For Mercie's Sake

For Mercie's Sake

Sharon Srock / Mar 30, 2020
For Mercie s Sake Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B I MYBSG Sixteen year old Scottlyn Rich survives a horrifying experience only to discover she s pregnant When she refuses to abort her unborn baby he
  • Title: For Mercie's Sake
  • Author: Sharon Srock
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00I6MYBSG.Sixteen year old Scottlyn Rich survives a horrifying experience only to discover she s pregnant When she refuses to abort her unborn baby, her father kicks her out She has no idea how to handle the obstacles ahead, she only knows that giving her daughter, Mercie, a chance to live is the most important thing sheLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00I6MYBSG.Sixteen year old Scottlyn Rich survives a horrifying experience only to discover she s pregnant When she refuses to abort her unborn baby, her father kicks her out She has no idea how to handle the obstacles ahead, she only knows that giving her daughter, Mercie, a chance to live is the most important thing she ll ever do.Widowed schoolteacher Diana Kensington lost everything she held dear the day her husband s plane fell out of the sky Four hundred and thirty nine days later she still has no answer to her daily prayer What now, God When Scottlyn shows up in Diana s class, Diana sees an open door Can trust be built between these two lost women Can they work together to fill the void in each other s lives, for Mercie s sake
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        Author Sharon Srock went from science fiction to Christian fiction at slightly less than warp speed Twenty five years ago, she cut her writer s teeth on Star Trek fiction Today, she writes inspirational stories that focus on ordinary women using their faith to accomplish extraordinary things A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sharon serves her local chapter in the role of treasurer Sharon lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with her husband and three very large dogs Her books include The Women of Valley View Callie and The Women of Valley View Terri, both of which are currently available The Women of Valley View Pam will release in early 2014.


    1. For Mercie s Sake by Sharon Srock e bookScottlyn Rich is a 16 year old girl who is pregnant resulting from a rape and disowned by her father Now living in a home for unwed pregnant mothers and attending a new school, Scottlyn is attempting to move on to make a life for her and her daughter, Mercie Diana Kensington s husband died in a plane crash over a year ago and is still waiting for God to answer her prayer, what now, God She is a high school teacher at Eden Heights Christian Academy and love [...]

    2. Scottlyn is young girl pregnant as a result of rape, who has been forced from her home by an angry and disagreeable father Transferred to a different school she becomes acquainted with a teacher, Diana Kensington, suffering her own losses Diana discovers that God has placed this young girl in her life and heart for a divine purpose This pregnant teen s dreams for herself and the future of her child have a major impact in her teacher s life and perspective As God speaks to her through this young [...]

    3. Scottlyn Rich finds herself in one of the hardest places for a woman to be in She is pregnant as the result of being raped Add to that the fact that she is 16 years old, has been kicked out of her home by her father, was deserted by her mother so long ago she doesn t even remember her, and has been forced to leave the school she attended when the rape happened Life doesn t seem to be giving her many breaks.She is ostracized by her friends and alone other than the other girls and staff at Choose [...]

    4. Great novella I generally don t read novellas They always seem rushed and too short I know, that s the whole point , but I m happy to say that I really enjoyed Sharon Srock s, For Mercie s Sake It was very well done and didn t seem contrived There is also a strong spiritual theme throughout, which I really enjoyed For only having 10 short chapters, it wasn t rushed and I didn t get the sense that I missed something or that she had skipped over any important details My only complaint is that I wi [...]

    5. This is a very touching story about grief, teenage pregnancy and rape This book brings to light some issues that are not discussed, but definitely needs to be Diana Kensington has been devastated by the loss of her husband a year ago and suddenly is introduced to a young, pregnant woman who is to be her new student First impressions can form opinions or cloud our judgment about many people and Diana soon learns that sometimes you must put that aside and search and find answers Scottlyn Rich is a [...]

    6. WOW This is awesome I read this story in less than two hours, and was disappointed that it ended Not in the way that I will not read it again Just that it was over too soon It is totally amazing Phenomenal Priceless From the very first I was undeniably drawn to the young pregnant teenager, Scottlyn and at the same time I identified with Diane And as I followed the story my heart beat with love and excitement At this point in my life, being primary caretaker for a loved one, I could not emulate h [...]

    7. Listening to GodThis is a short novella that warms your heart and gently reminds everyone that life is about God s plan for each of us It follows the meeting of a high school teacher and an unexpected new student They each have difficulties in their lives that threaten to crush them But the young girl shows the teacher how love can prevail and conquer all and the teacher shows the young girl that God has a plan for all of us we just have to have the courage to listen to Him The story is well wri [...]

    8. Although this is a novella, a quick and easy read, it packs a powerful and well written story.Diana is a teacher and grieving widow who feels her life has no meaning Diana meets Scottlyn as a new student of hers at the Eden Heights Christian School Scottlyn is only 16 and pregnant by rape Her father has thrown her out of her home and she is living in a home for unwed mothers Her world has been turned upside down.Through tragedy we are reminded that God is in control and has a plan for Diana and [...]

    9. For Mercie s Sake is a great novella which shows how through determination and God s love we are all called to help one another Diana Kensington and Scottlyn Rich are both going through trials in life Diana is trying to walk through the grief of losing her husband while Scottlyn is trying to finish school and start life despite an unplanned pregnancy at 16 Not sure what the future holds, both women are brought together through unusual circumstances.This novella shows that through love and accept [...]

    10. God is good and He is in control If we would just listen to that still, small voice, we might be surprised at how He has worked all things together for the greatest benefit of all involved This short novella is a very sweet and touching story of two women, both hurting, who are drawn together by God to bring comfort to both of them and fulfill their greatest needs A teenager pregnant through rape and a lonely, childless widow become the answer to each other s situation I was especially touched b [...]

