Quitting Church: Why the Faithful Are Fleeing and What to Do about It

Quitting Church: Why the Faithful Are Fleeing and What to Do about It

Julia Duin / Feb 23, 2020
Quitting Church Why the Faithful Are Fleeing and What to Do about It Several recent studies reveal that churches are haemorrhaging losing members at a life threatening rate Intrigued and disturbed by what appears to be an epidemic Julia Duin amassed research on the i
  • Title: Quitting Church: Why the Faithful Are Fleeing and What to Do about It
  • Author: Julia Duin
  • ISBN: 9780801068232
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Several recent studies reveal that churches are haemorrhaging, losing members at a life threatening rate Intrigued and disturbed by what appears to be an epidemic, Julia Duin amassed research on the issue, interviewing many who have left the church These are her findings.
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    1. If you re looking for formulas, suggestions, or quick fix answers for what to do about the civ that looks like a back door to the American church, this probably isn t your book While I can t say that I agree with her assessments of what subsets of people are leaving the church and why, or her outlook on what would constitute a quality expression of church ministry Duin s view of a local ministry as a solid expression of ministry expression is suspect based on my own first hand knowledge of the s [...]

    2. It is true that the church is in a state of transition This happens at times of cultural change and because of technology and information progressing rapidly as never before, change is happening faster The percentages of those leaving church are higher than at any other time in history, according to the author and the pollsters The writing style is extremely readable and the author writes, often, from her own frustrating views She has issues with organized church and it seems she basically tells [...]

    3. Warning this is a very long review I hope some of you will read it all.Hmmmmm.There were some chapters that I liked a lot and agreed with totally There were other chapters I thought were completely off track And there were some chapters with some I agreed with and some I didn t.My husband and I, and our children, left our church in October of 2012 after 16 years there I have been saved since I was a young girl, my husband has been saved since he was in high school My children were saved at young [...]

    4. Duin, Julia Quitting Church Why the Faithful Are Fleeing and What to Do about It Grand Rapids, MI Baker Books, 2008.People are opting out of participating in formal church Folks have been making this choice for quite some time now After WWII, there was a huge surge in church attendance Then beginning in the 1960 s a drop in attendance continued to grow Now, churches that have older folks in them are discovering that the younger generation is not rushing through the doors to take the older genera [...]

    5. First of all this was a disturbing book I m not much of a fan of books written by research institutes because I fear the fallout of how their data will influence what the church does Remember when research data came out and said that church members are only giving their church 1 to 2 hours a week What did churches start doing in response to that kind of data We believed it and began dropping our meeting times and day, because a research institute told us that s why attendance was down Then resea [...]

    6. This felt really cut paste as if Julia Duin had taken a number of articles blog posts about church decline slapped them together into a book There are some brilliant insights here particularly in how churches deal with singles but her general cynicism about seeker churchesand her longing for the charismatic go go days of the Jesus Movement cast a pall over the book The cut paste nature of the work Ms Duin is not only a reporter religion editor but also a blogger of note leads to another problem [...]

    7. The author has a steady, readable style that got me through even the first part of the book where I felt she was piling kind of a large stack of statistics on the fire.Church participation has gone way down in the last couple of decades in America Partly this is because with each passing generation, fewer and fewer people are Christians 65% of the WWII generation, 35% of baby boomers, an anticipated 5% of today s teenagers but it s also because Christians are finding less and less value in the m [...]

    8. Ms Duin s book is a good overview of why many still believing Evangelicals stop attending church She arranges her study by affected groups, such as Charismatics, Emergents, women and singles She also deals with pastors as cult personalities, an affliction that has killed many a congregation.The strongest chapter in the book deals with singles Ms Duin questions the mindset of churches that do not meet the needs of singles or deal with their spiritual concerns She correctly condemns the refusal of [...]

    9. I ve come full circle with this book liked it, hated it, liked it again I was particularly fond and highly recommend the chapters Is the Pastor the Problem and the one about women in the church The singles chapter is really complex and heartbreaking in a lot of ways, highly relateable.I think if anyone has had difficulty in the church they might find some comfort in these pages that they, unfortunately, are not alone and that the individual in exodus is not neccessarily the rebellious , troubled [...]

    10. Interesting but disjointed Read for what it s worth a quick, yet incomplete snapshot of the state of local church Excellent points regarding the needs of the different segments of the flock and the impossible challenge of any pastor teacher leader very few of these, to be sure to appeal to all of them I am in full time ministry and have observed that Christians, not long after conversion and initial growth and stabilization of their faith, become so ego centric in their needs connecting them or [...]

