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Entrance I lowered myself onto the lavish Louis th chair swallowing tightly I peered down at my badly ironed outmoded office girl get up How could an ordinary girl with an unnatural fondness for vintage cl
  • Title: Entrance
  • Author: J.J. Sorel
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  • Page: 480
  • Format: ebook
  • I lowered myself onto the lavish Louis 14th chair, swallowing tightly I peered down at my badly ironed, outmoded office girl get up.How could an ordinary girl with an unnatural fondness for vintage clothes and art, find herself amongst a room of hopefuls looking like supermodels The boss s name was a mystery But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy richI lowered myself onto the lavish Louis 14th chair, swallowing tightly I peered down at my badly ironed, outmoded office girl get up.How could an ordinary girl with an unnatural fondness for vintage clothes and art, find herself amongst a room of hopefuls looking like supermodels The boss s name was a mystery But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy rich with impeccable, old world tastes.The following day, my life changed, from impoverished art history graduate to someone with a charge account and company car.And then there was my new hot boss.Enigmatic and generous, Aidan Thornhill was insanely handsome.His liquid gaze stripped me bare right to my very soul, making my skin sizzle Even in that antiquated green cardigan and mess of black hair stacked up in a sagging bun, Clarissa Moone took my breath away.With a heart just as beautiful, Clarissa s soft, well educated manner along with her curvaceous, classic beauty left me speechless.I broke every rule in my book.One gaze from those large dark eyes and my body, mind, and soul stirred to the point of no return.
    Entrance Definition of Entrance by Merriam Webster Entrance definition is power or permission to enter admission How to use entrance in a sentence. Entrance Definition of Entrance at Dictionary Entrance definition, an act of entering, as into a place or upon new duties See . Entrance definition of entrance by The Free Dictionary Define entrance entrance synonyms, entrance pronunciation, entrance translation, English dictionary definition of entrance n The act or an instance of entering A means or point by which to enter Permission or power to enter admission gained entrance to medical ENTRANCE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary a door, gate, etc by which you can enter a building or place There are two entrances one at the front and one around the back. Entrance Synonyms, Entrance Antonyms Merriam Webster synonyms of entrance from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms Find another word for entrance Entrance the means or right of entering or participating in Synonyms access, accession, admission Entrances definition of Entrances by The Free Dictionary In his novel, Cyclops, Cussler used the simile to describe the entrance of a vessel Entered like a wind Ruth Suckow For added emphasis there s Come in like a high wind as used by Aharon Megged in his novel, Living on the Dead Enter tiptoeing like somebody trying
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        50 Shades of Grey, was the first contemporary romance book I d ever read Up to that point, I d spent my entire reading life buried in 19th century books, like Jane Austen, the Brontes, George Eliot just to name a few Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier were as modern as I got But then, one day, I picked up 50 Shades of Grey and couldn t put it down Impressed by their heart felt, down to earth portrayal of love and sex, I quickly developed a voracious appetite for contemporary romance books I was so inspired by the genre, that I decided to explore that world as a writer After completing a certificate in Writing Romance with the Australian College of Journalism I embarked on writing three books All of which are still sitting on my computer Then Aidan Thornhill entered my imagination and came alive on paper From that moment, like all emotional love stories, nothing else mattered I fell in love And was compelled to write, almost in a frenzy, every day without fail.


    1. Clarissa Moone She majored in Art History in college She spent time looking for a job, when her credit card is to the max, with a temp job agency in LA, when they call her to attend an interview to be a personal assistant They gave her the address in Malibu to a mansion that she fell in love with when she arrived as she did for the artwork when she got inside Upon getting there, Greta Thornhill came out and told them, Clarissa and the other applicants, that they were to answer one question for t [...]

    2. Intriguing, Sexy and ArtfulClarissa Moone is timid, high class and intellectual But, she feels that she s not very special, with no distinctive features, and is basically just an ordinary normal girl She finds herself waiting for a job interview amidst a bouquet of beautiful women that look like models.She doesn t know the boss s name but from the look of his office, he has fabulous expensive taste.What are her chances of landing this wonderful personal assistant job Well, the very next day, she [...]

