How Much for Just the Planet?

How Much for Just the Planet?

John M. Ford / Aug 12, 2020
How Much for Just the Planet On the planet Direidi a fortune in Dilithium crystals has been found The contest for the crystals lies between the Enterprise and the Klingons a contest that propels Captain Kirk and his crew into th
  • Title: How Much for Just the Planet?
  • Author: John M. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780671629984
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • On the planet Direidi, a fortune in Dilithium crystals has been found The contest for the crystals lies between the Enterprise and the Klingons a contest that propels Captain Kirk and his crew into their strangest adventure yet.
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    1. These notes were made in 1987 Frankly, not one of my favourites Based on a personal whimsy, in fact, which I don t share Ford has transported the principals of the Enterprise, with a few made up extras, plus an equal number of Klingons, onto a planet where no matter how they try to resolve situations they end up in slapstick comedy situations It eventually comes out that this is by design of the local inhabitants, who do not wish either the Federation or the Klingons to have total control of the [...]

    2. How Much For Just the Planet may well not be what you expect in a Star Trek novel although the reviews you re reading will give you a better idea I for one didn t expect it from the back cover copy, despite being charmed by the first few pages, in which the food replicators serve oddly colored orange juice electric blue and Klingon battertoast undress tunic green and interpret idioms as requests for food I m not really sure if the reason for that was ever explained, actually Admittedly, it was m [...]

    3. Ok, I have to admit it I LOVED this book because the author had the crew having SSOOO much fun While some of the classic episodes were definately drama, they also had than a few that were simply comic Come on, The Trouble with Tribbles Mudd s Women And this is in the same spirit of light hearted adventure Plus, I could just HEAR those old theme songs running through my head as the characters on this world had fun with the filking they did with them.

    4. I originally gave this novel one star I first read it as a teen ager and couldn t finish it I had had high hopes because at the time I had just come off of reading Ford s phenomenally good The Final Reflection and the brilliant The Dragon Waiting but I wasn t a Gilbert Sullivan fan and my love affair with Shakespeare was unconsummated so much of it went over my head And having come from The Final Reflection, I couldn t quite believe in the Klingon characters Ford appeared to be sacrificing the a [...]

    5. It is the rare book that makes me laugh out loud this one did Even though I was watching the Cardinals lose game five of the World Series, I couldn t stop chuckling It plays out like the best sort of the TOS episodes, with all the characters slipping comfortably into their time honored positions and just having fun with it The plot is madcap and highly unlikely, the situations are hilarious Oh yes, and Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura sing a song from Gilbert and Sullivan This alone makes it worth readin [...]

    6. I read this on the strength of a friend s reccomendation and the reputation of the author The result I absolutely laughed myself sick, while reading this book It is just so damn funny Seriously, folks this book is about a Star It is zany Think Inspector General And weirdest of all it works I would love, love, LOVE to see someone actually stage this book.

    7. Ok where to startHow Much for Just the Planet is an out and out comedic novel which is quite rare for Star Trek publishing and maybe one of the reasons the reviews for the novel are pretty much all over the place, you ll love or hate it there is no middle ground So that said hand on heart I love this novel, I laugh myself silly on so many occasions and I ve read the book many many times.The story itself takes place on and around the planet Direidi which is covered by the Organian Peace Treaty wh [...]

    8. So, why was I reading a Star Trek novel I have read a bunch of Next Generation novels in my day, but I never really appreciated original flavor Trek, mostly because of Kirk s fondness for womanizing and punching people But I had been told by reputable sources that this was perhaps the best Star Trek novel ever written, and out of a general appreciation for John M Ford s writing, I picked it up The plot concerns a newly discovered planet with huge reserves of dilithium crystals, the essential ene [...]

    9. Wut Wut Wut This book is wrong on so many levels First of all blasphemy Turning Star Trek into the three stooges Second off all absolutely horrible story Confusing writing Lastly terrible, cop out ending This book was a pile of poop

    10. A pallet cleanser for me as I get off horror for a bit to do a flashback to the funnier days of the Star Trek franchise Well before the official Star Trek Expanded Universe was established in 1987, How Much For Just the Planet was released to mixed reaction Why Because it s to Star Trek what Monty Python and the Holy Grail is to Arthurian lore And it s glorious Oh, don t get me wrong, this novel is about as substantial as a vanilla wafer but sometimes that s what you want from a story Not everyt [...]

    11. In the original Star Trek television series, the Klingons were stand ins for the totalitarian Soviet Union But by the time The Next Generation rolled around, they were no longer enemies, even if they weren t exactly bosom buddies to the United Federation of Planets They were a warrior culture focused on honor, courage and strength in battle There was even one on the bridge of the snazzy new Enterprise, although he had been raised by human foster parents What happened Part of what happened was th [...]

