Moon White: Color Me Enchanted

Moon White: Color Me Enchanted

Melody Carlson / Aug 12, 2020
Moon White Color Me Enchanted Heather s curiosity in Wicca brings new confidence and reassurance but alienates her from others Even so this enchanting path seems harmless even helpful But when terrifying things begin to happen
  • Title: Moon White: Color Me Enchanted
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781576839515
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heather s curiosity in Wicca brings new confidence and reassurance, but alienates her from others Even so, this enchanting path seems harmless, even helpful But when terrifying things begin to happen that Heather can t explain, it becomes clear that she has less control over her world than ever before The eleventh book in the TrueColors teen fiction series, this book diHeather s curiosity in Wicca brings new confidence and reassurance, but alienates her from others Even so, this enchanting path seems harmless, even helpful But when terrifying things begin to happen that Heather can t explain, it becomes clear that she has less control over her world than ever before The eleventh book in the TrueColors teen fiction series, this book discusses spiritual warfare, tragedy, anger, and .
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        Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books, including the Notes from a Spinning Planet series and Finding Alice, which is in production as a Lifetime Television movie She and her husband serve on the Young Life adult committee in central Oregon.


    1. This book is everything I hate about Christian fiction A theme that s meant to scare the reader away from something, shallow characters, a plot that s oh so convient so the character never has to work for anything, and a once you surrender to God everything will get better ending.If you want to read some books in this genre that have wonderful characters and stories, I recommend Winter and Angel Fall.Note I don t know very much about Wicca If I get something wrong in the course of this review I [...]

    2. While I generally like Melody Carlson s books even if I don t buy the Christianity will save you, no matter what your problem message they promote , this is one of the two books I was disgusted with The other is Bright Purple Color Me Confused you can read my review of that too, if you care This one angered me similarly it s close minded and almost bigoted view of it s issue , this one being Wicca The book goes through a girl s experience of Wicca which is portrayed as witchy spell games rather [...]

    3. Firstly, yes this is a Christian novel, but I had issues with it.I have read three of Carlson s books I admit, I enjoyed Faded Denim and Harsh , because they had really good messages about life in general, regardless of if it puts a strong emphasis on God But this book just teaches religious intolerance, and that God is the only way I read this when I was fourteen, and had a Christian viewpoint than I do now, and it irritated me quite a bit even then to read the ending where it made it seem as [...]

    4. I enjoy the authors attempt at trying to provide real life situations for young adults in difficult positions, but all in all, I found that this particular book in the Color Me series simply had too much disinformation, which ultimatly lead to its low rating for me.Let me first start out by saying yes, I do practice witchcraft, and I am a Dianic Witch My problem was not that the author dissagreed with witchcraft I feel as if if people dont agree with my spirituality, then they are entiled too, b [...]

    5. This book wasn t written by an idiot The author has researched Wicca enough to teach us along the way about the religion She also acknowledges through one of her characters that all spirituality is real and that our main character must choose Jesus in order to receive comfort from him However, I don t think the author respects Wicca well enough Things were going fine until our main character disrespected the 3rd Wiccan law We cannot visualize through this story what would happen if our character [...]

    6. A ballerina who lost her mother to cancer when she was 9 yrs old, Heather is now 16 and exploring her path in life Much to the disapproval of her ballerina teacher and horror of her best friend, this exploration includes becoming vegan and learning about Wicca Through her journey, Heather meets people who might be out to help or hinder her and finds out that all is not as she thought it would be.I tried but realized that I actually am not subjective enough to give this title a fair review I will [...]

    7. I walked into this one didn t I It was actually better than I expected, but then again I expected a book so hateful that I would be filled with the rage of a pantheon built for that singular purpose.Instead I was delighted to find that the ending of the book was less judgemental than expected Sure, witchcraft is thrown away as mostly stories while the bible is considered true, a hilarity that will bring a reader great mirth At the same time, the novel doesn t end the book with the MC becoming so [...]

    8. I will probably never read this author s work again This book make me gag The message was that if you just go to church and have faith in god , everything will be okay That s bullshit The character, Heather, deals with her mother s death, her stepmother s affair, and other things, and starts practicing witchcraft , which in this case is just learning about Wicca In the end, she almost kills herself, but her mom s friend tells her to have faith in god, and everything is perfect again I would not [...]

    9. I would not recommend this book to anyone, especially not young adults It s a pretty good novel up until the blatant attempt to convert the reader to Christianity and convince them to shun all other ways of life at the end.

    10. I really liked this book and I m so glad that Melody Carlson chose to address Wicca To the naked ere Wicca may seem harmless after all the just love the earth right And they practice magic but only light magic right Wrong Wicca May seem harmless but it s not Fooling with any of the dark side of the supernatural is not only wrong but dangerous Because Satan is the father of lies The Bible even tells us that he mascarades as an Angel of light So if you or someone you know is involved in Wicca or a [...]

    11. Perfect read for the fall It gives me the heebie jeebies every time but it s one of my favorites of the Color Me series.