    11. I received this book from bookfun in return for my honest opinion For Mercie s Sake is a novella about a young woman named Scottlyn who is raped and becomes pregnant When her father disowns her because she will neither abort the baby of give her up for adoption, Scottlyn has to fend for herself This brings her to Eden Heights Christian Academy, where they have accepted her despite her circumstances and allowed her to finish high school Diana Kensington is a history teacher at the academy with he [...]

    12. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED For Mercies Sake It is a sweet story of two broken hearts coming together for the sake of another It s also a perfect demonstration of James 2 15 16 If a brother or sister is poorly clad and lacks food for each day,16 And one of you says to him, Good bye Keep yourself warm and well fed, without giving him the necessities for the body, what good does that do I am hoping this is the first in a series of books because I absolutely loved the characters I also appreciated the wa [...]

    13. For Mercie s SakeBy Sharon SrockDiana Kensington and Scottlyn Rich are both hurting What these two have lost is family Diana can t past the death of her husband and Scottlyn is trapped by an attack and her father s anger.For Mercie s Sake has a slight resemblance to Francine Rivers s The Atonement Child in that she is being pressured by her family to get rid of her child.I like that by looking beyond her own problems and losses Diana is able to start healing This is an excellent story that does [...]

    14. Thought provoking novella that touches on several issues, i.e loss of a spouse, rape, and abortion Good reminder that God works through His children to provide care to those in need Srock has given her readers two strong characters, a determined young teen pregnant as a result of rape and a grieving widow who hears and obeys the urgings of her caring Heavenly Father For Mercie s Sake is a reminder that God s richest mercy is new every morning and a challenge to be open to His work in our lives.I [...]

    15. This book warmed my heart with a subject near and dear to my heart the right of a baby to be born instead of aborted Sharon is a wonderful writer, and this book is woven into such a beautiful story.Diana Kensington, a teacher at a Christian school, measures her life by the number of days it s been since her husband had been killed in a plane crash On the other hand, Scottlyn Rich, 16 year old rape victim, measures hers by the number of months after her baby is born that she ll have a roof over h [...]

    16. Stop everything and read this story I just finished reading For Mercie s Sake by Sharon Srock This is an excellent, inspirational story about women s relationships The characters are well developed and realistic I enjoyed seeing both of the main characters grow spiritually The story deals with a lot of issues and handles them very tastefully I would have loved for this to have been a full length novel This is my first read by Sharon Srock and I will be looking for I received a copy of this book [...]

    17. What a cute short story Diana is a high school teacher Scottlyn is an unwed mother The two of these end up crossing paths and it is exciting to see how much they help each other This book was a very easy short read I read it in one night I will definitely be reading books by Sharon Srock She s a very talented author I would recommend this book to everyone I received this book from bookfun for my honest opnion.

    18. This is a delightful short story about listening to that quiet voice of God when you come across someone in need I was encouraged by Scottlyn and her determination to be the kind of mother to her child that she never experienced herself I was struck by the compassion Diana had in the midst of recent devastation And I marveled at how God brought the two women together for healing and restoration See my full review at bit 1kEGPaP.

    19. Beautifully written novella I initially started reading a couple of weeks ago and then paused in my reading I am glad I came back to it.I loved the main character s sense of strength in the face of adversity I love how Srock brought together all the elements to show how Faith in God and the peace of Jesus really does translate into a life well lived We all need to listen to that still small voice that whispers in our earsA good quick read

    20. For Mercie s SakeI really enjoyed reading this novella I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of emotion I felt as I read this book This is a story of a young girl that made hard choices following tragic circumstances It is a story of faith, restoration, hope, and following God s gentle nudging.I received a free copy of this novella from the author and The Book Club Network in exchange for this honest review The thoughts here are my own.

    21. For Mercies Sake is a wonderful novella It involves a teen pregnant at 16 And a high school teacher who is a widow They are brought together in the classroom There is alot of hope, forgiveness, and faith presented It has a great ending I can t wait to read the next one in the Women of Valley View.I recieved this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for a honest review.

    22. Simply Amazing This story proves that God does answer prayer it may not be in the way we expect or hope for, but it is always in His wonderful timing Even though this was a short story it pack a powerful punch full of hope, joy and happiness I can t wait to read other book by this author.I receive a free copy of this book courtesy of The Book Club Network for my honest review.

    23. I just finished reading this book, and it was wonderful I cried so much some sad tears, some happy ones others rejoicing ones I plan on reading Sharon s other books when I can get them, and thanks so much for this wonderfully blessed inspiring story It is nice to read stories with happy endings, and those that are filled with faith the Lord are even special.

    24. This was one of the best short stories novella that I have ever read It gave me goosebumps reading how amazing God was and how faithful Diana was in listing to God regarding Scottlyn.Can t wait to find something else by Sharon.

    25. This book brought tears to my eyes A great short story about loss, heartbreak, fear, but mostly about God s love Truly a great story.I received this book from bookfun for my honest opinion.

    26. I enjoyed the novella I want to know about the two main charActers It was a good story with an excellent Biblical teaching.

    27. Good story about a girl who is raped and gets pregnant, because of it She is 16 and her dad disowns her and she has no one to help her She feels like the world is against her She starts a new school and meets her new teacher, who has recently lost her husband God is working in the teachers life to bring good to Scotties life Good read

    28. Oh my, such a wonderful story Hit me right where I live Christ has called us to love without judgement This story deals with making the right decisions regardless of the the circumstances I highly recommend this book.

    29. Fast movingI loved this book 1 teenage girl pregnant and alone 1 widow woman that is sad and alone But God has plans for both of them I can t wait to read the next book.

    30. Inspirational storyEasy to read book with lots of positive people living the Lord and using prayer for answers and love for all.

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