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Zeitoun National Bestseller A New York Times Notable Book An O The Oprah Magazine Terrific Read of the YearA Huffington Post Best Book of the Year A New Yorker Favorite Book of the Year A Chicago Tribune Fav
  • Title: Zeitoun
  • Author: Dave Eggers
  • ISBN: 9780307739438
  • Page: 293
  • Format: ebook
  • National Bestseller A New York Times Notable Book An O, The Oprah Magazine Terrific Read of the YearA Huffington Post Best Book of the Year A New Yorker Favorite Book of the Year A Chicago Tribune Favorite Nonfiction Book of the Year A Kansas City Star Best Book of the Year A San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year An Entertainment Weekly Best Book of the Decade TheNational Bestseller A New York Times Notable Book An O, The Oprah Magazine Terrific Read of the YearA Huffington Post Best Book of the Year A New Yorker Favorite Book of the Year A Chicago Tribune Favorite Nonfiction Book of the Year A Kansas City Star Best Book of the Year A San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year An Entertainment Weekly Best Book of the Decade The true story of one family, caught between America s two biggest policy disasters the war on terror and the response to Hurricane Katrina Abdulrahman and Kathy Zeitoun run a house painting business in New Orleans In August of 2005, as Hurricane Katrina approaches, Kathy evacuates with their four young children, leaving Zeitoun to watch over the business In the days following the storm he travels the city by canoe, feeding abandoned animals and helping elderly neighbors Then, on September 6th, police officers armed with M 16s arrest Zeitoun in his home Told with eloquence and compassion, Zeitoun is a riveting account of one family s unthinkable struggle with forces beyond wind and water.From the Trade Paperback edition.
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        Dave Eggers is the author of ten books, including most recently Your Fathers, Where Are They And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever , The Circle and A Hologram for the King, which was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award He is the founder of McSweeney s, an independent publishing company based in San Francisco that produces books, a quarterly journal of new writing McSweeney s Quarterly Concern , and a monthly magazine, The Believer McSweeney s also publishes Voice of Witness, a nonprofit book series that uses oral history to illuminate human rights crises around the world Eggers is the co founder of 826 National, a network of eight tutoring centers around the country and ScholarMatch, a nonprofit organization designed to connect students with resources, schools and donors to make college possible He lives in Northern California with his family.


    1. Will you remind me again why we all hate Dave Eggers so much I remember reading What Is The What as an act of defiance against the culture at the Strand, where all the book snobs I was working with were way, far too cool to like him I don t think I looked into the situation very critically though I mean, at the time I was interested in reading as confrontation than I was in understanding that confrontation But now I m old So let s talk about it Is it because he s popular He s not, actually, tha [...]

    2. The book club I belonged to several years ago selected Zeitoun and we had a week to read it I enjoyed the book and hadn t realized how many horrible things happened in New Orleans besides the actual impact of the hurricane Based on some reality, the story helps a non Louisiana native understand the true impacts of the hurricane, not only on the land but on the people.The imagery and language were strong, and the characterizations were very intricate Since reading the books, I ve spent time in Lo [...]

    3. Y all This book is VERY LIKELY FICTION and poor Eggers got conned, bless his heart The Zeitouns Zetons painted our uptown house in the late 90s, and after their arrests, I paid attention whenever their names showed up in the Times Picayune Anybody who lives in the Garden District or really anywhere uptown in New Orleans knows about these guys If you check the logs of the NOLA Better Business Bureau, there were complaints lodged against their painting business than all of the other combined comp [...]

    4. I am still trembling from rage, disbelief, and sadness having closed the back cover of this book a few minutes ago Aside from newspaper and magazine articles that I read in the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina, this is the first long and complete account I have read of a family s experience in the disaster It is a tremendous and devastating work, told with such forthrightness, simplicity and respect I highly recommend it to all What strikes me as I read several of the reviews that fo [...]

    5. Definitely compelling once we get to the storm The book starts off pretty slow and unsatisfying Eggers needs to establish these characters, needs to make us care, but he does so with vast brushstrokes punctuated with only the occasional specific detail for balance The problem is it s pure exposition and summary In part I of the book there s virtually no scene This made it extremely difficult to invest myself completely in the book While I got an idea of who the Zeitouns were, I never really felt [...]

    6. Read between 11.30 pm and 4.45 a.m last night One big gulp of stinky, corrupt water and the lives that were washed away in it and continue to be devastated by injustices codified and rationalized by The War On Terror the U.S s own citizens murdered by ineptitude, bureacracy and a racist, elitist, fear based world view that prioritized building prisons over providing food, water and shelter.Eggers at his very best What he manages to do here a lesson learned from the backlash against What Is The W [...]