    12. When I first read this book I was in a grumpy mood Didn t enjoy it at the time Gave it a second shot And I m super glad I did This is the most fun I ve ever had reading a book It s bursting with memorable moments Only negative thing I had to say is that the Kindle version is a little iffy Words are left out or spelled super weird Like in the middle of the sentence you ll get like ighsjdyn showing up And the title which when it was scanned probably showed at the top of the page appears all the ti [...]

    13. This book has to be the single funniest book of all the Star Trek novels I read this book in middle school, and the book had me rolling in laughter all throughout the story It is a simply fun story, that will provide you with an enjoyable escape from reality for the time that you read it, and will delight you with humor that is not only in the form of jokes, but that is demonstrated through visual description of events in the story If you love Star Trek, and you love to laugh, and just simply wa [...]

    14. Okay, the first thing you must know is that you can t take this as canon It is hilarious, off the wall loopy, and just plain out of left field That being said, I loved it From the blow up, full sized Enterprise to McCoy s grits, to the final climactic ending where all the disparate threads came together into one giant fight, and not just any fight, but Ah, that would be telling It seems that either one loves or hates this novel count me in the former.

    15. A hilariously fun slapstick and silly read It doesn t really have much substance, but then again, I doubt its meant to.I remember having the hardest time finding this in any library or buying a reprint back ordered , but finally grabbed a copy in a used bookstore In fact, it was the last of the Pocket Star Trek books I read published prior to whenever I started obsessively reading them.

    16. A tumblr posted this The door opened again, and the Ship s Surgeon Leonard McCoy came in Without a word to anyone, he walked crookedly to the wall, leaned heavily against it, and said something that sounded like Plergb hfarizz ungemby, and coffee Bones McCoy was not a morning person I bought the book No review necessary, comedy gold

    17. A train wreck of a novel Apparently the intention was a clever riff on Star Trek channeling Gilbert and Sullivan The problem is that even the most ardent GS fan would probably tell you that The Pirates of Penzance wouldn t work if it was converted into a novel interspersed with characters breaking into rhyme for no apparent reason.

    18. Finally finished it Having book ADD a problem of reading multiple books at once I dragged on this read for a good number of months It was a perfect fit in my purse and excellent for free time when I had it Anywho, I wheedled away at this book with it s slapstick humor, disney musical mockery and all It s a great light hearted read.

    19. So this is what a Star Trek musical episode would have looked like Kirk and co plus several Klingons stuck on a singing and dancing planet fighting for Dilithium mining rights The attempts at humor were either dumb or just plain bizarre I m sorry I picked it up What a waste of time.

    20. Yes, indeedy, this one has to be right up there with Ishmael for the oddest, strangest, but funniest ST novel out there All I can say is that the author must have been on some pretty heavy medication while he was writing this one up.

    21. You have to appreciate this book for what it is an absolutely earnest attempt to write the zaniest Vaudeville level comedy book ever complete with ruses, mistaken identities, and piefights AND set it in the Star Trek universe.

    22. Star Trek the Musical written by Douglas Adams I think that pretty much sums it up It was funny at times, but a bit too nonsensical at others for my taste It does make sense in the end, but that doesn t really help while you re going through the book.

    23. I read this Trek novel decades ago, and its humor this is a deeply, deeply funny book has stayed with me this whole time.

    24. This is without doubt one of the best Star Trek novels ever written, and manages to be both highly intellectual and loaded with slapstick from beginning to end Kai the memory of the author

    25. The first Star Trek novel I wanted to throw away halfway through It started of great, 5 potential with a malfunctioning computer that actually had some kind of personality of it s own THAT would have been a great story but in the end this plot was discarded without a proper solution for about 200 pages of nonsense There were too many holes in the logic of this novel First of all, there s a whole Starfleet crew stranded on a planet The planet is full of dilithium, most important stuff in the univ [...]

    26. How Much For Just the Planet is a rarity in licensed fiction It s not just that it s a straight up Star Trek comedy story, it s not just that it s a good Star Trek comedy story, but it s a screwball comedy based on classic musicals, with songs in, that manages to put the characters in that genre and execute it, with all of them in character, but without any of science fiction s normal squeamishness with being outright goofy In the 80s, yet I love it It s not that it s flawless The book jumps bet [...]

    27. How Much For Just The Planet is an odd little Star Trek story that I picked up on a friend s recommendation It was not my typical source for these types of books so I proceeded with some caution The plot is driven by the Federation and the Klingons as they both stumble upon a planet that has the mother lode of dilithium crystals The planet is located in the Organian Treaty zone so it s up to Captain Kirk and Klingon Captain Kadam to convince the inhabitants to join up on one side or the other Wh [...]

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