The Darkest Fire

The Darkest Fire

Gena Showalter / Aug 06, 2020
The Darkest Fire New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter has enthralled thousands of readers with her Lords of the Underworld series Enter this darkly sensual world where the line between good and evil blurs
  • Title: The Darkest Fire
  • Author: Gena Showalter
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  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter has enthralled thousands of readers with her Lords of the Underworld series Enter this darkly sensual world, where the line between good and evil blurs and true love is put to the ultimate test, in the series prequel novella, The Darkest Fire.He is the guardian of hell, monster than man She is the goddess of oppressioNew York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter has enthralled thousands of readers with her Lords of the Underworld series Enter this darkly sensual world, where the line between good and evil blurs and true love is put to the ultimate test, in the series prequel novella, The Darkest Fire.He is the guardian of hell, monster than man She is the goddess of oppression, angel than woman Together they will enter the flames to battle a dangerous horde of demon lords and discover a passion unlike any other.Don t miss this sizzling prequel to Gena Showalter s breathtaking paranormal series The Lords of the Underworld Though they carry an eternal curse, the Lords of the Underworld are irresistibly seductive and unimaginably powerful Showalter at her finest New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning on The Darkest NightDiscover The Darkest Night, the first novel in the Lords of the Underworld series And look for the latest book in the series, The Darkest Seduction, available now.
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        Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been translated all over the world The critics have called her books sizzling page turners and utterly spellbinding stories , while Showalter herself has been called a star on the rise.


    1. This was a prequel novella that told of the events leading up to the creation of Pandora s box A nice, quick audiobook, it was a great way to pass a couple of hours It definitely enticed me to read the rest of this series, which I plan to start immediately.Geryon and Kadence are tasked with keeping the demons and doomed souls in Hell contained They ve worked beside each other for a long time, never daring to act on, or address, their mutual attraction Geryon does not deem himself worthy of the a [...]

    2. without good, there would be only evil The Darkest Fire is a prequel to the Lords of the Underworld series, actually the love story of Geryon, the Guardian of Hell and Kadence, the goddess of Oppression Their task is to watch the wall and gate of Hell and make sure that neither soul nor demon ever escapes He was a slave to the prince of darkness, spawned by evil she was a goddess, created in light.One day Kadence discovers a crack in the wall, which leads to a desperate and doomed attempt to rep [...]

    3. Geryon Guardian of Hell, Kadence Goddess of OppressionGeryon is unattractive as a monster Kadence is beautiful as an angel This is another version of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale, which serves as an excellent prequel for the Lords of the Underworld It will explain the origins of Pandora s Box Although it is a short novel, the love story is strong and fulfilling Very enjoyable book She loved him, just as he was Horns, fangs, claws and all Wait loved Oh, yes She loved him She had considered [...]

    4. So I feel horrible in saying this but I thought this prequel was awful It came with the Lords of the Underworld Bundle I bought from for my Kindle And actually, when I started reading it I thought I was reading The Darkest Night I m reading along, thinking the way the story is written and the dialogue is so cheezy I can hardly continue But I keep thinking, I know I really like this author, and she gets really good ratings, so this must get better So I m reading, reading, thinking, I have a 100 p [...]

    5. Very interesting, very hot short story from Gena Showalter The Darkest Fire is the prequel to her Lords of the Underworld series To be honest, I think I liked this short story best of the series yet It s a mixture of fantasy and romance and Showalter s take on the sacrifices required for love according to ancient myth.She is the goddess sentenced to maintain watch on the underworld and her duty has bonded her to the wall that contains the demons of hell He is the guardian at the gate, who traded [...]

    6. Terrible LOL I read this by chance, I actually wanted to read the last book in GS s Atlantis series and this short story was before that one What can I say I just thought this was a lame story with no plot at all and a very VERY cheesy romance It didn t change in nothing the knowledge I had about the LOTU series I really would suggest people who don t enjoy novellas and short stories much to skip this as it wont help you discover anything new about the Lords I am even being a bit nice by giving [...]

