Diary of a Drug Fiend

Diary of a Drug Fiend

Aleister Crowley / Feb 26, 2020
Diary of a Drug Fiend Diary of a Drug Fiend was Aleister Crowley s first published novel To the reader of it presented a shocking look at a little known phenomenon Today while we are familiar with drugs because of th
  • Title: Diary of a Drug Fiend
  • Author: Aleister Crowley
  • ISBN: 9780877281467
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Diary of a Drug Fiend was Aleister Crowley s first published novel To the reader of 1922 it presented a shocking look at a little known phenomenon Today, while we are familiar with drugs because of their widespread use in our culture, Diary of a Drug Fiend remains one o fthe most intense, detailed and accurate accounts of drug addiction and the drug experience.The bDiary of a Drug Fiend was Aleister Crowley s first published novel To the reader of 1922 it presented a shocking look at a little known phenomenon Today, while we are familiar with drugs because of their widespread use in our culture, Diary of a Drug Fiend remains one o fthe most intense, detailed and accurate accounts of drug addiction and the drug experience.The book was written by Crowley after years of deep personal study and experimentation with drugs It is the story of a young man and woman who fall madly in love and whirl through Europe in a frenzied haze of heroin cocaine adventure Their ecstacy is brought to an abrupt end when their drug supply is cut off and despair replaces joy Through the guidance of King Lamus, a master Adept, they free themselves from the entanglements of addition by the application of practical Magick.The narrative carries the reader aloft through the brilliance of the imagery created by this master of language his prose development parallels the growth and increasing depth of his characters in an uncanny fashion This is a book to be read and reread It will also prove a useful document to doctors, lawyers, police and addicts for its unique and precise presentation of the psychology of addiction and the possibility of its cure through the development of the True Will.
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        Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley, was a British occultist, writer, mountaineer, philosopher, poet, and mystic He was an influential member in several occult organizations, including the Golden Dawn, the A A , and Ordo Templi Orientis O.T.O , and is best known today for his occult writings, especially The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema He gained much notoriety during his lifetime, and was infamously dubbed The Wickedest Man in the World Crowley was a chess player, mountain climber, poet, painter, astrologer, hedonist, bisexual, drug experimenter, and social critic Crowley had claimed to be a Freemason, but the regularity of his initiations with the United Grand Lodge of England has been disputed.


    1. This is one of the most amazing things i ve ever read It s a book about drugs and addiction, but it s also not about drugs at all It s about why each of us is here, what we re supposed to do, and how to get it done Incredibly beautiful, uplifting, and unique Crowley is so unique and completely un corny about the way he describes his tenets it made me think inwardly in an intense, positive way This uniqueness also spills over into the way he describes drugs, his characters, etc Very beautiful

    2. Back when I was doing lots of drugs and knew lots of people doing drugs and liked to say the word drugs I thought this was a great book In retrospect, I was just high and whatnot.

    3. Reading this was a visceral experience It s description of the depths of addiction and psychosis was gut wrenching and because it was so nuanced, strange and terrifying it seems clearly to have sprung from Crowley s own experience The narration unexpectedly switched between the two main characters mid story from the arrogant and self centered protagonist, Peter Pendragon, to the eminently likeable Louise Laleham, who up until that point had been given about as much depth as a sports car Peter m [...]

    4. I read this book when I found out the man I was dating the first beautiful love of my life was addicted to a wide variety of illicit drugs Then I sent it to him and became a feminist Our relationship did not end so well, but still probably as well as it could have and now he runs a children s museum I think.

    5. The third part completely undermines an exploration into the mind of an addict17 July 2009 This is one of the few books that I would not encourage people to read While I am not a big fan of the occult, and tend to stay as far away from it as possible, it is not the occult connections that concern me, but rather the conclusion that Crowley reaches with regards to drugs In any case, this book is not strictly one of Crowley s occultic writings, but the content can be quite dangerous nonetheless The [...]

    6. Found this on the street in a pile of Free please take books I figured, well, I will read at least one book by any author who is the subject of an Ozzy Osbourne song with absolutely killer Randy Rhoads solo.Like most novels written primarily to convey a philosophical point, Diary of a Drug fiend is not very good It s certainly better than anything Ayn Rand ever wrote, but that s a very low bar to clear.There s some interesting stuff depicting the horrible spiral of addiction I don t know if it h [...]

    7. After trying to read the purposefully nonsensical Book of Lies, I thought I d start with something a little enjoyable Diary of a Drug Fiend Aleister Crowley is a narcissistic, misogynistic, egomaniac but the book still manages to be redemptive in its glorious descriptions of drug use that quickly comes crashing down It shows the inner workings of someone caught in drug addiction, their supposed betterness juxtaposed with the reality of their sadness It shows the crash, reality like a splash of [...]

    8. I will write a review after I re read this book This book is my favorite and I recommend it to everyone It tells a tale between Peter and Lady Pendragon who meet one night and gets caught up in a whirlwind of drugs It is beautifully written, has great lines of philosophy carved underneath the story, and has an very moving ending, and I don t say that about a lot of books.

    9. Aleister Crowley achieves and surpasses what many authors have aspired to and failed, that is, he has written a classic novel in a rich poetic and deeply passionate style without ever once seeming forced or assembled Crowley s classic was not written or assembled as in a formula creation It s as if it has always existed It s as if it was just born out of the author s soul Some of the passages are so extraordinary that you may find yourself re reading them over and over Crowley s description of a [...]

    10. Cocaine is a hell of a drugRick James gThis is basically a really weak narrative about how great and terrible drugs are and how great Crowley s personal philosophy is I love biography I like drugs I even like fictionalized biography but, if you ever even dabbled in drugs, and you know anything about Crowley at all, this becomes insufferably dull pages upon pages of what being high is like written in almost flowery language Yes, I finished this, and yes, it mostly feels like a waste of my time Le [...]

