Steps of the Sun

Steps of the Sun

Walter Tevis / Feb 26, 2020
Steps of the Sun None
  • Title: Steps of the Sun
  • Author: Walter Tevis
  • ISBN: 9780020298656
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
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      133 Walter Tevis
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        Walter Stone Tevis was an American novelist and short story writer Three of his six novels were adapted into major films The Hustler, The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth His books have been translated into at least 18 languages.



    2. I really enjoy Walter Tevis prose style, particularly in The Hustler, The Queen s Gambit A Novel and Mockingbird Having heard Walter discuss the sci fi genre in an audio interview with Don Swain, I know that Walter enjoyed the sociological rather than technical aspects of sci fi I therefore did not expect Steps of the Sun to be a high tech space story but felt it fell well short of Mockingbird.I found myself tiring a little from the main character s flashbacks only to find flashbacks within flas [...]

    3. My least favourite Tevis novel so far Despite being written in first person POV, the story somehow kept me at arm s length I found it difficult to care about any character or event 2.5 stars.

    4. A lost, whiny, self hating socialist billionaire who can t understand why, the the government runs the economy the the economy falls apart, is not the most likable of first person narrators.The world is in an ice age, and cannot afford to heat itself, because the world is running out of energy And because the world is running out of energy, the governments forbid anyone to look for Further, they have price controls on energy to keep it from becoming too expensive with the obvious result that [...]

    5. I have enjoyed Tevis s books and this one has an interesting premise that the earth has run out of energy and his protagonist is going to another planet to look for uranium Pretty prophetic for a 1988 sci fi book However, the plot gets bogged down with side intrigues and the book turns into what I like to call horny old guy science fiction Overall, just okay.

    6. Count me as a Walter Tevis fan now I enjoyed The Steps of the Sun quite a bit I read The Man Who Fell to Earth about fifteen years ago, but didn t know anything about Walter Tevis or his other books until recently, when these things started coming to my attention on I d like to read Mockingbird The Steps of the Sun showed up in the used section of the bookshop I frequent first though, and some quirkiness about the cover art, the synopsis, or the by line Can one man save a PLANET Can one planet s [...]

    7. There are a handful of books that I run to when I need solace When I need someone who is better with words than I am to help me figure out what I am feeling This book is one of those Walter Tevis will probably be forgotten in time There were a hell of a lot of great books written in the 20th century If anything of his is remembered, it will beThe Hustler He was never a revolutionary writer, never really broke any boundaries And yet his work has an emotional resonance, an honesty that appeals to [...]

    8. It s 2063 and nuclear powered spaceships can warp to land on planets of distant suns of our galaxy But space travel has been forbidden there is an energy crisis on earth Oil is almost gone, and coal is so scarce, it s rationed, and earth is in the grip of an ice age Nuclear powered electricity isn t popular because of accidents But the coal tycoon, Benjamin Belson, has flown to another sun s planet anyway He s seeking safe uranium And he s running away from himself He s finally realizing he driv [...]

    9. This is Tevis most divisive work, and I can understand why pervasive contemplation of erections and the psychic impact of their failure might contribute to that , but I found it exhilarating and honest It is honest in the way an author bares his feelings, fears, and hopes through his characters even if their experiences aren t autobiographical, the emotions are consistent Tevis does this in each of his books, but here he is at his most daring and possibly alienating, while telling his most plot [...]

    10. It is, as has been written, an easy and flowing read However, I stopped about 2 3 of the way through because I got tired of the references to sexual impotence and the consequences The adventure story of space travel in a future dystopia is enjoyable and compelling I wish I could have got through it.

    11. He wrote The Hustler and the Man Who Fell to Earth Set in the near future, the book is ostensibly about an interstellar search for safe nuclear energy It s about analyzing drives and ambitions and sublimation It s not about technology at all it almost ignores the milieu in favor of the character s inner journey.

    12. the final novel in my tevis full read campaign, just the book of short stories left not as good as the other novels the main character is often annoying many of tevis themes recur here as well as plot settings the importance of new york and the empire state building for example i enjoyed the extra planetary adventures quite a bit and tevis writing is often moving and beautiful.

    13. Old school bizarro Sci fi from the Author of the Hustler and the Color of Money I wanted to like it than I actually did Still cool moments Full Review coming.

    14. Such a great build up Full of Tevis level Angst Dissolved into absolute drivel that provides no satisfactory resolution, but perverse nonsense.

    15. 1.5 stars It never got better than a barely ok read I really, really disliked the main character Don t waste your time.

    16. One of the richest men alive becomes a space pirate in an attempt to solve the world s energy crisis, and talks about his wang an awful lot in the process.

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