One Hundred Spaghetti Strings

One Hundred Spaghetti Strings

Jen Nails / Feb 26, 2020
One Hundred Spaghetti Strings When life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons she makes pasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart full Since Steffy was little she and her
  • Title: One Hundred Spaghetti Strings
  • Author: Jen Nails
  • ISBN: 9780062427601
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons, she makes pasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart full.Since Steffy was little, she and her older sister Nina have lived with their Auntie Gina But when their dad comes home to live with them, everything changes.When Steffy feels like there are pieces of her all ovWhen life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons, she makes pasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart full.Since Steffy was little, she and her older sister Nina have lived with their Auntie Gina But when their dad comes home to live with them, everything changes.When Steffy feels like there are pieces of her all over the place, she does what she does best she cooks her way through the hardest year of her life But sometimes her life feels like a kitchen sink meal, with too many ingredients that don t quite work together Can the recipes put her and her family back together again Start with 1 cup of authentic voice, add a tablespoon of coming of age and 2 teaspoons of delicious culinary concoctions, mix together, and serve up to fans of Rebecca Stead and Sarah Weeks.
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    1. When you mix confusion and cooking in a big bowl with a wooden spoon, you get the perfect mix This is one of the best cooking novels that I have read in a long time

    2. Steffy and her older sister Nina live with their Auntie Gina Her dad isn t around and her mom has had a traumatic brain injury and she s in a nice assisted living type place She s focusing on her cooking which she s incredibly good at and school when suddenly her life is turned upside down her dad is back and he s going to live with them I loved this sweet middlegrade And I love Steffy Adult readers will pick up on things younger readers may not or may just register faster but nothing in this no [...]

    3. I didn t really like this book because of the pacing but it does have some very real scenarios portrayed although what target audience was this for and the food described is accurate but the characters themselves didn t seem all too there for me Steffy is a normal girl but her food makes her special and it tries to link it together but the way it is written gets a little lost from time to time.

    4. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineSteffy and her sister Nina have been living with their aunt Gina Their mother was in an accident and is in a nursing home because she has suffered a traumatic brain injury and have to be reminded of who they are each time they visit Their father has been unable to deal with the situation and has been living far away, but he is finally coming home It s not easy for the girls to readjust to living with him, and they miss their aunt, who is engaged to be marri [...]

    5. The popularity of young foodies is on the rise and this has most certainly played out in recent years with an uptick of books about child chefs One Hundred Spaghetti Strings is yet another one to add to this ever growing list and it is worth not overlooking.Eleven year old Steffy walks us through the story of how her love for cooking helps her through a tough transitional period in her life Her alcoholic father fled the scene many years earlier following an accident which left her mother brain d [...]

    6. I started reading One Hundred Spaghetti Strings by Jen Nails and at first, I was a bit miffed because the start of the book really didn t engage me Still, I decided to read on and boy, am I so glad I did The story really picked up in the second chapter or maybe I just began to understand what was going on in the story Once that happened, I was glued to the pages of this book to the very end Half way through this book, I took a breather, shook my head and told myself, how could I ever have though [...]

    7. I received this book through giveaways It s not too often I tear through a book as fast as I did with this one I instantly felt for Steffy, and her sister Nina This author is amazing at grabbing your emotions, and ever better at holding on to them The story moved at a good pace, and the author s writing style flows almost effortlessly I loved the creative idea of chapters named after recipes, and that they are included at the end of the book My only problem with is book is that it s currently mi [...]

    8. The Sandolini family has had a rough go of it Mom suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident eight years ago, Dad took off and left his two young daughters alone Luckily, Aunt Gina came to the rescue and moved in to take care of them Now, however, Dad s come back and Aunt Gina has moved in with her fianc soon to be husband Harry who lives across town The girls, Steffy, now aged eleven, and Nina, thirteen, are having a rough go of the change Nina is a talented dancer, and Steffy is a wiz [...]

    9. Steffy and Nina have spent the majority of their childhood living with their Aunt Gina There mother suffered traumatic brain injury in a car accident and has been institutionalized since it happened Their father disappeared But their Aunt Gina, their mother s sister, has made her home with the girls and made every effort to insure they would have a normal childhood The girls go to visit their mother weekly, all to aware that she may or may not recognize them when they arrive One of the things Gi [...]

    10. children s middlegrade Christian fiction Steffy is in 5th grade This is the much tamer, PG version of having an absent mom in a care home because of a brain injury, resulting in a semi Alzheimer s state and an estranged dad struggling with depression suicidal thoughts and alcoholism Granted, these are tricky topics to cover in a middlegrade novel compared to the grittier depictions geared towards mature teens , but it felt contrived and unrealistic The stay away from drugs, alcohol and teen moth [...]