    7. SPOILERS 3.5 starsThis is a LotU prequel But not really It is about the Guardian to the gates of Hell named Geryon, and the Goddess of Oppression Kadence He was a man who sold his soul to save his wife, who then left him for another man Very tragic Kadence is bonded to the wall of hell in order to keep all the demons in thered you guessed it, the Lords demons In fact, Pain, Lies, Doubt and Violence are the ones who crack the wall Kadence bargains with Lucifer to get Geryon s soul back so he can [...]

    8. I wasn t expecting to like this that much as after reading the first three books of the Lords of the Underworld series I already know that this isn t going to end well for the Goddess of Oppression However, after a few pages I was hooked and I really enjoyed this really short 90 pages approx story It is a Beauty and the Beast story, with a beautiful woman and an ugly man thing But you can see why despite his appearence, although he does have some very cute little demon horns, she fell in love wi [...]

    9. I have been wanting to start this series for awhile.I really enjoyed this short little introduction into how the Lords of The Underworld will eventually come to be.It packed quite a punch in a short number of pages, and you cared about the hero and heroine.Maybe not a traditional HEA all things considered, but I was happy with how it resolved for the couple.It is not necessary to read this before the series, but it gave a nice background to the origins of the Lords, and was enjoyable.

    10. It seems funny to call a steamy story about goddesses and demons in hell sweet, but that s how this struck me It s a beauty and the beast story, except that in this case beauty feels pretty beastly too, and the both of them spend much of the story feeling insecure and wondering if the other could ever possibly like them In this case, hell seems mighty similar to high school There s kind of a cool twist at the end that leads into the Lord of the Underworld series, but no real need to read this on [...]

    11. Asl nda seriye do ru d zg n ba lamadan bir ara kitap okuman n ne kadar do ru oldu unu d nd m, sorgulad m Ama ba lad m bir kere, diye d nd m devam ettim sonra yi ki de yle yapm m Those cracks were not there yesterday, she said What has caused such damage A horde of Demon Lords rise from the pit daily and fight to break out They have grown tired of their confinement here and seek living humans to torment Have you their names He nodded Violence, Death, Lies, Doubt, Misery Shall I go on No, she said [...]

    12. THE DARKEST FIRE is not for me.When I bought the Gena Showalter collection, I didn t realize that it was going to be like Sherrilyn Kenyon all over again, smutty and containing no self respect It kind of makes me sad I even bought it I don t think anyone in their right mind would want to read this.This is how the plot goes, just like every other smut novel Guy OMG I get a boner every time I look at her Girl OMG get away from me you psycho stalker freakazoid Guy NOOOOOOOOOZ Don t go away I want t [...]

    13. Woah That was a bittersweet yet wonderful start to the Lords of the Underworld series.The story of Goddess of Oppression Kaderin and the guardian of gates of the hell Geryon introduces you to the world of demons and glimpse into their sweet love story.The ending wasn t expected and made me tear up.Technically a HEA, because it s just the beginning.Safe3.5 5

    14. I read this LOTU prequel short story in the Into the Dark anthology and although it s an okay read, I didn t really gain any further insights into the series and it s just a bit too short 3 stars.

    15. Me ha gustado mucho La historia de amor de una diosa y un demonio en el infierno Relato de apenas 60 p ginas, en el que no se nota que las cosas sucedan de manera repentina Me han dado muchas ganas de empezar la saga.

    16. Zul m tanr s ile cehennemin giri nin koruyan bir iblisin hikayesi Zul m tanr s ,cehennemin kap s ndaki duvara tanr lar taraf ndan l ml ler d nyas n korumak i in ba lanm t r, iblisler bu duvara sald rm lard r ve duvar kerse tanr a lecektir.Lucifela yap lan bir anla ma ile bu gardiyan ile cehenneme giri yaparlar ve aralar ndaki ekim artar ger i gardian onu ilk g rd andan beri bo de ildir.Hey burada bir tanr adan bahsediyoruz hepsinin g zel olmas gerekiyor de il mi ama iddet ve l m bu iblisler olup [...]

    17. 4 Amazing Mythology Love and Longing Stars The Darkest Fire is a stirring mythological tale of good vs evil and love transcending death This prequel is my first exposure to the Lords of the Underworld series, which I will definitely continue reading

    18. The Guardian of Hell falls for the Goddess of Oppression, she was also connected to the wall between Hell and world Now that I am in to book 1 a bit, I can understand why this book was in with this series It was all about Pandora s Box A little confusing until it all clicked in my brain All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.