    12. Heather Sinclair s father remarried after the death of her mother His new wife is vastly different from her mom Augustine does what she wants when she wants and influences Heather to do the same So when Heather shows interest in witchcraft, known as Wicca, it seems innocent enough, or so she thinks After all, she s only reading a few books to help her get in touch with her inner strength and abilities When she starts using her knowledge to get her own way and bring harm to other s lives, Heather [...]

    13. This is another one of those moments when I wish offered a half star rating Because I really feel that this is of a 3.5 star book.Moon White is a very engaging story that kept me reading the entire time I liked the characters for the most part, although they could have probably used a bit developing The plot was extremely interesting, although I have to admit I d seen a major plot point coming far in advance As well as the ending Okay, so it was a little predictable But that s probably just be [...]

    14. Personally, this book was quite interesting I think every book that Melody Carlson wrote somewhat touches upon Christianity This is the second book I ve read from Melody Carlson and her conflicts stated in the books relates to us, teenagers I think any teenager would want to read this unless they don t like reading about religion This book was similar to Harsh Pink because of Christianity This novel is about a girl named Heather who first believes in Wicca which is witch craft Her friend, Lucy w [...]

    15. Heather Sinclair believes in a witchcraft spirit called Wicca All of her friends think that she is crazy especially her best friend Lucy When Liz Daniels moves to Carolina and steals Heather s boyfriend and her lead in ballet Heather s life goes haywire This is when Wicca steps into the picture and Heather wonders if everything will be OK since she thinks that all spirituality is good right That is until the spells she plays from the book about Wicca turn back on Heather she wonders if Wicca is [...]

    16. The author has a good ear for teen dialogue and the characters react in realistic ways For some reason this particular book of hers wasn t as compelling for me, though perhaps it s because I m not a teenager I kept thinking some of mundane things that made Wicca troubling for the lead character might also crop up in her new Christian life odd people, ethical dilemmas, feeling like faith isn t working Then there were her dark supernatural experiences, which some readers will find hard to swallow [...]

    17. This was a fairly good Christian YA novel It shows how a teenage girl gets caught up in witchcraft and almost feels compelled to commit suicide by a spiritual presence when she finds her mother s journal and goes to meet the friend under whose tutelage her mother had found Christ She also comes to Christ under the tutelage of her mother s friend and completely turns her back on Wicca and tells her friends how wrong it is It was a simply written novel, but it was well done, and the characters wer [...]

    18. This book really struck a cord with me Melody Carlson has a very real grip on teenagers, their inner thoughts and their dialogue The book rings true for a teenager searching for answers and looking to supernatural forces Playing with dark supernatural powers has consequences Giving your life to Christ defeats the darkness My story isn t the same as the stories main character, but I understand those principles very well.

    19. Yet another one of Melody Carlson s True Colors books, this one deals with the controversial topic of Wicca Having no experience with it myself, I can t comment as to the author s knowledge of the subject what I can say is that this book is as edgy and hard hitting as the prior books in the series.

    20. This was a great read for young adults who might be spiritually searching It is completely fine to have spiritual doubts because any great faith needs to be able to handle good questions I think messing with the spiritual world with religions of Wicca or any super natural can potentially open doors that are unwanted and unfulfilling.

    21. Heather goes to this book store and finds a book about the religion Wicca.She starts using the book to try to cast spells and to talk to her mom who passed away.Her best friend is a bible believing Christian and thinks that Heather is a witch.A really didn t like this book, i found it slow and hard to keep track of where the story was going.

    22. This book was an excellent book as are ALL of Melody Carlson s books It was about a girl who decided to experiment with Wicca to try to control her life In the end , she became really freaked out about everything and even suicidal Eventually she met with a friend of her deceased mom That friend leads her to Christ It was a really great and interesting book.

    23. I really enjoyed this book When I read it I would get chills down my back because of the witchcraft she used It scared me when her friend was channeling a spirit, it was really creepy I can t wait to finish this series and start something new

    24. To be fair the ending was worth 4 stars It was the rest I wasn t to thrilled about I don t know what I was expecting when I read it Maybe craft like Anyway it wasn t horrible but it could have been portrayed a little differently Lovely ending though

    25. This book is WEIRD It suggests that witchcraft is a real, active thing It also spreads the misconception that all witchcraft, no matter how innocent, is demonic I found this book fascinating as a Christian teenager I have an extra copy if anyone wants it Just PM me your address.

    26. I think that this book was sort of a dissappointment I expected the conflicts to be a little severe to the main character than what it really was, however the author set up a good plot and realization point to the reader, that gave the book a good moral.

    27. i thought this was a very good book its about wicthes and i felt as though i could highly relate to heather in the story cause were both fasinated about wicca and want to be wicthes to so therefore i would highly recomend this book to anyone who wants to read it

    28. This book open my eyes to God And that I can t live my life for me, but for Him I hope this book helps you.

    29. Everything that seems harmless, may lead to bigger, bad things This was a boring book, like some of the other books in this series.

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