Jules Verne's " Journey To The Centre Of The Earth " (Graffex)

Jules Verne's " Journey To The Centre Of The Earth " (Graffex)

Jules Verne Fiona MacDonald / Oct 01, 2020
Jules Verne s Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Graffex The intrepid Professor Liedenbrock embarks upon the strangest expedition of the nineteenth century a journey down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the Earth s very core In his quest to penetrate the pl
  • Title: Jules Verne's " Journey To The Centre Of The Earth " (Graffex)
  • Author: Jules Verne Fiona MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9781905087983
  • Page: 176
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  • The intrepid Professor Liedenbrock embarks upon the strangest expedition of the nineteenth century a journey down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the Earth s very core In his quest to penetrate the planet s primordial secrets, the geologist together with his quaking nephew Axel and their devoted guide, Hans discovers an astonishing subterranean menagerie of prehistoricThe intrepid Professor Liedenbrock embarks upon the strangest expedition of the nineteenth century a journey down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the Earth s very core In his quest to penetrate the planet s primordial secrets, the geologist together with his quaking nephew Axel and their devoted guide, Hans discovers an astonishing subterranean menagerie of prehistoric proportions Verne s imaginative tale is at once the ultimate science fiction adventure and a reflection on the perfectibility of human understanding and the psychology of the questor.
    Jules Verne Biography Facts Britannica Arthur B Evans is a professor of Modern Languages at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana He is the editor of Science Fiction Studies and the author and editor of several books, See Article History Jules Verne, born February , , Nantes, France died March , , Amiens , prolific French author whose writings laid much of the foundation of modern science fiction. Jules Verne Novels, Quotes Facts Biography Jules Verne, a th century French author, is famed for such revolutionary science fiction novels as Around the World in Eighty Days and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne, a Jules Verne bibliography rowsJules Verne was a French novelist, poet, and playwright Most famous for his novel Works Chronological Jules Verne Wiki Fandom The Begum s Fortune The Begum s Millions fr Les Cinq Cents Millions De La Bgum is a novel by Jules Verne published in The novel itself is considered one of Verne s most remarkable works, if not The Tribulations Of A Chinaman In China Edit A traditional adventure, this work follows the wealthy Chinese businessman Kin Fo. The Geology Of Jules Verne s Journey To The Center of the Feb , Novelist Jules Verne was born on February , , in the French city of Nantes Today he is known as a pioneer of the science fiction genre, imagining a Jules Verne s Rocket to the Moon Jules Verne s Rocket to the Moon is a Eastman color British science fiction comedy film directed by Don Sharp and starring Burl Ives, Troy Donahue, Gert Frbe and Terry Thomas. It was released in the US as Those Fantastic Flying Fools, in order to capitalise on the success of Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines two years earlier Director Don Sharp shot second unit on Jules Verne Small Group Tours Worldwide Escorted Tours Jules Verne That sense of adventure to discover the world is at the heart of Jules Verne Established in , our innovative small group escorted tours offer authentic travel jules verne captain Crossword Clue, Crossword Solver The Crossword Solver found answers to the jules verne captain crossword clue The Crossword Solver finds answers to American style crosswords, British style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. Le Jules Verne Home page Le Jules Verne, unique and bold Located on the nd floor of the Eiffel tower, Le Jules Verne enjoys a mythical setting, an invitation to discovery and travel.
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        Jules Gabriel Verne was a French author who pioneered the genre of science fiction He is best known for his novels Journey to the Center of the Earth 1864 , Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 1870 , and Around the World in Eighty Days 1873 Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of space travel had been devised He is the third most translated author of all time, behind Disney Productions and Agatha Christie His prominent novels have been made into films Verne, along with H G Wells, is often referred to as the Father of Science Fiction.


    1. Gawd dim it, bollocks, ShazBot and shit snacksI am so, SO bummed that I didn t experience Jules Verne s novels for the first time as a young man, rather than as an aging manolescent Reading them now, as a 41 year old, I still find myself carried away in the rollickingness of his well crafted adventures, but part of me knows deep down in my nethers that there s a warm, gooey nostalgia that will always be missing This giant load of empty in my core, if filled, would likely have elevated this from [...]

    2. As long as the heart beats, as long as your body and soul keep together, I cannot admit that any creature endowed with a will has need to despair of life I thought this book was brilliant and superbly well written by Venre as I will summarise below.It follows 3 main characters 1 Professor Lidenbrock a scientific genius who does not know when to quit even when the odds are less than 1% of success.2 His Nephew, Axel our narrator written in a similar way to Conon Doyle s Sherlock Holmes or Leroux s [...]

