Out Of The Woods But Not Over The Hill

Out Of The Woods But Not Over The Hill

Gervase Phinn / Jan 24, 2020
Out Of The Woods But Not Over The Hill For Gervase Phinn growing old is not about a leisurely walk to the pub for a game of dominoes or snoozing in his favourite armchair As this sparkling collection of his very best humorous writing shows
  • Title: Out Of The Woods But Not Over The Hill
  • Author: Gervase Phinn
  • ISBN: 9781444705386
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For Gervase Phinn growing old is not about a leisurely walk to the pub for a game of dominoes or snoozing in his favourite armchair As this sparkling collection of his very best humorous writing shows, he may be out of the woods but he is certainly not over the hill.
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      • Gervase Phinn

        Gervase Phinn born 27 December 1946, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England is an English author and educator After a career as a teacher he became a schools inspector and, latterly, Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Teesside He has published five volumes of memoir, collections of poetry and a number of books about education He has a particular interest in children s literature and literacy.He is married with four grown up children.


    1. I ve read all of Gervase Phinn s books except his latest, fictional work that came out recently and I have enjoyed them all I did recognise the very occasional anecdote in this work from previous books but did not find this detrimental to my enjoyment and I found it interesting to learn a bit about Mr Phinn s life generally, his family and adventures away from OFSTED However, I did find myself missing the familiar characters such as Connie the Cleaner and the routine of going back to the office [...]

    2. Gervase Phinn is one of my favourite authors for when I want something light and easy to read, something that will make me laugh I ve read all of The Dales series of books and thoroughly enjoyed them While I found this autobiographically work interesting and just as engaging, it didn t seem to flow very smoothly, it felt disjointed There s some repetition, where he recounts incidents from previous works but in spite of that, I enjoyed hearing anecdotes from his personal life For me, Out of The W [...]

    3. Really enjoy this author s humour and gentle, entertaining stories of life as a school inspector I have previously read his novels based on his life, but this one was autobiographical.

    4. An amusing read, easy to dip in and out of but that you want to keep reading Clearly the inspiration for some of the things that happen in his fiction books.

    5. It s a good one this a real charming and funny book.The book is planned quite loosely and even haphazardly and that s not a criticism into larger chapters that are made up of a series of little tales, anecdotes and stories Phinn concentrates his social commentary on the subject matter of education, language, life at large and the merits of British especially English cultural identity It would, of course, be totally remiss to not include the fact that Phinn laments fairly expertly on life in the [...]

    6. Another compilation of short essays and occasional short verse by Gervase Phinn.As usual, he writes warmly and kindly about a whole range of aspects of his career and family life, both in his beloved Yorkshire and beyond in the UK and the USA And his love and mastery of the English language, along with reverence for past authors that have nourishing him is breathtaking in scope It made me want to read even As an series of observations on life, he retrieves many examples of things witnessed or e [...]

    7. Mildly witty and entertaining An interesting read written by an ex OFSTED inspector and teacher about the various schools, children, teachers and people he has met on his journey from being an NQT to visiting schools as an OFSTED Inspector to becoming a published writer Each take is no than a couple of pages long and this is good bite sized reading if you are short on time or do not wish to read a long book.It also illustrates how much the brief of an OFSTED Inspector has changed since Gervase [...]

    8. A book of scraps, odds and ends, random musings and leftovers from his other stories Mr Phinn perhaps understandably comes down firmly on the side of teachers and has taken the opportunity to give examples of bad parenting In my experience not only are some teachers capable of saying ridiculous and sometimes damaging things to children but they rarely accept any responsibility for doing so and the parents good, bad or indifferent are left to try to pick up the pieces.

    9. Not great literature but a collection of funny anecdotes by a man who grew up in poor,working class Rotherham, Yorkshire, England with the name Gervase Phinn He became a teacher and later a school inspector Most of his stories are about the things young school children have said and done and he writes a good Yorkshire dialect.A very light, fun read and it brought back a lot of memories about English scholing

    10. Over the years I ve read several books by Gervase My first was Up and Down in the Dales I love his tales from Yorkshire and his life as a teacher and then a school inspector The Yorkshire dialect and humour is brilliant and funny, I m always laughing out loud when I read his books This book combines acecdotes and memories as well as a few personal opinions and Yes I was still laughing.

    11. More anecdotes from his years as a school inspector along with observations on various subjects Maybe not quite as funny as his earlier books but there are still plenty of laugh out loud stories here.

    12. I love his humour With each episode lasting only two or three pages we get an insight into a multitude of events in Mr Phinn s life as a teacher school inspector after dinner speaker family man human being.Getting me to laugh out loud isn t easy I did with this book, many times.

    13. This autobiography is a gentle retrospective of Gervase Phinn s career as a teacher and school inspector, laced with humorous anecdotes as in all his novels I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who loves childhood, quirky people and laughter a treat.

    14. Another enjoyable Phinn book At first I thought this was going to be a compilation of some of his funniest anecdotes But actually there was a lot to it.

    15. very funny and witty book about the author s time as a school teacher inspector and other witty stories thrown in too

    16. Excellent book many laughs to be hadghtfulhe really knows children and puts over the stories so wellYou just have to share these tales with others.

    17. Brilliant as ever another funny and informative book from Mr Phinn my only problem with this one is that it was too short

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