    11. Fascinating look into the psychology of cocaine and heroin use The protagonist an obvious piece of Crowley s ego along with his mistress reaches the heights of drug ecstasy and depths of depravity and in the end is rescued by King Lamus, who was an aggrandized version of Crowley, who teaches him the method of quitting drugs through the careful application of the Law of Thelema.It s tragically ironic to read this in conjunction with Crowley s magical diaries of Tunis, 1923 During this time he tal [...]

    12. The descent into druggie madness parts are better than the silly mystical, fake church healing parts And the entire account is full of aristocratic attitudes most junkies don t have the luxury of But the main point of interest is to picture all of this happening in the 20 s Not an important book, but semi interesting.

    13. I enjoyed this than I thought I would, I got this book because Aleister Crowley was super evil You don t get the feeling of that from this book It felt like quite an honest account of somebody addicted to heroin and trying to get off the drug You can really feel the frustrations and pain of each narrator, so from Peter than from Lou.Glad I decided to give this one a go.

    14. Not only is this among the first reasonably honest examinations of recreational drug use, the consequences of addiction, and an avenue toward treatment, it also serves as a good narrative introduction to Crowley s conceptions of both Magick the art and science of causing change in conformity with will and Thelema from the Greek word for will, used to denominate his particular religio philisophical system The prose, while remarkable, is perhaps just a smidgen turgid and Victorian or perhaps Edwar [...]

    15. Den h r boken kommer du gilla, sa mannen i min kurs som tidigare rekommenderat mig Marilyn Manson f r dennes djuplodande samh llsanalys , och stack Diary of a Drug Fiend i min hand.Det blev en kamp mot tiden att l sa ut den innan sista f rel sningen imorgon f r att inte beh va s ka upp honom senare f r att terl mna boken p tu man hand Nu r jag klar Betyget One star in sight Det jag tyckte var mest sympatiskt i Diary of a Drug Fiend var huvudpersonen Sir Peter Pendragons bitterhet mot Crowleys se [...]

    16. This was my second attempt at reading this book and like the first time I read it, I just couldn t get into it My head hurt as I tried to get swept up in it but really my brain just kept telling me to stop wasting my time and move onto something I d actually like I m not one who usually gives up on booksI usually like to stick it out to the very end but not with this one I first attempted this book back in 2014 and only came back to it in 2017LOLThat s also saying something.For some reason I fou [...]

    17. Written in the roaring 20 s Geeze that s almost a hundred years ago now Back when Coke still put coke in the Coke and added just a bit of cola, prior to folks trying to legalize pot becuse it was legal at the time.Peter Parker Pendragon and his girlfriend Louise are trying to score some drugs I guess back in the 20 s they were known as Drug Fiends, today they would be the folks that worked in the cubicle next to yours They meet this guy who calls himself a Magician now probably the IT guy and he [...]

    18. I tried to read this book because a co worker thought I might enjoy it because I like Stephen King This was extremely well crafted in terms of descriptions and Crowley s vivid command of the English language is truly remarkable However, I couldn t dive in due to the wierdness of the tale, I stopped reading around page 33 Perhaps I didn t give it enough of a chance, but I read slowly enough that it felt like enough

    19. A bunch of this is absurd and some is archaic you can t die from opiate withdrawal, for one thing , and there s a fair amount of sexism, but in this book s innocence from the taint of the drug war criminalization had just begun when it was written it manages a lot nuance than modern accounts.

    20. Pompous, self aggrandising narcissist attempts to update Thomas de Quincey s Confessions of an opium eater and plug his own philosophy into the bargain, but ends up writing something that to these eyes comes across as Biggles Does Coke Mildly entertaining, yes, but likely to provoke laughter than shock or outrage Not very good.

    21. This is a novel about curing drug addiction with Magickal practices When you need to snort a line of cocaine while flying your biplane over the English channel you know you have a problem Is the solution in a free love commune on an Italian island The 20 s never roared so loud as this.

    22. This story is brutal, admirable, useful and sad until you finish it, and realize plainly that it is one of the most inspiring novels ever written Easy and very quick to read Well worth it.

    23. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of law Not exactly the best advice for a drug fiend.Excellent read Glad it s not me.

    24. one of my favorite books, a wonderful ride through the magickal ways of a man in love a book to be read and reread.

    25. I added the spoiler tag to be on the safe side, but this book really doesn t hold many surprises This is especially true for anyone who ever read a young adult Christian novel when they were in high school For those unfamiliar with this genre, here s the plot pattern that most of these books follow The protagonist usually a male unless the story is about why you shouldn t fuck before marriage is going through a life change when he meets an enigmatic teacher who introduces him to Christianity For [...]

    26. I liked it It was a pretty good book I have some surprise on that account The context and protagonists were ideologically dated, but I think that added to the historical character of the novel It was rarely over the top, and slightly dull, if anything Occasionally insightful, with a gentle sense of humor, and a striking absence of vulgarity of any sort, despite the subject matter.The bizarre and overtly polemical denouement was relatively brief, but substantial enough to knock it down from a mil [...]

    27. A good companion piece to the William Burroughs classic Junky, Crowley s version of drug addiction involves a lot flapping as in flappers , a lot poetry and a lot Magick A dreamy and hypnotic work of art For the grittier American version, try the Burroughs.I m pretty sure this book was an influence on than a couple of rock legends it s a strong possibility that David Bowie owns at least one album title to it, and Led Zeppelin definitely quoted it in, of all things, the run off groove of a re [...]

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