    7. If I may say so without sounding like a heartless wench, after hearing about Hurricane Katrina every day of my life for about three straight years, I was in no mood to also read a book based on one of its many survivors I know it was a horrible, deplorable event but felt that Brian Williams stayed on that story a bit too long, or too often, for its own good My heart broke for the people, I did what I could, and felt horrible I couldn t do , and that our government did not do good What I didn t [...]

    8. What is building, and rebuilding and rebuilding again, but an act of faith Dave Eggers, ZeitounThere is something bold and yet quiet about Zeitoun the book and Zeitoun the man There is also something bold about Dave Eggers I don t always like the flashier parts of Eggers The sparkle and the shake of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius or the fur covered binding of The Wild Things didn t really capture me like they did some But after reading A Hologram for the King I ve started recognizing [...]

    9. Rave review in the New York Times.I m on Amtrak today, on the first of a three day trip to New Orleans I checked five books out of the library just before leaving, then pondered and left two of them at home This morning I started in on Zeitoun, and this evening I finished it Maybe I should have brought than three books I also listened to many hours of podcasts when I decided the scenery was nice enough that I didn t want to be reading it turns out train trips are a great way of catching up on m [...]

    10. The artist doesn t matter So say I in my GoodReads profile What about the inspiration for the story Does he matter After finishing the book, I had to push my heart back down my throat I had mini nightmares about what I had read I took a deep breath and made a note of buying a copy for a close friend s upcoming birthday And, as with all books I love, I searched for online reviews and varying opinions, and stumbled upon the real life murder charges brought against Zeitoun this past fall salon 2012 [...]

    11. I ve added an addendum, see below This easy reading docu fiction is NOT about the misery that hurricane Katrina caused in New Orleans in the summer of 2005 The real subject of Eggers is the inadequate organization of American society and how quickly it can descend to the level of a banana republic He uses the example of the well integrated Syrian migrant, Abdulrahman Zeitoun and his family, living and working in New Orleans Due to the hurricane, Zeitoun gets into great difficulties and has to un [...]

    12. File this under The Best Book You ve Never Heard Of, or at least it was one of the best books I d never heard of until it was recommended as the next read for our book club This narrative non fiction book chronicles the story of Abdul Zeitoun in the days before and weeks after Katrina Zeitoun is a Syrian immigrant who ultimately settles in New Orleans, becomes an American citizen, and builds a successful painting property ownership business.As Katrina prepares to make landfall, Zeitoun s wife an [...]

    13. The Moral Ravages of Hurricane KatrinaThe Dangers of Hatred and BigotryDave Eggers tells the astonishing and sad story of how the basest of evil in the human condition tends to rise in times of turmoil It struck me though how this 2009 book is just as relevant today, probably even so given the hate filled rhetoric of one candidate for U.S President who would have proposed that we not only lock up Mr Zeitoun, a Syrian born New Orleans small business operator since 1988, and a naturalized citizen, [...]

    14. This book belongs on that short shelf of essential classics such as All Quiet on the Western Front and Cry, the Beloved Country The great tragedy of Zeitoun is that he suffered for doing what all of us would hope to do in similar circumstances the best we can in times of crisis to help our neighbors The sheer hell that Zeitoun, his family, and the countless, nameless people who suffered during the aftermath of Katrina went through is a modern parable we should all heed Despite the subsequent gov [...]

    15. Aaaaaaaarghhh I just can t take Dave Eggers He has authorial ADD Stay focused already, dude Beats me why he s considered such a great writer Oh well, no accounting for individual tastes, I guess.

    16. I despised this book and my review contains spoilers Posted August 10, 2012 Dave Eggers must do the general public a favor and retract his bogus and biased account of the Zeitoun family and their alleged trials after Hurricane Katrina I ve now learned Mr Zeitoun has been accused of attempting to hire someone to kill his ex wife Kathy Zeitoun she s painfully annoying but undeserving of the terrible treatment he s heaped on her Here s the latest account nola crime indexf 2The article also states I [...]

    17. so Zeitoun is a flagship work for Eggers Voice of Witness, an organization that depicts human rights crises around the world through the stories of the men and women who experience them.And in Zeitoun we get an intensely personal story cast as a morality play not only about Hurricane Katrina, but 9 11 to boot But what to make of a morality play where the protagonist attacks his wife with a tire iron and then gets arrested for three counts of attempted murder Does oops cut it The world is a messy [...]

