To Love a Lord of London

To Love a Lord of London

Eleanor Meyers / Mar 30, 2020
To Love a Lord of London What do a rakish lord an embittered Marquess and the most powerful Earl in London have in common They will all fall madly in love with three heiresses finding that happily ever after does exist HER
  • Title: To Love a Lord of London
  • Author: Eleanor Meyers
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  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What do a rakish lord, an embittered Marquess, and the most powerful Earl in London have in common They will all fall madly in love with three heiresses, finding that happily ever after does exist HER FIRST SEASON AND HER FIRST KISS Amy Ott is about to encounter her first season Knowing nothing about the workings of corsets and country dances, she s looking for any heWhat do a rakish lord, an embittered Marquess, and the most powerful Earl in London have in common They will all fall madly in love with three heiresses, finding that happily ever after does exist HER FIRST SEASON AND HER FIRST KISS Amy Ott is about to encounter her first season Knowing nothing about the workings of corsets and country dances, she s looking for any help she can find even when it comes from the most unlikely source London s infamous rogue an older Duke The Duke of Wardington This catches the attention from the most rakish Lord in all of London Lord Nathaniel Dawnton knows what he wants Amy Ott When Nathaniel s pursuits meet the walls of Amy s strength, the young lord is ready to jump those walls blindly even at the expense of reaching something he has been avoiding his innermost fear True love But once Amy s dark secrets are out, will the fall have been worth it CAN LOVE FORGIVE ALL THINGS Miss Catherine Croftman is done with the Marquess of Clariant After the publically broken engagement of the century, she has her sights set on finding someone new Herself Andrew Dawnton is the Marquess of Clariant, the future Duke of Wardington, and he is madly in love with Catherine He made her a promise of marriage in their youth, but Catherine s betrayal prevents the marquess from wanting anything to do with her afterward He s haunted by a past that includes death and outrage, and trusting Catherine again would be a fool s move Is Catherine truly ready to move on Will Andrew learn to forgive and keep his word CAN ONE EVER TRULY LOVE HER ENEMY The night that William, The Earl of Cartridge, was struck over the head changed him forever He s been knocked out by a beautiful thief and plans to seek justice for this crime Jane Croftman s family is wealthy beyond reason, but the land gentry s daughter is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves even if that means stealing from members of high society or knocking out an earl Anything for peace When William s revenge turns into hot kisses and help, Jane tries to refuse them both Will William find the key to Jane s freedom before it s too late Will Jane learn to trust William with her life and possibly even her heart
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    1. 1.5 stars While I appreciate how clean this read was, I wasn t very impressed by the quality of the writing or plot The way in which Eleanor Meyers wrote her stories really abused the idea of paragraph format She started new paragraphs all the time and sometimes those paragraphs were only one sentence I know that wouldn t bug everyone, but I did find it a little distracting The writing was also full of modern idioms which, had I been fully convinced of the historical time period, would have jarr [...]

    2. Regency Romance To Love A Lord of London A Wardington Park Book Raptures of Royalty CLEAN Historical Romance Kindle Edition by Eleanor Meyers is a unique, and interesting Regency Romance Three short stories pertaining to three heiresses, a Marquess, a Lord, and an Earl One is embittered, one is a rake of the first order and one is very powerful But will three heiresses be able to help them find inner peace, forgiveness, redemption, healing and a HEA 330 pages of pure intrigue and the power of lo [...]

    3. This was my first and last Eleanor Meyers book It is poorly written and edited I m fairly certain people of the Regency era didn t stage interventions , neither did they say don t go there They also didn t party with others All in all, these novellas are poor representations of the Regency period.

    4. Reviewed at Historically RomanticTo Love A Lord of London is a charming introduction to a world of slightly connected stories in this particular book, and the beginning to a much longer series.The Duke of Wardington is a widower with adult children He may not be the focus of these romances, but he certainly plays a part in the matchmaking department of his sons A word here, a bit of a swift kick there, and a little help for the ladies involved He may not look like cupid, but his influence does m [...]

    5. 3.5 starsStory 1Year 1823 I rated 3 starsStory about Lord Nathanie Dawnton s, the middle son of the Duke of Wardington Amy Ott, niece of the Duke of Hensman, their neighbor Story 2 I rated this 3.5 starsYear 1824Story about the Marquess of Clariant, Andrew Dawnton, the eldest son s of the Duke of Wardington and Catherine Crofman, the eldest daughter of their other neighbor Andrew Dawnton made her a promise of marriage in their youth, but Catherine s betrayal prevents the marquess from wanting an [...]

    6. This book actually contains three interconnected stories They were all very good There is action, adventure, romance, and mystery Part One is about Nathaniel and Amy This story seemed to me to have overtones of Cinderella The heroine, Amy, lives with her aunt, a female cousin and her uncle The aunt and cousin do not really want her there Amy gets her cousins hand me downs Her fairy godfather, the Duke of Wardington, steps in to instruct her as to how she should behave, what she should wear and w [...]

    7. To Love A Lord of London Wardiington Park, Book 1 This book has three part to it, the first is the love story of Nathanial and Amy , the second is the love story of Andrew and Catherine and last is the love story of William and Jane The Duke of Wardington is play matchmaker can he marry three lords off to three ladies Great story.

    8. I just like books about early England and romances that make up the books.Usually there some mystery involved Sometimes just the courting and parties Sometimes there real mystery to the plot that keeps you reading.