    19. Love this novella to introduce a new series Awesome quick read Would recommend to all friends that love paranormal.

    20. 3.5 StarsThis prequel novella tells the story of Kadence, the Goddess of Oppression, who is the warden of Hell and Geryon, a man who sold his soul to Lucifer and became beast now acting as the Guardian to the gates of Hell.ough these two characters have known one another for centuries, they have never spoken or interacted secretly attracted t one another, these characters are thrust together when the wall at the gates of Hell begins to crack due to the Demon Lords attempting to break freeKadence [...]

    21. The Darkest Fire is a short prequel to the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter.This story is a short paranormal romance between Geryon and Kadence.Geryon is the guardian to the gates of hell Centuries ago, Geryon sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for his wife s life and her love Lucifer changed Geryon into a half beast, with poisonous claws, hoofed feet, horns, and fur covering his legs and chest When his wife saw his appearance, she left him and he became disgusted with his appe [...]

    22. I m kinda late starting one of my March challenges books The Darkest Night which is part of the Lords of the Underworld Series So, I decided to do things properly and read the prequel first, to have better understanding of everything Now The Darkest Fire was a nice introduction for me I have practically no knowledge whatsoever of what demons do or don t do in hell except cause pain and yada yada I personally don t believe in hell, but whatever, let s keep going OBVIOUSLY, as a person who was rai [...]

    23. 3.5 Stars Prequel to Showalter s Lords of the UnderworldDarkest Fire, available so far only as an e book, is a short story that is a prequel to the Lords of the Underworld series but it is completely standalone, no Dark possessed Lords here Instead it is the story of the origins of the box which originally imprisoned the demons before being intrusted to Pandora It is a beauty and the beast style romance between the beastly Guardian of the Gate to the Underworld and the beautiful Goddess of Opres [...]

    24. When the wall separating Hell from mankind begins to crack and fall apart, a Goddess and a smitten demon go on a quest to save the world.Granted it has literally been YEARS since I read a LOTU book and I have actually only ever read the first one , but this prequel novella doesn t really inspire me to dive into the series any further The writing seemed very over the top and corny at times Especially when the demon is waxing poetic about how much he loves the Goddess, but how she will never love [...]

    25. There wasn t a lot to this story, but that s the nature of short stories prequels I picked it wanting to get a bit of background before starting a group buddy read of book 1 The Darkest Night.I listened to the audio version of this story The narrator did a brilliant job His voice was wonderful

    26. 2.5 starsI am not sure how to rate this book It was okay It was too short for me to really get a feel I realize it was a prequel introducing Kadence Geryon Maybe this book will make sense after I read The Darkest Night.

    27. Hmmm This is my first Gena Showalter It didn t quite live up to my expectations, especially since I ve heard people speak so highly of her books For one thing I did expect much better writing However, I did not see the ending coming at all, and that was good.

    28. Es una historia corta, que me hizo poner los ojos en blanco tantas vecesLa historia seguramente no es de las que te cambia la vida, ni nada por el estilo Yo esta saga la estoy leyendo con Lara y Val y nos lo tomamos con humor, porque es la nica forma de tomarlo.Yo por mi parte la estoy leyendo porque me r o de lo rid culo que es, no porque me entretenga.

    29. 4.5 stars cuz it made me Loved loved the goddess of oppression and her beautiful beast.It is just that, a I m gonna rip your heart out, throw it on the ground and stomp it to bits kinda beauty and the beast retelling storyYou would wonder how one could feel their love so deeply in just a short little novela which damn sure could have been a full out novel book but the author somehow manages it.Tbh i went into it with a bad feeling though, having read a few books in the series already fyi i like [...]

    30. I do not believe in devaluing books as I am of the opinion that every book is as unique as every reader s preferences are Usually, I am lenient than I should when rating a book.well, not in this case.Out of respect for such a great author as Ms Showalter I will say that I felt this novella was rushed, to say the least Kadence, the Goddess of Oppression, has been appointed as the one responsible for the wall surrounding Lucifer s Hell, thus keeping the Demon Lords from entering the realm of the [...]

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