    3. Why does Jules Verne often remind me of Monty Python I mean, it s not funny or anything Perhaps I was struck by the fact that Robur le conqu rant doesn t just feature a flying machine called the Albatross, but also gives you a precise figure for the speed of a swallow Anyway, with further apologies Me I wish to register a complaint about this novel, which I purchased not 45 years ago in this very boutique.John Cleese Oh yeah What s wrong wiv it Me The title is A Journey to the Center of the Eart [...]

    4. I ve tried to make The Journey to the Centre of the earth myself people, and let me tell you, it is fraught with danger It should be a warning to you that I m writing this from the bed of a Burns unit by typing with two chargrilled finger stumps, because the centre of the earth is not some wonderfully hollow, sparkly geode, oh no In reality its a burning hot ball of lava, so hot that it makes the centre of a Pop Tart feel like a skinny dipping spree at the North Pole You have been warned Geology [...]

    5. When I was young I read this book and most of his others too I used to wonder about the Hollow Earth and often compared it to Middle Earth and Midgaurd Alice down the rabbit hole Shamballa and Hades Like At The Earths Core this book opens the imagination to an inner realm I have researched this concept and it is very fascinating indeed The diary of Admiral Byrd is worth looking into Agartha Ancient discoveries have been made illustrating this concept Were these greats of literature on to somethi [...]

    6. I have had a ridiculous amount of fun this year listening to classic novels as audiobooks When Audible offered a freebie I think it was a freebie of Journey to the Center of the Earth read by Tim Curry, I was excited Tim Curry Come on It almost didn t matter what it was I kind of place Curry in the same class as Tom Baker love the actor, adore the voice, will listen to literally anything read by him Though Tom Baker wins by having been The Doctor, of course And I was right Curry was fabulous His [...]

    7. 866 Voyage au centre de la Terre Journey To The Centre of The Earth A Journey to the Centre of the Earth A Journey to the Interior of the Earth Extraordinary Voyages 3 , Jules VerneJourney to the Center of the Earth French Voyage au centre de la Terre, also translated under the titles A Journey to the Centre of the Earth and A Journey to the Interior of the Earth is an 1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne The story involves German professor Otto Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tu [...]

    8. This was a DNF for me when I was a teenager I loved the old movie, but I just couldn t get into the book.Then, I selected this for my book club a couple of years ago thinking that now that I have grown up and read and because Jules Verne is one of the founding fathers of sci fi I would now love it Unfortunately, it was still a bit slow and hard to get through I enjoyed it, but it just didn t keep me enthralled liked I hoped it would.Then, I went back and watched the movie and I did not think it [...]

    9. Now began our real journey Hitherto our toil had overcome all difficulties, now difficulties would spring up at every step.I had not yet ventured to look down the bottomless pit into which I was about to take a plunge The supreme hour had come.OK so if you re a reader of Science Fiction, and especially the classics, you owe it to yourself to read some Jules Verne Not only was he enormously influential in the genre, but he is responsible for stories that are still popular to this day What human p [...]

    10. Este cl sico es una de las mejores aventuras que he le do en toda mi vida, emocionante desde el principio aunque el viaje en s tard en emprenderse Me pareci que desde el mismo momento en que se encontr aquel manuscrito, la traves a ya hab a empezado Incluso los preliminares se me hicieron tan ligeros y oportunos como un mapa que conduce directamente al tesoro Cada detalle aportaba lo necesario a la historia para hacerla cre ble, interesante y llamativa.A pesar de que en ocasiones no suced a nada [...]

    11. Before reading this book, I had taken a glance at some of the reviews posted by others To my surprise, there had been a lot negative reception than I had expected, even though at some time or another, any novel will find its detractors.One of the criticisms I came across was that of this novel being too descriptive, and long winded , and comments of that nature.Now, after having just finished the book, I feel at liberty to respond to these statements as being misguided or unwarranted By reading [...]

    12. Lo que me cost leerlo, de no creer.Fue uno de los cl sicos que m s me gustaron, est llen simo de aventuras y te la pasas tenso en todo momento al leerlo.

    13. This book suffered, at the hands of the older English translators, many of the same indignities and mutilations that I mentioned in my review of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea for instance, in the version I read, the Professor s name was Hardwegg, not Lidenbrock , and this no doubt produces a reading experience much inferior to the one Verne actually intended but even reading it in one of these impaired translations, it came across to me as one of Verne s better books, and one of those th [...]