    11. Stephanny Sandolini and her sister Nina lived with their Aunt Gina for as long as Stephanny can remember Aunt Gina provided a home for them both after their mom was in a car accident resulting in traumatic brain injury Their Dad left soon after that and moved to California Life was peaceful and consistent until their Dad moved back Aunt Gina moved out and away to the Northeast After a cautious beginning the fragile bond with Dad unravelled mainly due to his drinking and inability to relate to th [...]

    12. When I started reading this book I thought that I wasn t going to get through it Once I got into it I couldn t set it down So many things happened in it that were just described so beautifully It made me feel like I was Steffy going through it all After I finished this book I wanted to start cooking right away I wanted to make all the recipes she had that year and serve them to my family except for the Kitchen Sink Overall this was a good book that was really well written and beautiful.

    13. This is a sweet middle grade book and I loved that the main character Stefany was a baker She was always baking and you can tell she really loved doing it However, it was very sad about both Stefanny and her older sister Nina There mother became unwell and there father has issues of his own I ll admit I felt so bad for Steffany during Christmas when the father was out and her sister left to go to her friends house She spent Christmas all alone No one should be alone during Christmas Still enjoya [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book about two sisters who have to cope with a difficult family situation The girls live with their Aunt Gina as their mother suffered a brain injury in an accident and their father left town He has now come back and turned their lives upside down Steffy who is the main character loves to cook She uses her cooking and recipes to try to bring her family together and get through a difficult year One thing that I really liked about the book is that the ending did not tie every [...]

    15. Such a good book Easy, quick read I am sure 4th graders up are going to find the book interesting Characters are likable and realistic Love that the story comes across as plausible Steffy, and her sister Nina, are wonderful examples of strong girls confront with very difficult lives, but never let that get in the way of their goals Budding chef will enjoy the story, as well, and their are a whole bunch of great recipes from the book at the end for them to try I myself can t wait to try the makin [...]

    16. This was a wonderful book, that made me cry Steffy s mother suffered a traumatic brain injury when Steffy was three and now lives in a home Steffy s father left the family soon after this, and now many years later he has returned to try again Its a hard year for Steffy and her older sister Nina, but good things happen too Steffy loves cooking, she does the family cooking, and enters a cooking contest She grows and tries new things.Recipes are included in the back of the book.

    17. This book was such fun with all of the cooking and recipes I especially enjoyed the way the author blended the multiple storylines The characters were well developed and authentic Steffy cooks for the family, experimenting with different ingredients Cooking makes her feel of a connection to her mother who is recovering from a brain injury When dad comes back into the picture, Steffy s world is turned upside down.

    18. I really loved this book and this is new my favorite book I loved the recipes and I could really connect to Steffy because we both love to cook and bake I also liked how she baked to deal with the things she struggles with in her life The characters in this book are very believable All in all, I just couldn t put this book down

    19. This was a book that really hits you with each word You can feel what Steff is feeling I couldn t put it down I had to know how she developed and changed as time and experiences shaped her Her life was harder than most, but she faced it courageously You could feel the power, and the character development each chapter.

    20. Steffy should have never had to take care of herself the way she did But she DID And she blossomed This story showcases the amazing capabilities of fifth graders, and the incredible complexity of the family relationship.

    21. This book, One hundred spaghetti strings, was a book about a girl named Stephanie Sandolini Her life is really, really complicated She hasn t seen her dad in many years, and her mom lives in the Place, where she lives with help, after a nearly fatal car crash Steph s only connection to her mother is through cooking and baking, and the handwritten recipes her mother shoved into the recipe book When her dad shows up, her life just gets complicated, not less Cooking is her only escape, so she focu [...]

    22. I loved this book so much that I ran out and pre ordered myself a hardback copy the second I finished reading it It is such a cute and heartfelt read the kind of middle grade that is just begging to be read by anyone and everyone seriously, I cannot think of a single person who would not enjoy some aspect of this story Steffy is a freaking BA narrator she may be young but she GETS life, and I felt instantly connected to her Plus, she s a budding chef and that made her all the interesting There [...]

    23. The characters in 100 Spaghetti Strings crawled so deeply into my heart Jen Nails captured the internal and external voice of her brave main character, Steffany Sandolini Steffy fights to keep her head on straight while the world swirls around her Her mother resides in The Place as she recovers from a TBI, and her father floats in and out as he copes withwell, his own issues Meanwhile, Nails reminds us that children draw strength from a variety of supportive adults in their lives, especially tho [...]

    24. The characters in this book are wonderful I loved them all but the narrative voice of Steffy is what makes this book so lovely I adore her And I adore this story Love the recipes in the back.

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