    18. I am currently at the back end of a monster diet 500 calories a day, all protein, no carb I am also now a Knut Hamsun character no body come near me, or I will eat you Literally Things are baaad And so, last night, I caved in, a bought a Penguin at the kiosk Normally, I wouldn t touch it with a barge poll Haute cuisine it ain t, and frankly, I ve never seen anyone under 300 pounds eating one But, this was no time for debating the finer points of degustation Or any other points, for that matter t [...]

    19. Half way through reading this book, I decided to Google Abdulrahman Zeitoun The book was getting stressful and I wanted to make sure he survived I found out that yes, he did survive, but I also found out the horrifying truth He s been arrested multiple times since the book s publication for choking his now ex wife and beating her with a tire iron, for ordering a hit on her and his stepson, and for continuous violations of restraining orders that have lead to a felony stalking charge He s a horri [...]

    20. As a writer, Dave Eggers has the ability to find the small story within the larger one, as exemplified by his Voice of Witness series, out of which arose this book But no one else could have written this book his extraordinary skill as a writer coupled with his deep seated humanity and puckish humor have woven a story of courage and loyalty and love far beyond any other I ve read, save for his own What is the What, my favorite book of 2006 His befriending of his subjects results in epic volumes, [...]

    21. Book on CD performed by Firdous Bamji This is a true story of what happened to one family in Post Katrina New Orleans Kathy and Abdulrahman Zeitoun own and operate a contracting firm specializing in remodeling and refurbishing homes In August 2005 as Hurricane Katrina heads for New Orleans, Kathy flees the city with their four young children, eventually winding up with friends in Phoenix Abdulrahman commonly known by his last name, Zeitoun remains behind to watch over their properties After the [...]

    22. A long time ago I had decided not to ever read anything by Dave Eggers That was because he had written an atrocity of a book called A Hearbreaking Work of Staggering Genius It was self indulgent, self conscious posturing, using literary gimmicks in a way that I found wholly inauthentic This was AGES ago, though, so don t ask me for specific complaints I don t remember them.Anyway, about a month ago, a friend was reading Zeitoun and finished it in about a day, then lent it to another friend who f [...]

    23. I am not a fan of Dave Eggers A Hologram for the King was the first novel I read by him and I found it dull and unconvincing ThenZeitoun was chosen by my group, Read Between the Wines, as its nonfiction selection for November I downed a bottle, or two, and staggered on board, thinking I d give Eggers another chance with something that was based on truth As my buzz diminished, I found myself swept back in time to that dreadful weekend in August, 2005 when the world watched in horror as New Orlean [...]

    24. Zeitoun is a moving and eye opening journalistic account of a much loved and respected Syrian born small business owner and resident of New Orleans in the days before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina Eggers worked closely with Abdulrahman Zeitoun known simply as Zeitoun and his American wife Kathy to faithfully represent Zeitoun s experiences when he remained in New Orleans to supervise his residential properties and business sites following the hurricane Some of the most emotionally rich sc [...]

    25. Character driven narrative non fiction Once the storm hits, it s consistently top notch, un put down ably compelling and important Not really just a book about Hurricane Katrina It s about how essential human virtues courage, endurance, hard work, tolerance, love for and reliance on family outweigh superficial religious and regional differences How character s revealed under pressure Extreme Bush Era breakdown of rights we take for granted in the U.S there was some disbelief reading this, think [...]

    26. a This is disaster porn The first disaster is Katrina The second disaster is the US Security State of Paranoid Repression.b That second disaster makes the True Story Behind The Story irrelevant It doesn t matter one iota about what kind of character Zeitoun really was Because the US Security State of Paranoid Repression is illegitimate No one deserves this kind of repression Not even the worst rapist murderer terrorist younameit.c I thought it was about the Katrina disaster so I was going to wri [...]

    27. I am approximately 2 3 of the way through this book and am thus far underwhelmed Not by the story the characters, primarly the eponymous name character, Abdulrahman Zeitoun, are nuanced, courageous individuals who captura the at once deeply personal and universal nature of Katrina and its aftermath But Eggers writing is quite dry and the book much longer than it needs to be to tell this story Eggers intersperses the main narrative with stories of Zeitoun s family and childhood in Syria, which at [...]

    28. This is the third Eggers book I ve read and they ve all been really readable I like reading them.The others were Heartbreaking Work and What is the What, and all of them have been about things that are true.Zeitoun is fuckin horrifying It s about a Syrian emigrant to the US who chooses to stay in New Orleans during Katrina due to reasons that make perfect sense He s equipped to stay, he has properties to watch out for, he s resourceful he s actually the right guy to stay He s an asset to the pos [...]

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