    14. When I go on a Great Adventure, I like to bring a book with me which also chronicles a great adventure This is for two reasons first, to urge me on in my own adventure and push the boundaries of what is expected on said adventure, and second, to give me something entertaining to read about a great adventure should mine turn out less than spectacular After reading From The Earth To The Moon by Verne and finding it totally awesome, I figured another Verne story couldn t go astray to satisfy these [...]

    15. 4.5 5Verdaderamente empezaba a ser convencido por los argumentos del profesor Aparte, l les otorgaba m s valor debido a su pasi n y entusiasmo Lo ves, Axel a adi , que el estado del n cleo central ha suscitado distintas hip tesis entre los g ologos no hay nada que demuestre que posee ese calor interior seg n mi opini n, no existe ni puede existir lo veremos, y adem s, como Arne Saknussemm, sabremos a qu atenernos sobre este importante problema S , le contest , dej ndome arrastrar por su entusias [...]

    16. Descent into the Underworld9 November 2015 This is actually a really cool story and both times I ve read it I really enjoyed it Mind you it probably goes without saying that it is classic science fiction however I am actually really hesitant to put it into that category because it is much like and adventure novel Okay, it does work on this theory that the centre of the Earth is actually not as hot as we think it is in fact it is pretty cold which means that it is possible to travel to its depth [...]

    17. This is genuine science fiction from 1864 It is a straight forward read about a man who s uncle, an eminent Professor of mineralogy, discovers a secret manuscript detailing the entrance to a passage leading to the centre of the Earth, written three hundred years before by a man who claims to have been there and returned The nephew, reluctant and fearful, is dragged along on an expedition to re discover the route if it really exists.Perhaps a little too much time is spent getting to the subterran [...]

    18. Seriously, what is this book Is it a sci fi novel, is it a travel manual, is it a textbook The only redeeming quality it had was that the narrative was written in such a way to make the reading rather quick With that being said, though, I was than a little disappointed I thought I would be reading a fantastical story about a mystical journey and what I got was a lesson on geology, geography, history, science, and Verne s narrator is not sympathetic at all His persistent whining made me wish he [...]

    19. Es un libro de aventuras por excelencia, que atrapa de principio a fin Est escrito en primera persona, bajo la mirada del sobrino del exc ntrico cient fico protagonista de la historia, al que acompa a, no sin cierta reticencia, en su alocado viaje Esta reticencia hace que cuestione permanentemente las conclusiones de su t o con un estilo mordaz que ameniza a n m s la lectura Adicionalmente, los acompa a en su empresa un gu a island s, personaje que inevitablemente generar simpat a en el lector p [...]

    20. I m not going to go into a description of the plot because the title says it all I will only give my overall opinion.In picking this book up from the library I had fantastic preconceived images burned into my mind of what I might expect to read prehestoric animals, humanoids, battles, escapes, etc I was than a little disappointed to find it lacking most of those mentioned I have read books like Snowcrash that blow my preconceived notions away with than expected surprises, but Journey to the Ce [...]

    21. My second Verne Another adventurous and creative tale, which really fired up my imagination especially the forest of gigantic mushrooms that just sounds too awesome to be true Even though this is probably Verne s most well known book, I enjoyed Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea way Maybe because when reading that, I didn t know what to expect, and because I loved it, my expectations for this one were too high But the endless scientific details were sometimes just too much for me Still quite [...]

    22. Sempre que olho para um t tulo de Jules Verne acho que j li o livro Sei de cor o nome de personagens como o Capit o Nemo e o Professor Aronnax de Vinte Mil L guas Submarinas ou o Phileas Fogg e o Passpartout de A Volta ao Mundo em Oitenta Dias, ou mesmo Mary e Robert Grant de Os Filhos do Capit o Grant.Se li estas obras foi h tanto, mas tanto tempo que a mem ria mistura as aventuras dos livros com as imagens dos filmes ou mesmo dos desenhos animados.Esta viagem ao centro da terra faz parte dos 1 [...]

    23. I listened to the audio version narrated by Simon Prebble and I also read the Barnes Noble Classic collection version No matter what, I loved the story I know, I am odd, I like all of the old Jules Verne stories with all of the old and sometimes wrong scientific stuff and stuffy English translations I really wish I could read it in French It would be so cool For me, it is the story and all about getting there If the characters are even remotely likable, I am a happy camper It is no good question [...]

    24. Somehow this wasn t nearly as fun as the first time I read it Axel, as a narrator, is still amusingly wry and dramatic in turn, but the adventure itself seems far less huge than I d previously thought.

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