    11. This was a well written book It focused most on Baptists and Evangelicals, but that s ok It had some great things to say about small group ministry and the role that it plays in the church It said that small groups are a great way to know when people are falling through the cracks at church In a small group people notice that you are missing, whereas in a large group setting it is easier for the fact that someone is gone from church to go unnoticed There was also some interesting stats on why fo [...]

    12. An interesting book about why the faithful are leaving church Some of the reasons given don t feel like they belong services seem like entertainment rather than worship music is not worshipful, but rather loud and unsingable services seem dumbed down Mature Christians want to be challenged and sermons don t take them to the next level They feel like no one in the church cares about their personal needs.The author has done years of research, interviews and even attended several churches in the ma [...]

    13. This book was incredibly frustrating to read It s basically a collection of interviews with quitters explaining why they quit There s some value to that type of research But it d be nice if some wise soul came along and evaluated their answers, instead of just presenting the whole scatter shot mess as is I was also nagged the whole time wondering if people really are the best judges as to why they do what they do, especially on this topic Divorces are on the rise Bowling leagues are on the decli [...]

    14. What I especially appreciated about Duin s book, in contrast to many other works that approach the question of waning commitment to organized religion in the U.S is her focus on those who seem religiously devoted but have left the institutional church BECAUSE of their devotion I wish, however, that Duin would have brought a little sociological insight to her journalistic approach and really plumbed the reasons WHY this is happening here and now.

    15. I felt that Julia Duin pronounced Deen was very similar to me in background and that many of her friends who had been quitting church shared many of the same perspectives that I do Also, this is a highly research driven manuscript from a working journalist, so, the insights were well documented Hearing from some of the folks I respect like John Eldredge and Francis Schaeffer was powerful, too Great stories and research make this a book I would recommend to most anyone.

    16. Sample quote I have sensed for several years something is not right with church life, especially with evangelical church life It s been reported many times that most Americans have fled mainline Protestant churches in the past half century, cutting denominations such as the Episcopal Church and Presbyterian Church USA by half But in the past decade, it s the evangelical churches that are losing ground.

    17. I liked this book than I expected I was just going to skim through it , but too many other books came in for me to read, so I was not able to finish it It described a trend among Christians that I have seen in my peer group and felt myself Can we give this book to our pastors Would it make any difference

    18. Good thoughts Never places any of the blame for people leaving the church on people themselves always the institution Even on the final page of the book, she admits to going to church just because she wants Sunday school for her daughter Little to no Biblical reasons were given or answers as to how to get them back.

    19. READ OCT 2009Good description of what appears to be happening in the hearts and minds of many American Christians Not a book for the faint of heart.Best quote, we are seeking a departure from a Christian subculture that has developed over the last twenty years, and a return to a faith that is authentic, relevant, and applicable pp 19 20.

    20. Duin dives into the murky pool of American church attendance I found the statistics interesting and helpful for further thought However, the assumption with which folks come to this discussion is troubling What is wrong with the Church Is the primary assumption.From my perspective, we should be asking, What is wrong and right with the people who comprise the Church

    21. If you are uninformed on why the american church attendance is going down, this book provides why As someone who has done this research I found this a very cliche boring read I Would not recommend this book.

    22. The back door to the US church is wide but I ve seen the same thing in Australia and much of this book resonated Free ebook was too good to say no This book has left me with lots of questions and the desire to work for real community and seek out real experiences of God

    23. While this book had some, in my opinion, overly critical or cynical moments, I appreciated the fresh perspective and willingness to step out of the normal boundaries of orthodox, church centered faith.

    24. Quitting church is written from a refreshingly new perspective as someone who is not a pastor or other church leader It is a clear concise glimpse into the exodus from churches that is happening in the US A great read, although few solutions or looks towards the future are to be found here.

    25. highligted in the Winter 2009 Lewis Clark Chronicle Written by a BA of 1978 8 22 13 mentioned in the comments of christianitytoday wome

    26. Basically a critique of what s wrong with contemporary evangelicalism, especially its bedrock traditional manifestation I don t agree with all of Duin s somewhat anecdotal research, but those who care about the American church and its future ought to learn from this book.

    27. I enjoy seeing how the church institution changes this book does a nice job with what is not working In general I think her observations are fairly accurate and she uses results from various surveys and other sources to support her observations.

    28. As a pastor, I needed to find what others were saying with regards to the declining attendance numbers in churches today A very good book which touches on many aspects of what I believe all churches deal with and thereby gives us an opportunity to rectify wrongs.

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