    9. I really liked it although because of the format some of the relationships might seemed rush, this is an overall fun and easy read I look forward to know what happens with the rest of the characters

    10. Wonderful and good book to read I ve enjoyed reading about the wonderfully different and exciting characters in this novel Great stories, intriguing, sweet and a hard book to putdown No disappointments here.Highly recommended by a Tristan of historical romances

    11. To Live A Lord of LondonAn enjoyable read Loved the continuous stories of the family It was well written and a fast read Finus it in one setting.

    12. I read the first part the first novella , and while it was alright, I really didn t feel compelled to go on.

    13. Wonderful read Eleanor Meyers creates really vivid characters that stay with you long after the book is finished.

    14. Thank youLove reading romance novels series Thank you very much for these romance novels series Need series books to continue reading.

    15. A lot of stories packed into this one novel Each one is cute and somewhat short but all follow in order and lead you to the next in the 3 part novel.

    16. EnjoyedThis book was really good The chemistry with everyone made you want to read the book even The annoying thing is when trying to get the order of the books it s hard to find Can t wait to bread the other books

    17. I didn t realize I was getting three novellas when I purchased this book Overall, the book was a good read My favorite story was Part II Andrew and Catherine With their romantic past, their story was the most satisfying I gritted my teeth and finished Part I Nathaniel and Amy were not a good match Once a man thinks you re beneath him and asks you to give up your London season your chance to land a husband to be his mistress, he can t be redeemed in my book Nathaniel is the anti hero He s arrogan [...]

    18. Historical Christian Fiction 1850 s London Society Romance novel that is clean I read the whole series that was out by February 2017 during February 2017 I love the way the author introduced characters and the peripheral characters from the previous book become the main characters of the next These are just fun, easy reads that all have different nuances to their stories.Book Order 1 To Love a Lord of London2 The Regards of a Rogue3 Gaining the Gentleman4 The Skills of a Scoundrel5 A Gentleman s [...]

    19. Three love stories, intertwined with characters and timelines running through them all Twists and turns, AND He did What She said What Who was That and of courseYou ve got to be kidding The London Lover, Nathaniel, wants Amy for his mistress When he asks if she ll be with him, she thinks marriage He disabuses her of that idea very quickly And the race is on Who will win the challenge Do the contestants even know there is one Just how many people are involved in this set up Join in the enjoyable, [...]

    20. Beautifully written stories of three Regency romances with good story lines Can a reformed rake learn to let go of his fears and let himself love someone perfect for him Is it worth years of waiting for a second chance at love Is it possible to forgive yourself for a wrong you feel you have done and learn to love someone else again These romances were very emotional, clean reads Not a long read, but had great backgrounds and complex characters.

    21. Imagine my surprise when I opened a book to read about a Lord of London and to find 3 different lords instead In each of these 3 stories the lord meets the perfect lady for him but there are some issues In the first story, Nathaniel Dawton is immediately attracted to Miss Amy Ott Too bad that he propositions her instead of proposes He predicts that she will fail in her first season, leaving him there to pick up the pieces Instead, Amy becomes popular When Nathaniel sees this, he does whatever it [...]

    22. A delightful trilogy of stories in one book romance, hints of passion and danger Three strong men and women, each has their own secrets, their own foibles Amy Nathaniel, Andrew Catherine, Jane William.Amy has caught the eye of the London Lover the scourge of women, not with her looks but her knowledge of the written word, in script form Lord Nathaniel Dawnton loves all things written in books and plays to find that Amy has the same love and interests captures his attention and, unknowingly, his [...]

    23. To Love a Lord of London is a very entertaining read A historical regency romance that has three romances combined into one amazing book I am in love Eleanor Meyers has once again, delivered a brilliant set of characters that will charm readers into the plot Each set of characters carry their own personalities so different from the others that it s hard to resist such temptations Each man presented before readers will have their hands full They will surely be tempted as they women they fall for [...]

    24. This collection is exactly what is promises a light clean regency romance with lovely lively ladies and their handsome charming gentlemen Whilst the third story is sparse on the predicament the heroine finds herself in, the dashing and charming knight of the story still manages to help her to secure her happy ending Otherwise, some of the characters are somewhat one dimensional, but it s complimented with occasional good dialogue and Papa Wardington s incredible matchmaking skills.All in all, a [...]

    25. Okay.Tried this because it was free and it was okay The three short stories were decent enough that I finished the book, but the resolutions to each story were a bit too quick and simple and a bit of a disappointment following a fairly decent story line There were also numerous careless errors he instead of she, use of the wrong character s name, etc that indicate the book needed a better editor.

    26. Best so far in the seriesI am looking forward to reading the whole series and any historicals written by Eleanor Meyers She has a way of grabbing your interest This is a trilogy that has mystery and romance about three couples who are married due to the matchmaking of a certain Duke.

    27. Loved it,I really enjoy this book, about three beautiful women, it has been so long since I read a book about this era, I can see the beautiful gown that the women wore and the beautiful Ball rooms, the Earl, the Duke, the way they talked, the way the loved I loved ever single word.Y all really need to check this book out you won t be disappointed I promise.

    28. I received this book from author Eleanor Meyers for review Eleanor Meyers writes three short, sweet romances in this book She represents a fresh voice in Regency romance, writing original, clean stories I believe that as her writing style matures, and with better editing, she could be an author of some note.

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