things seem to be looking up in her career and her love life Ashley has met the charismatic Jeff He is handsome and smooth talking and Ashley is falling fast but there are red flags popping up about this guy When the unthinkable happens, Ashley begins to question her attraction to Jeff and begins to see his roommate Ryan [...]

    17. The author mailed me the ebook version in exchange for an honest reviewWhile I was reading the book, I had very mixed feelings, especially closer to the end On the one hand I liked the story and Ryan a girl s dream come true , but on the other hand the main character Ashley annoyed me at times so much, I wanted to scream Although, I must admit, at least she avoided making annoying clich decisions in the situations I thought she could The storyline Ashley has just finished university and is offer [...]

    18. Note I ve received this book in exchange for an honest review The main character Ashley has a history of disaster relationships and has decided to not get involved emotionally It worked well for her in college, but now her friend with benefits has moved away After a traumatic experience she gets involved with a guy her instincts told her to stay away from and her instinct were proven right Can she trust a guy again Can she have it all a career and travelling she always wanted, as well as a guy w [...]

    19. I Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review New Adult Book Club I give this book a 2.5 5 Why First of all, I read this book in the summer, I wanted to have an easy and light read but it totally was not the case SPOILER The fact that she gets rape totally putted me down More strongly I did not like the main character at all After she gets rape she directly goes with someone just because he saved her The book is in my opinion completely amoral Cheating is an encouraged behavior [...]

    20. What drew me to this NA novel was the line The characters in this book are sex positive feminists But then I realized pretty quickly that phrase did not really mean what I thought it meant.Book opens with Ashley graduating from college and wrapping up her college life and relationships The most intriguing of which for me is her friends with benefits situation with a basketball player who goes on to the NBA She s been working at a bar near campus and had just been promoted to full time manager si [...]

    21. I received a copy of Trust from group Shut Up and Read in exchange for an honest review.I found this book to be relatable Ashley is in the process of graduating college and trying to land that perfect job in her field of study But as many find upon graduation, they need to secure a job to pay their everyday living expenses and settle for the job they held during school or the first thing they can find Ashley s boyfriend Jeff, she finds out has been unfaithful and the relationship ends She has a [...]

    22. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the New Adult Book Club I had thought this book was going to be pretty good from reading the description, but I just couldn t truly enjoy it like I do other books In Trust we learn about Ashley who seems to have very bad luck with men She falls for the liars and cheaters and true scum, in my opinion She is put into a very bad situation one night that ends in mental and physical disaster Coming out of the incident she immed [...]

    23. I received a copy for an honest reviewThe history of my relationships reads like the Titanic meets a tornado during an earthquake Disaster after disaster For some reason, I m always attracted to lying jerks I finally decided that it s better to just have a good time and no one gets hurt That philosophy worked for my last two years of college.Then I let myself get pulled in again by a pair of broad shoulders, pretty hazel eyes, and kisses that turned my brain to mush Of course he was lying to me [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book, although it took some time for me to get into it There s an event that happens and once that occurs, I started to get into the story .The main character is a bit lost since she s just graduated from college as we all were at that age , and is struggling with maintaining some type of emotion and physical relationship with someone The friendship bonds in this book is what I truly enjoyed That time in a girls life [...]

    25. I received this book in return for my honest review.I am in the fence with this book, Ashley is a young seemingly business savvy and intelligent woman, however at time I just felt like she was a bit dim I mean she was in love with a guy she dated less than 6 times, who showed up at midnight for a booty call each Saturday and didn t think this was suspicious I also didn t feel the connection between Ash and Ryan, I just feel I wanted a bit from them I liked that Ashkey had good friends and that [...]

    26. Given this book for an honest review When I read a book I get emotionally involved with the characters I need to feel them While this book had a good premise, I didn t feel attached to Ashley I think I liked her friends better Ashley waffled alot, making it hard to connect with her There was one particular scene that should have been horrifying and had my heart palpitating Instead, I felt indifferent There was detail in the scenary and what plans or goals Ashley was striving for than in what sh [...]

    27. Ashley and her friends are described as sex positive feminists d that they are However, Ashley seems to have some trouble in trusting men enough to engage in a serious relationship She has great hopes and the potential for a great career She s ambitious and driven where her education and her career are concerned Relationships though, are another story She s easily taken in by Jeff, who seems to be her white knight but all is not as it seems Ashley finds herself spending and time with his roomm [...]

    28. I was given this book to write an honest review.Trust is about what it says in the title Ashley has graduated and wants to travel as well as work in a top notch restaurant hotel.She meets Jeff whos a real Gent and saves her in her time of need But is he really that great Then there is Ryan, Jeff s flatmate who always seems to be there when Jeff isn t.I did like this book but I also found Ashley a little irritating with the way she saw the world and how she objectifies things people Although I wa [...]

    29. I receive a copy of this book for an honest reviewMy rating 2.5 b c it was a but unpredictable I wanted to like this story and in the beginning I did but there were too many things that didn t work for me Like when Ash would say make love when it was sex There was a tragic event in the story which you thought would lead to but didn t All the characters didn t flow right It s just seem like the author had a lot of greats ideas but putting them all together didn t work The story is about a colleg [...]

    30. I received this for an honest review Ashley is a recent grad ready to travel the world but not getting the calls for jobs that she wanted so she decides to stay in her college town and work at the bar that she has been working at but as the manager She meets Jeff and Ryan and although she is dating Jeff she finds herself drawn to Ryan Ryan is interested in what is best for her I found myself liking the story but having a hard time connecting with the characters The writing and Editing in this b [...]

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