Alien Child

Alien Child

Pamela Sargent / Sep 20, 2020
Alien Child A girl growing up in an insulated though pleasant environment with a furry guardian for company comes to realize that she must be the last human left on earth
  • Title: Alien Child
  • Author: Pamela Sargent
  • ISBN: 9780060252038
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • A girl growing up in an insulated though pleasant environment, with a furry guardian for company, comes to realize that she must be the last human left on earth.
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        Pamela Sargent has won the Nebula Award, the Locus Award, and has been a finalist for the Hugo Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award for alternate history In 2012, she was honored with the Pilgrim Award by the Science Fiction Research Association for lifetime achievement in science fiction scholarship She is the author of the novels Cloned Lives, The Sudden Star, Watchstar, The Golden Space, The Alien Upstairs, Eye of the Comet, Homesmind, Alien Child, The Shore of Women, Venus of Dreams, Venus of Shadows, Child of Venus, Climb the Wind, and Ruler of the Sky Her most recent short story collection is Thumbprints, published by Golden Gryphon Press, with an introduction by James Morrow The Washington Post Book World has called her one of the genre s best writers In the 1970s, she edited the Women of Wonder series, the first collections of science fiction by women her other anthologies include Bio Futures and, with British writer Ian Watson as co editor, Afterlives Two anthologies, Women of Wonder, The Classic Years Science Fiction by Women from the 1940s to the 1970s and Women of Wonder, The Contemporary Years Science Fiction by Women from the 1970s to the 1990s, were published by Harcourt Brace in 1995 Publishers Weekly called these two books essential reading for any serious sf fan Her most recent anthology is Conqueror Fantastic, out from DAW Books in 2004 Tor Books reissued her 1983 young adult novel Earthseed, selected as a Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association, and a sequel, Farseed, in early 2007 A third volume, Seed Seeker, was published in November of 2010 by Tor Earthseed has been optioned by Paramount Pictures, with Melissa Rosenberg, scriptwriter for all of the Twilight films, writing the script and producing through her Tall Girls Productions.A collection, Puss in D.C and Other Stories, is out her novel Season of the Cats is out in hardcover and will be available in paperback from Wildside Press The Shore of Women has been optioned for development as a TV series by Super Deluxe Films, part of Turner Broadcasting Pamela Sargent lives in Albany, New York.


    1. If I had read this as a teenager, I would ve liked it very much I felt like it occupies a science fictional space somewhere between Andre Norton s Star Ka at stories and C.J Cherryh s Chanur saga.A young human girl, Nita, has been raised by a catlike alien known as Llipel Her home, the bounds of which she has never gone beyond, is The Institute an abandoned facility maintained solely by an artificial intelligence, which has been Nita s source of education, socialization and knowledge about her s [...]

    2. More reviews The BiblioSanctum.Originally published in 1988, Alien Child is a young adult book that follows a human girl named Nita who is being raised by a catlike creature, Llipel, in the remains of a medical institute Llipel s companion, Llare, stays holed away from them in another part of the institute that she s not allowed to access Nita begins to believe that she s the last surviving human on Earth as she learns about what happened to the rest of humanity and how she, a human girl, came [...]

    3. 3.5 stars rounded up because there aren t enough thoughtful SF novels for the tweens and young teens, and this does help fill that gap Good what if story, though an experienced reader will be arguing and questioning the author s decisions and techniques.Authors, please, less romance, less dystopia, for YA less fantasy for tweens let s give young people some solid SF like The Giver and An Alien Music, like this could have been.

    4. anaslair.wordpress 2016 0The beginning of this book is praise from a bunch of folks I actually bothered to read it all, not only because I was curious about what they thought of this novel but also because it had praise from other books by her She was defined as writing unique sci fi, no one has ever done anything like her, she is a master at characterization and so on and so forth Talk about setting high expectations I hope I have learned my lesson.So here I am, beginning the book per se, and i [...]

    5. Alien Child by Pam Sargent A YA book originally published in 1988 Book Description A girl growing up in an insulated though pleasant environment, with a furry guardian for company, comes to realize that she must be the last human left on earth Interesting, but not compelling, the novel encourages an examination of what the human condition really entails trust, love, and humanity s history of violence and war Might be a good choice for younger readers, giving them a lot to ponder.NetGalley Open R [...]

    6. A Solid SciFi Story for the Tween Set Full disclosure I received a free electronic ARC for review through NetGalley Trigger warning for rape The emptiness of the world outside told her that the last story of her people had ended badly For as long as she can remember, Nita has lived in the east wing of the Kwalung Ibarra Institute with her furred, cat like guardian, Llipel Their only company is the robotic gardeners that maintain the grounds the artificial intelligence that controls the Institute [...]

    7. I rarely read modern young adult fiction Classics, like Pamela Sargent s Alien Child first published in 1988, now released in ebook form, appeal to a wider audience Accessible to younger readers, Alien Child is not only entertaining, it is thought provoking, encouraging self examination and questioning Nita has grown up at the Institute Her only companion is her guardian, a being known as Llipel As she matures, Nita begins to ask questions Where are the other humans What lies in the cold room th [...]

    8. There is much to admire about Alien Child It s a well thought out story with convincing aliens and, as a result, convincing misunderstandings Nita, about 15 during the main events of the story, has been raised by Llippel and has never seen another human being except on computer screens By the time she s 4 or 5, Nita already knows she and her guardian are very different As she grows older, she begins to wonder if there are any people who look like her Then she discovers that a boy her age, Sven, [...]

    9. A young girl, Nita, is being raised by a gentle, furred alien being in an abandoned cryogenics facility, where her embryo was accidentally unfrozen by the alien Llipel She learns from the facility s mind, the computer that communicates with her through screens, that in another wing of the building, her guardian s partner, Llare, is raising a human boy also brought to life by mistake.Despite their guardians intentions to keep them apart, Nita and the boy, Sven, soon meet and compare notes, and Sv [...]

    10. I read this a long time ago in middle school It s a unique tale set in what is apparently a post apocalyptic Earth, since the child mentioned in the title of this book is the only one of her kind She is raised by an alien, and has never met anyone else, and her education is given to her via the alien and by the computers in the place she is living in This is by no means an adult book, and was written for the Young Adult audience I remember enjoying it The girl doesn t spend her whole existence a [...]

    11. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is a young adult novel that was originally published in 1988 If I had read it as a kid, I m sure I would have loved it However, even reading it as an adult, it is a pretty good book It tells the tale of a young girl who is raised by an alien guardian It is a fairly brief story that goes along at a pretty good pace You can kind of tell that it is a young adult novel written in the late 80s, but it was an easy, enjoyable read.

    12. I read this book when I was ten years old, it was my first literary experience of science fiction and it changed my young mind forever Therefore my high rating can be attributed mostly to nostalgia Today, as an adult, the book seems simplistic and dated, but that certainly won t stop me from pushing it on impressionable un indoctrinated youth

    13. I didn t like this one as well as I expected to I think part of the reason is that Nita s knowledge of her surroundings at the beginning of the book doesn t seem to quite convince me that she was raised by an alien I suppose I should have hung on for a little longer, before abandoning this book, but my TBR pile is SOOOO high that I am just going to move on.

    14. I don t know what it was with this book but I clearly enjoyed it when I was 14 years old I loved how a human girl who thought she was alone in the world was actually not who was raised by an extra terrestrial being It had a surreal type of feeling when I read it.

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