    3. In this sizzling contemporary romance story, J.J Sorel, brings readers an emotional, intriguing and unique love story The story begins with, Clarissa Moone, sitting in an expensive fancy office amidst a handful of, model worthy, beautiful women She is timidly awaiting for her name to be called for an interview for a new personal assistant job Not knowing who her new boss is, she has no idea that she is about to embark on a life and love she never expected or could dream of.The next day, she land [...]

    4. Crimson and Clover , a Dream Job and a Dream LoverDown and out in L.A Clarissa needed a job She graduated with an Art major, and has found only one job interview It s an interview for the cushy job of a lifetime, though.She drives to the mansion on the beach in her father s old car Her clothes are vintage, but she knows her stuff about art, books and decorating The house is filled with valuable art, books, and antique furniture Clarissa is in art nerd heaven She was never told who she will be wo [...]

    5. I really enjoyed Entrance by J.J Sorel As the first book in a trilogy, I thought this book did a great job creating the world the rest of the books will take place in, and the reader meets so many interesting characters I could definitely see this becoming much than just a trilogy given all the couples potential couples introduced in just this novel.Clarissa meets billionaire Aidan after taking a job as his charity event planning PA Neither knew that their love for art would catapult them both [...]

    6. I received this book as an ARC from Hidden Gems for an honest review.To start with, I have never read anything from this author prior to Entrance Her writing style is completely unique to her and I look forward to novels from her.Clary has had her share of pain in life At the age of 8 she lost her mother to an accident Fast forward thirteen years, and you get a beautiful young woman who has never been with a man She is the epitome of innocence She applies for a dream job and was surprised to fi [...]

    7. A hot contemporary romance, J.J Sorel introduces her audience to Clarissa Moone and her new hot hot hot boss Aidan Aidan has a murky past but Clarissa doesn t really care, her skin sizzles when he s nearby and her breath is taken when he touches her Aidan, quiet and conservative finds himself falling for Clarissa at first sight Aidan is treading where he has never been before a beautiful, quiet woman with a smile that removes all darkness Her virginal body and engaging intelligence send him into [...]

    8. A beautiful Billionaire love story Aidan Thornhill is a billionaire who likes his privacy, shares his wealth with those who need it most, and is very down to earth He is in search of a PA to help plan and run the gala s that he has to raise money for the various charities that he runs to help the needy His Aunt is his closest confidant and works with him in running his charities Clarissa Moone has been contacted by an employment agency to go to an interview for the position She was just an after [...]

    9. A sexy, passionate, detailed, erotic account of the relationship between Aiden and Clarissa Clarissa an Art History graduate and virgin applies for a job as a PA through an agency She loves everything about the 1960 s and dresses accordingly She applies for the job and gets it But she is unaware of who her new employer is Her best friend and roommate, Tabitha Tabs, tells her that he is the most eligible billionaire bachelor, Aiden Thornhill Clarissa has run into Aiden and his dog, Rocket, a few [...]

    10. Life is the Ultimate Gift This superb book kept me riveted from start to finish I have never read a JJ Sorel book before but hey she is one heck of a good writer The story between Clarissa and Aiden flowed perfectly with lots of intrigue, the plot was intriguing and you definitely wanted to know all the way through what was going to happen next The story was erotic, romantic, and of course you have to have quite a few baddies in the story who are trying to blackmail the dark character of Aiden a [...]

    11. Entrance by J.J Sorel is the first book in The Thornhill Trilogy series This is the story of Aidan Thornhill and Clarissa Moone Clarissa who has maxed out her money needs a job and goes on a interview There she finds a lot of beautiful ladies and they are told that they have only one question to answer Later she gets the call that she has the job Although she doesn t formally meet her boss at first she does meet someone who she thinks is part of the help in that household Aidan is a rich man who [...]

    12. I received an arc of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Clarissa is an art graduate but unable to find a job she is working temp jobs when she is sent to interview for a personal assistant position Aidan Thornhill made his millions after military service which left deep scars in his mind He is unable to resist the draw of his new personal assistant even though he has enough to concern himself with This book started out with a lot of promise but I found i [...]

    13. There are no words for the sheer genius of the writing of Ms Sorel The setting comes alive with culture and history Each character has their own place in the story and each enhances the other I read it all in one sitting, unable to put the story down for even one minute It is a fabulous love story full of intrigue and mystery, but the very foundation is a man who is a hero with all his flaws who wishes he could save the world, including the woman who has stolen his very soul I challenge a reader [...]

    14. Entrance is a real rollercoaster of a romance novel with hot lustiness enough for even the most demanding reader Clarissa and Aidan are well thought out, well written characters Between them the plot is carried along beautifully, and with a past that could rise up and ruin everything we have a recipe for a best seller.From reading the author s bio I discovered her previous passion for 19th century fiction the likes of the Brontes, Eliot, and Austen, and I think the flavour of their writing comes [...]

    15. I am volunteering to leave a review for an ARC of this book from Hidden Gems Yes, another Hidden Gem Wow The build up of the characters is amazing Aidan is an extremely burdened soul Until he meets Clarissa, who helps lift some of the burden Being a handsome, very rich man, however, has many ladies swooning Clarissa s naivete causes her to doubt many times, whether she could or should have something with Aidan Thankfully, she decides, at least, to go back to the cottage I can t wait to see what [...]

    16. Clarissa is an art student and ends up being hired as Aidan s personal assistant Their paths have crossed before, but always from a safe distance I l really liked how Aidan saw beneath Clarissa s bookish, slightly disheveled look to the sensual woman hiding inside Working at his mansion puts them in close quarters and now they re caught in a steamy relationship, but Aidan is not an easy man to get to know Will they be able to get beyond their issues This ends in a cliffhanger, but I am intrigued [...]

    17. Voluntary review of an ARC Really lovely romance Aiden is so gorgeous and so in love with Clarissa, who is sweet and innocent Supporting characters are believable Love scenes are beautifully written and HOT The story is quite interesting and has enough of an hea to be satisfying but leaving the reader wanting I personally can t wait for the next book in the series Highly recommended.

    18. A man with a heart of gold but with so many secrets A girl who feel in love with her boss with an instant attraction to him before she knew he was somebody.Great read that will have wanting to get to know all the secrets and reading all the books in one sitting It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger leading into the next book in the trilogy I didn t want it to end.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    19. I am absolutely entranced This book took off and had me hooked from the very beginning The romance, intrigue, and curiosity for what s next has me waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next These two have very different lives, but the way he is couldn t be perfectly suited for her I ll be impatiently waiting for the next part of this trilogy I m voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book.

    20. Good story part 1 with a bit of cliffhangerA mysterious billionaire and a classy assistant fall in love as if they were fated to be together His colorful past haunts their relationship as their relationship progresses The story ends in a bit of cliffhanger as it is part one, but characters are well developed and storyline is compelling with lots of romance There are lots of steamy scenes so if that s not what you like, might need to skip a number of pages.

    21. Clarissa applies for her dream job and gets it When Aidan first sees Clarissa, he knows he must have her, the chemistry between them is off the charts hot Both have had pain in their past, can their budding new relationship survive or will they face pain This is a fast paced read with plenty of steam as well as drama I like the characters and the story held my interest throughout Looking forward to .

    22. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This book started out with a lot of promise I really thought I would enjoy it I lost interest when the obsession with big breasts became apparent I could of done without so much boob talk I didn t care for the conversations between characters at all Other than when they talked of art It fell short for me.

    23. A regency feel outside of its timeline I liked the premise of the story but was left disappointed with the reading I found it a little too slow and the plot line too predictable I received an ARC of Entrance and this is my honest review.

    24. This was wonderful Aiden and Clarissa have such strong chemistry and seem perfect together There are many obstacles to overcome

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